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Distributed app development with nodejs and zeromq. cURL cheat sheet Cheat Sheet by ankushagarwal11. Amazon Launches IoT Platform Beta. At Amazon’s recent re:Invent developer conference in Las Vegas, the company announced a new Internet of Things (IoT) platform called AWS IoT.

Amazon Launches IoT Platform Beta

This platform is currently in beta and is available to AWS subscribers. Dr. Matt Wood, general manager, product strategy at AWS describes the AWS IoT platform as a way “to connect devices to the AWS cloud. It also allows your company to collect, store, analyze and take action against the large volumes of data that is streaming from your connected devices.” Underneath the IoT platform is a collection of SDKs and AWS services including: Device SDKs that allow your device to communicate with the AWS IoT Platform. Authentication and Authorization is addressed through the use of mutual authentication using either self-signed certificates or the AWS SigV4 process. Devices are not expected to know what backend services may be interested in the message that it is about to be sent out.

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Your Password is Too Damn Short. I'm a little tired of writing about passwords.

Your Password is Too Damn Short

But like taxes, email, and pinkeye, they're not going away any time soon. Here's what I know to be true, and backed up by plenty of empirical data: No matter what you tell them, users will always choose simple passwords.No matter what you tell them, users will re-use the same password over and over on multiple devices, apps, and websites. If you are lucky they might use a couple passwords instead of the same one. What can we do about this as developers?

Stop requiring passwords altogether, and let people log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or any other valid form of Internet driver's license that you're comfortable supporting. This is commonly done with an ambient password strength meter, which provides real time feedback as you type. The Clean Architecture. Over the last several years we’ve seen a whole range of ideas regarding the architecture of systems.

The Clean Architecture

These include: Hexagonal Architecture (a.k.a. Ports and Adapters) by Alistair Cockburn and adopted by Steve Freeman, and Nat Pryce in their wonderful book Growing Object Oriented Software Onion Architecture by Jeffrey Palermo Screaming Architecture from a blog of mine last year DCI from James Coplien, and Trygve Reenskaug. 7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1) Introduction OK, first things first.

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1)

This guide is not for everyone. Who is this guide for? Developers who want to be able to design their own good-looking UI in a pinch.UX designers who want their portfolio to look better than a Pentagon PowerPoint. Or UX designers who know they can sell an awesome UX better in a pretty UI package. If you went to art school or consider yourself a UI designer already, you will likely find this guide some combination of a.) boring, b.) wrong, and c.) irritating. Let me tell you what you’ll find in this guide. First, I was a UX designer with no UI skills. My portfolio looked like crap, reflecting poorly on my work and thought processMy UX consulting clients would rather buy someone’s skills if their expertise extended to more than just sketching boxes and arrowsDid I want to work for an early-stage startup at some point?

I had my excuses. “I majored in engineering — it’s almost a badge ofpride to build something that looks awful.” This article is not theory. CSS Reference. Bypass Same Origin Policy. Security for the Web: HTML5, Local Storage, and XSS. A nice new feature of HTML 5 is local storage.

Security for the Web: HTML5, Local Storage, and XSS

Briefly, this is a client side storage option that can be easily accessed via JavaScript. The benefit of local storage over other client side storage options is that local storage allows more storage space than other options (cookies, flash obj, etc). In addition, unlike cookies, the data is not automatically appended to every request by the browser. Html5 - what is the difference between localStorage, sessionStorage, session and cookie? RESTful Service. From Ajax Patterns Evidence: 3/3 Tags: API HTTP REST Standard Universal Web Devi is producing a public website describing pharmaceuticals to the public.

RESTful Service

General public can download the drug data from the server and authorised users - such as drug manufacturers - can upload new information. It's envisioned that third-party applications will also connect to the web server and provide their own user-interfaces. How do you expose services on the web? The browser-side of an Ajaxian application needs to call server-side services. Expose web services according to RESTful principles.

Motivating REST To motivate REST, let's consider a football service, where sufficiently authorised clients can read match records, upload new matches, correct existing matches, or delete matches. GET call to a special newMatch service: POST or PUT call to a special newMatch service, with an XML body like: <match id="995"><score team="bluebaggers">150</score><score team="redlegs">60</score></match>. Blogger Atom. Crafter CMS. Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc. Mementos langages et outils. Passer du latin1 à l'unicode.