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Hunting With A Dog – Advantages & Disadvantages - Hunting Note. Hunting with a dog is a sport and is a controversial topic. The reason behind the controversy is that, few dogs are good hunters and few others are good at some specific type of hunting only. This type of hunting is a very popular sport and is preferred by people who love hunting. No specific breed or groups of dogs are registered as hunters in the AKC which is the abbreviation of American Kennel Club. AKC is a community which keeps dogs of all breeds. There are some dogs here whose ancestors have been in the field of hunting since years. Hunting traits vary in every dog, some dogs can sense any smell very well while few others have an excellent stamina. Dogs who can hunt in a woody and watery environment are Golden Retriever, American Water Spaniel, German Shorthaired Pointer, Cocker Spaniel and many more.

Advantages of hunting with a dog The best part about the dogs whose names have been mentioned above is that every dog has a specific natural behavior. About the Author Rodney Heaton. The Three Benefits of Hunting with Man’s Best Friend | Iowa Pointing Labs. 17 Best ideas about Bear Dogs on Pinterest | Teddy bear puppies, Teddy bear dogs and Big fluffy dogs. Breeding Hunting Dogs and Gun Dogs. Taiwan Dog - Formosan Mountain Dog. 9 Hunting Dog Traits You Should Be Looking For. However, the traits you want to look for in a hunting dog will vary depending on your prey of choice. For instance, if you enjoy bird hunting best, you want a dog with what is known as a “soft jaw;” labrador retrievers are famous for it. But if, for example, you are more interested in taking down big game, you might want a hunting dog that is more or less fearless, such as a foxhound.

Some dogs can most definitely be universal, like the coonhound. But regardless of the prey in mind, these are the traits to keep an eye on: 1. Temperament Temperament is a given. 2. You cannot afford for your canine hunting partner to be fearful. 3. Prey animals can be sneaky and fast. 4. This goes hand-in-hand with stamina, but might be a little more prized for hunts that involve a little more duration than others. 5. As I mentioned earlier, a “soft jaw” is a highly sought after trait in the realm of bird hunting. 6. We want trackers; think bloodhound. 7.

You want a dog you can train, and train well. 8. 9.