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Learning & Teaching 2015

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Is it time to erase erasers? Academic says 'instrument of the devil' should be removed ... Inquiring into the ‘how’…. Split Screen Approach. When I think about the Essential Question for week 3, “How can we effectively, practically and authentically embed technology within our curricular areas?”

Split Screen Approach

Guy Claxton’s Split Screen strategy comes to mind. 8 cultural forces. Learning spaces: The shifting lens. In 2003, I interviewed Herman Hertzberger, an architect from the Netherlands, for an article I was writing.

Learning spaces: The shifting lens

I was very much interested in his perspective on school design; for he understood that classrooms should offer a variety of activity settings to support the diverse ways that people learn. More importantly, he understood that learning should not be confined to the classroom, but rather must extend beyond the classroom, into corridor spaces (Lippman, 2013).

Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Education Week. 3 Tips to Foster A Community of Growth Mindset Learners. As an educator, my hope is to develop joyful, self-directed, engaged learners.

3 Tips to Foster A Community of Growth Mindset Learners

Learners who are curious about the world around them, who are excited to take on challenges, who are willing to take risks, and who are resilient and flexible in the face of failure. Meet Australia's trailblazing explorers - RN Afternoons. The 'Trailblazers' exhibition at the Australian Museum celebrates Australian explorers.

Meet Australia's trailblazing explorers - RN Afternoons

It features 50 Australian adventurers and the objects that made their explorations possible. Emma Morris asked five to share what it takes to push yourself to the limit. Untitled. Digital Classroom. KPM Doodles by kpmdoodles. Best of SPLASH. Edutopia. Overview Integrating Technology Instructional Coaching Hampton High School has integrated technology across its entire program with a full-time instructional coach who supports the teachers in this work.


The presence of a coach sharpens the school's focus on how technology can best make the learning more engaging and relevant for students, and gives teachers support in navigating the vast field of technology applications and devices. Edutopia. Karen Gilpin: By showing them that what we're doing in the classroom is affecting their community and helping their community, they see its value, and so they're willing to buy-in, even if the academics get a little hard, they're willing to work a little harder.


Edutopia. In 2007, my co-teacher and I noticed that students felt increasingly like the world was "happening to them," as if they had no ability to affect positive change.


This, coupled with the question "When am I going to use this? " led to the inspiration which has become the Fifth-Grade Environmental Project. Teaching methods: Team teaching Part 2. Hello, thanks for listening to this episode of the Teaching Methods series, brought to you by Teacher magazine.

Teaching methods: Team teaching Part 2

I’m Jo Earp, welcome to the second instalment of our two part podcast on Team Teaching. In Part One, my guests Dr Stephen Keast and Dr Bec Cooper explored the team teaching method and benefits for students. In Part Two, they share some of their tips for those interested in adopting the approach and pitfalls to watch out for. I started by asking what kinds of things educators should be thinking about before entering into a team teaching relationship. Crafting collaborative places. School designs from around the globe My journey for understanding the transactional relationship between the learner and the learning environment began when I walked into a first and second grade public school as a teacher’s assistant in East Harlem, New York City.

Crafting collaborative places

This classroom was different from anything I had ever experienced; for, it was not a room with rows of seats facing a blackboard, rather it had been organised with a variety of activity settings (Tharp & Gallimore, 1997). These settings were defined zones where learners were engaged with others as they read, constructed objects, painted, built with blocks, explored the world of science, or were involved in dramatic play. Given that these activity settings were located along the perimeter of the room, the centre became what I call the 'spaces-in-between'. Problem-Based Curriculum: Engineering Units From Boeing And Teaching Channel. The Boeing Company and Teaching Channel have been working together since 2014 to create problem-based curricula inspired by the science and engineering innovations at Boeing and informed by globally competitive science, math, and literacy standards.

