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I'm awesome and down to earth, might have something to do with all the acid i've done lol jk

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Dancing silly. LEGO Animals Invade the Bronx Zoo! Bronx Zoo LEGO Giraffe – Inhabitat New York City. Funny Photos - Funny McDonalds Job Application. How to grow a Rainbow Rose, Naturally. In 2004, two dutch companies, River Flowers and F.J.

How to grow a Rainbow Rose, Naturally

Zandbergen, experimented and successfully grew a rose that had its petals rainbow colored. As petals get their nourishment through stem, the idea is to split the stem into several channels and dip each one in a different colored water. This way all the colors will be drawn by the stem into petals and resultant rose will have all the colors in it. The same method can be applied to other flowers especially to Chrysanthemum and Hydrangea. You can use the same idea to color any flower, anyway you like. Sources: 1, 2, 3 Watch: Flowers Color Time Lapse.

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SMART. Eminem - 97 Bonnie and Clyde. Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl (1967 COLOR clip) Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) What is OTIS?

Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS)

What are the terms and conditions of its use? OTIS is intended to offer information to the public that can then be verified through the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), Michigan Courts, the Michigan State Police or other law enforcement agencies. A search of OTIS will provide information about offenders previously or currently under the jurisdiction or supervision of the MDOC. A search result will provide information about any offender who is, or was, in a Michigan prison, on parole or probation under the supervision of the MDOC, has transferred in or out of Michigan under the Michigan Interstate Compact, or who has escaped or absconded from their sentence.

Only offenders who have been under the jurisdiction or supervision of the MDOC within the last three years will appear. OTIS does not exclusively display information on convicted felons. The Michigan Legislature requires the MDOC to keep offender information on OTIS for three years after discharge. Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) - Offender Profile.

Tattoo- Back Neck - RIP Monkey Tattoo- Center Arm - Picture of prison Tattoo- Front Left Finger - fuck 13 1/2 Tattoo- Lower Left Arm - "West" represents the west in Southwest Detroit Tattoo- Lower Right Arm - "South" represents the South in Southwest Detroit Tattoo- Right Neck - Rebirth "6/27/07" represents the day he was released from prison Tattoo- Upper Left Arm - "Almighty" report he is in the process of removing tatooo.

Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) - Offender Profile

Happy Tree Friends - Official Happy Tree Friends Cartoons and Games. Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music#!/stations/play/656126842442166242. Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music.

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Getting started. - StumbleUpon. A Fluffy Green Parakeet - CuteSpeak. The International Hedgehog Association. How to make a glow lantern. [VIDEO] - StumbleUpon. For when you're stressed and freaking out and ready to give up. Relationship Advice Quotes. Einsteins Riddle! There are 5 houses in 5 different colors.

Einsteins Riddle!

In each house lives a person with a different nationality. The 5 owners drink a certain type of beverage, smoke a certain brand of cigar, and keep a certain pet. No owners have the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigar, or drink the same beverage. The question is: Who owns the fish? Hints: The Brit lives in the red house. The answer is... Albert Einstein. The Tree Tunnel.