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Chameleon Lamps from Philips
unnamed pearl
MINI John Cooper Works - Waterfox MINI John Cooper Works - Waterfox Order number: 1100 Product information Weather-resistant, high-quality photo covers for external use.
iZmC1yqHJ9EoK.gif (GIF Image, 320 × 180 pixels) - Waterfox
Activision - Real-Time Character Tech Demo
High diving giraffes
Beetle Juice - A Minecraft Roller Coaster
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Portal: Terminal Velocity
Remember Rings « Latest Gadget Japan
Amazing Piano Playing
Science Saved My Soul. (One of my all time favorite Videos!)
Animals on your Head
10 Most Unusual Aquarium Designs Erkan | On 12, May 2012 I’m personally aganist having aquariums. Because i’m not ok with putting fishes in narrow places like birds in cages. But these type of aquariums would make any place look better. May be companies should produce fake fishes like fake plants. What do you think? 10 Most Unusual Aquarium Designs
Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal
The survival of the sea turtle
cows cows cows
The Aikiu ♡ Pieces Of Gold
How aware are you? [VIDEO]
English problems
Today’s collection is going to be a mix of amazing exterior and interior architecture designs. For most of us villas featured are out of reach .) but at least we may admire the creativity and luxury. And of course, we always may get inspired, right?! .)

Creative Architecture Ideas

Creative Architecture Ideas
NASA: SDO's ultra-high definition view of 2012 Venus transit
Amazing Sight: Coldplay fitted 50,000 people with flashing wristbands at their latest concert
World's Best Bartender Video Log in 110% Awesomeness weaverbeaver World's Best Bartender Alexander Shtifanov from Ukraine has some serious bartending skills!!

World's Best Bartender Video

This is actually pretty impressive
Strange face illusion
10 Most Unusual Aquarium Designs
Debbie Does Cakes: bizarre realistic cakes made by Debbie Goard
Extreme wingsuit flying
Standing Up for Freedom Video Log in Cynthia Yildirim Standing Up for Freedom Directed by Carlos Lascano, this emotive piece of work takes us on a metaphorical journey showing mankind's struggle for freedom over the last half century.

Standing Up for Freedom Video