Problem-Based Curriculum: Engineering Units From Boeing And Teaching Channel

These modules are being released as part of a collection of K-12 education resources under development to celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Boeing Company. Ten pairs of Boeing engineers were matched to ten teachers (grades 4-8) in Puget Sound, WA, and Houston, TX, to create 10 science modules. Each module is designed to be delivered in classrooms over a two-week period. These resources are intended to meet a critical need by teachers for content that integrates engineering design thinking and problem based learning – both of which are more strongly emphasized in globally benchmarked science standards (e.g., Next Generation Science Standards) that are currently being adopted or adapted by districts across the United States.

AbD PPC. Hacking Feedback: The Bookends. 5P’s for a Positive Digital Footprint. Teachers and students learning together in 21st century classrooms are capable of achieving great things. Devices allow students to connect, communicate and collaborate online and publish their work for a global audience. Any content published online will begin to create a digital footprint for each individual. Daisy Chain Video Anti-Bullying Short Film. Daisy Chain is an animated film and interactive storybook app narrated by Kate Winslet and written by British Australian writer, Galvin Scott Davis. Daisy Chain tells the magical story of a little girl named Buttercup Bree who falls victim to nasty posts from shadowy bullies… until she discovers that her love of Daisy Chains unlocks a power that will bring light to the darkness of the playground. Daisy Chain is the follow up to the acclaimed anti-bullying Children’s book ‘Dandelion’.

Daisy Chain allows parents and children to better understand cyber-bullying by teaching them the power of kindness, and the the impact of positive and negative sharing. Discover how smell unlocks memory. Giving It - MADE. Find resources. How structured should structured inquiry be? How structured should inquiry be? The desire to create an effective pedagogy which enables students to both learn through inquiry and learn to inquire, raises an interesting tension within many practitioners.

The key questions of ‘How much structure should the teacher provide?’ Musings of a passionate inquirer. October 2015. Google Apps For Education Now Has More Than 50 Million Users - Google Apps For Education Now Has More Than 50 Million Users. Solo taxonomy. Cardboard – Google. Atelierista: stories from the studio: Is there a better translation for Atelierista than Studio teacher? Scaffolding Critical Thinking For 4th Graders.

BoomWriter: For Students Who Think They Hate Writing. Musings of a passionate inquirer. Moving on from the KWL chart : student questions and inquiry. Lately I have found myself questioning questions. 25 Tricks To Improve A Boring Lesson For Improved Student Engagement. Bedtime story is key to literacy, says children's writer Cottrell Boyce.

BoomWriter: For Students Who Think They Hate Writing. 10 Ideas to Start Building a Culture of Thinking at Your School. Australia Teaching Resources. Visible Thinking. Education Week. Infographic: 10 Trends to Personalize Learning in 2015. Building A Growth Mindset In Students (Deeper Learning) 100 Books Every Teacher Should Read. Dialogic. 6 Differentiation Strategies For New Teachers. As a new teacher, I remember feeling overwhelmed by the wide range of abilities in my classroom. Preparing a Classroom Culture for Deeper Learning. Five-Minute Film Festival: Reimagining the Library. April 2015 marks the 30th anniversary of School Library Month. 5 things to do in the last days of term - Annabel Astbury - ABC Splash - 40 Viewing Comprehension Strategies.

40 Viewing Comprehension Strategies: Watching Videos Like You Read A Book. Claims, Evidence, Reasoning: Integrating Art & Science. The Precious First Few Minutes Of Class. Scaffolding Critical Thinking For 4th Graders. 25+ iPad Apps for Integrating Technology into the Writing Process. Student Diversity - Gifted and talented students - The Australian Curriculum v7.5. 8 Strategies To Help Students Ask Great Questions. Understand what you read.

The Daily Cafe - The Daily Cafe. Ipl2: Information You Can Trust. Top 10 Videos on 21st Century Learning. View digital copy. Bloom's Taxonomy For iPads. Amazing Video on Technology Integration in the Classroom.