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Custom Throwback Jerseys

Custom Throwback Jerseys has been offering the widest selection of throwback and vintage jerseys online for over 20 years. We are your source for classic jerseys from the greatest players in baseball, hockey, and football. We sell the highest quality throwback jerseys on the market, with all names and numbers fully stitched on the jersey - not screen printed like some of the competition. Your favorite sport stars didn’t compromise on the field, why should you?

The Best NHL Forward Lines of All Time. Your Guide to Creating the Perfect NHL Man Cave in Your Garage. There are two things an NHL fan deserves—a vintage and/or custom jersey and a garage man cave.

Your Guide to Creating the Perfect NHL Man Cave in Your Garage

At Custom Throwback Jerseys, we can help with finding your favorite team, number, and colors. We’ve also created this guide to creating a perfect man cave in your garage. It provides a look into what goes into creating a home within your home where you can express your passion, watch games, and enjoy solitude or time with friends. Most Iconic Super Bowl Games in NFL History. When it comes to the Super Bowl, you never know what you’re going to get.

Most Iconic Super Bowl Games in NFL History

Some Super Bowls are tedious events where everyone just seems to be going through the motions before arriving at a virtually predetermined conclusion. But other games are back-and-forth battles where the momentum keeps shifting from one team to the other. Still other games are primarily remembered for just one extraordinary moment that becomes a mainstay on highlight reels for years afterward. And, finally, you have games that may not have had particularly thrilling on-the-field play but achieved huge historical significance. Here’s a look at those Super Bowl games that can be said to have attained iconic status. Super Bowl III (1969): New York Jets 16, Baltimore Colts 7. Top Tips for Throwback NFL Jersey Collectors. Collecting NFL football jerseys is a rewarding hobby for many sports fans across North America.

Top Tips for Throwback NFL Jersey Collectors

Given the time and expense that goes into assembling a really first-rate collection, it’s important to do what you can to safeguard your investment. The Most Amazing NFL Stadiums. What makes a great football stadium?

The Most Amazing NFL Stadiums

For a lot of fans, there’s no place like home—their local stadium is the only place to be. A big part of that has to do with hometown favoritism, which is perfectly understandable. It’s hard to beat the buzzy excitement of finding yourself among thousands of fellow fans on game day. But at the same time, nobody seriously thinks that the only difference between one NFL stadium and another is the team paraphernalia that the fans wear to the games. Some stadiums just have a sort of aura about them, whether due to their design features, their fanbase, or their importance to the history of the game. Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI They do things differently over in Green Bay. MLB Myths Debunked. There is something about baseball that inspires the creation of larger-than-life legends, which probably has to do with the unique reverence the game has in North American culture.

MLB Myths Debunked

The history of the sport is wrapped in a sort of hazy aura. Its famous figures can seem more like Homeric heroes than merely world-class athletes, and its playing venues can seem like literal Fields of Dreams. You don’t really see that tendency to the same extent with other sports. They all have their justly revered superstars, without question, but for some reason it’s hard to imagine them showing up in Kevin Costner’s cornfield. The Best NFL Teams of All Time. Comparing NFL teams from different eras is one of those perennial water-cooler debate topics that football fans can’t seem to resist, despite—or maybe because of—the fact that it’s just about impossible to arrive at a definite answer.

The Best NFL Teams of All Time

There are too many variables to consider. A team from 1970 played under conditions significantly different from those that prevail in 2020. NFL Over the Years & Fun Facts. The National Football League recently completed its 100 th season—and what a ride it’s been.

NFL Over the Years & Fun Facts

The Ultimate MLB Rivalry Teams. With a history stretching back almost 120 years, it’s no surprise that Major League Baseball has developed some pretty fierce team rivalries.

The Ultimate MLB Rivalry Teams

Many of them started so long ago, in fact, that the reasons for the feud have now been all but forgotten. We still hate that other team with a passion, but we don’t know exactly why! The Best Baseball Movies Ever. Most moviegoers tend to prefer films based on subject matter that interests them.

The Best Baseball Movies Ever

Baseball fans are no different; when it’s time to find something to watch on Saturday night, anything that has to do with their favorite sport is likely to stand out. To aid you in your search, here’s an overview of the films that are generally considered the best baseball movies ever made. Bull Durham (1988) For a lot of people, Bull Durham is the baseball movie, and quite a few will tell you it’s the best movie about sports ever made. What’s strange about all this enthusiasm is that Bull Durham is about minor league baseball, focusing on those hardy souls who, with rare exceptions, will never make it to “the Show.” MLB Rule Changes Over the Years. Baseball is one of those games that require ongoing tweaks to the rules and regulations in order to preserve the spirit of fair play, protect the health of the players, or just to keep things fun.

MLB Rule Changes Over the Years

That’s why Major League Baseball has instituted numerous rule changes during its long history. Some of these are just small tweaks that had little or no impact on gameplay, while others resulted in drastic, immediate changes that effectively changed the history of the sport. The Best MLB Players Who Never Made It into the Hall of Fame. Among baseball fans, it’s unavoidable that a lot of conversations end up focusing on that celebrated museum over in Cooperstown, New York. Pretty much every serious fan has their own list of favorites who have been unfairly shut out of the Hall of Fame—and if you want to hear all about the topic at considerable length, just ask them.

These arguments are partly a matter of personal taste—we all have our heroes—but you do tend to hear many of the same names over and over. There are many players who are widely agreed to be worthy of the Hall of Fame—but, for one reason or another, they never got enough votes to gain entry. Some of those individuals were tainted by scandal. Others are borderline cases—players with perfectly respectable careers who were overshadowed by more acclaimed stars. Most Iconic Stanley Cup Wins. When you settle in to watch a playoff hockey game, you know you are in for something special.

No matter which two teams are on the ice, there is sure to be plenty of excitement and energy on display. What Determines NHL Standings? For a lot of hockey fans, the NHL standings seem much more complicated than they should be. It’s certainly not hard to grasp the general idea behind them: The team ranked #1 in a division is doing better than the team ranked #2, which, in turn, is doing better than the #3 team, etc. Beyond that, though, it can get confusing.

Why do some teams end up ranking below other teams that have fewer wins? What is this “ROW” statistic about? How are points (PTS) calculated? The Best Players in Super Bowl History. The Super Bowl has been the premier event in the NFL ever since the first of these games was held on January 15, 1967. Notable Achievements in NHL Power-Play History. The power play is one of the most exciting events in hockey, and on average it happens a half-dozen times in an NHL game. 2020 Stanley Cup Predictions. Best MLB Players Who Never Won a World Series Ring. Little-Known NHL Records. Unusual MLB Facts and Statistics. Famous Events in World Series History. For baseball fans, everything leads up to the World Series, the annual best-of-seven event between the champions of the National League and American League. Most Famous Events in Sports History. 2019 MLB Hall of Famers.