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What Is Foursquare? Bo Peabody: Dennis Crowley Should Sell Foursquare. Don’t Sell Out, Foursquare. Not Now. Not To Yahoo. It is becoming alarmingly apparent that Foursquare is strongly considering a sale to Yahoo.

Don’t Sell Out, Foursquare. Not Now. Not To Yahoo.

As of the end of last week they had put the venture capitalists vying for their attention on ice. Those VCs happily provided term sheets valuing the company at $80 million or so. Smart: Foursquare Segregates Staff Check-Ins From Customer Check. Starbucks offers $1 discount to Foursquare mayors, gets customer. Becoming a Foursquare mayor is not about just bragging rights anymore.

Another major milestone for 4sq: a HUGE biz dev deal – PED

The coffee chain Starbucks announced today that it has started a nationwide “mayor reward” program with the popular location-based service.

Starbucks offers $1 discount to Foursquare mayors, gets customer

On the game-like location-based service, users have long been able to claim the title of mayor at businesses like Starbucks coffee shops by “checking in,” or announcing their presence to friends. Starbucks is now rewarding the mayors by knocking one dollar off the price of a frappucino, Mashable reported. News about Foursquare’s deals with major brands such as Starbucks, MTV, PepsiCo and Bravo have been making the rounds for a while. The MTV collaboration lets Foursquare users check out celebrity tips and check-ins, while Starbucks has a “Barista Badge” on the gaming app that users can claim after five check-ins at a coffee shop.

Location 2012: Death Of The Information Silos. Editor’s note: The following is a guest post written by Robert Scoble, who travels the world for Rackspace interviewing tech geeks for

Location 2012: Death Of The Information Silos

He’s one of the most popular (stalked) users of location-based services and has 8,215 friends on Foursquare. Here he writes about what the location-based world could look like in 2012 and what might keep it from happening. It’s January 2012 and you’ve just gotten your new Android 3.0-based phone. You’re going on a road trip so you start up the newly-released Foursquare.