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Customer Finder Marketing

Customer Finder Marketing is a fully integrated internet marketing company based in Naples, FL. We specialize in finding more customers and leads for local and national businesses in order to increase their online presence, reputation, leads and profits. We achieve this through our SEO, reputation marketing, pay per click management, web design, content creation, video marketing, mobile marketing services and more. As a leading media marketing agency, we are privy to the latest developments in the online marketing industry. This gives us an edge when it comes to coming up with marketing strategies for our clients. We are known for providing quality services at fair prices, to large companies or local business owners and every type of business in between.

Cost-Effective SEO Strategies that Help You Generate More Traffic and Sales.

Because of how often search engines change their metrics for ranking websites, SEO can be a little confusing. One minute you think you’ve figured out the right practices and algorithms, only to find out months later they won’t work anymore because of a new update. – customerfindermarketing

These Web Design Principles Can Serve to Generate Greater Website Traffic.

Much like fashion, website design trends constantly change. Keeping up with these trends can mean the difference between providing meaningful experiences and losing out on potential sales. – customerfindermarketing

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Campaigns.

No matter what type of company you own, SEO (search engine optimization) should be part of your growth strategy. This involves restructuring your website and content. Even if you’re not an SEO expert, there are some approaches that can help you get started. – customerfindermarketing

Generating More Traffic Through an Interactive and Responsive Web Design.

Today, consumers are reliant on their smart devices when shopping online. If that isn’t apparent to you now, just look at Amazon. According to surveys, nearly 70% of shoppers placed an Amazon order using some sort of mobile device during the holiday season. – customerfindermarketing

An SEO Company on Some Modern SEO Trends Your Business Needs to Adapt.

The SEO tactics you employed last year may not be compatible with this year’s search engine guidelines. As this industry continues to change at lightning-fast speed, there are some trends you should be aware of that are generally recommended by every SEO company today. – customerfindermarketing

The Best Web Design Practices to Help You Attract More Traffic to Your Website.

Business owners know that they need a beautiful, responsive website in order to attract visitors, but getting there is not an easy process. From coding to content, there are many design elements you have to consider. – customerfindermarketing

A Good SEO Company Will Consider these Techniques to Bring Your Website the Traffic it Deserves. Business Owners Need To Master these Elements of Web Design More than Anything Else. How to Use the Latest SEO Trends to Promote Your Small Business in Naples.

In the world of digital marketing, converting leads into sales is the main goal. For small firms in Naples, no strategy does this better than SEO. – customerfindermarketing

Three Must-Haves Fit for Every Web Design Adopted by Businesses around Naples.

For most small businesses, revamping their web design and layout by following the latest online trends helps boost sales figures and increase leads. – customerfindermarketing

Take Note of These Three Important SEO Strategies for Dental Practices. 3 Actions to Improve Your Web Design for a Successful Mobile SEO Strategy. Maximize Social Media and Video through a Smart SEO Campaign in Naples.

Now that you’ve set up your website, how do you keep traffic coming in? Consumer behavior patterns show that people develop loyalty to a brand and will purchase it more if company websites provide them the experience they desire. This means that the site must be user-friendly, easy to view, engaging, and also connectable via social media. – customerfindermarketing

Exciting Web Design Trends in Naples, FL That You Should Watch Out For.

Given the progress that small and large business are experiencing, now is the right time to take a step up and create an online voice for your company. Launching an interesting and cool website may be a great way to start, but there is more to it than just bells and whistles. – customerfindermarketing

Working with an Effective SEO Company: Challenges for Businesses in Naples.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are nearly 2.1 million small businesses in the state of Florida alone. These increasing figures also indicate rapid employment growth, and opens up more enticing scenarios for business owners. – customerfindermarketing

Implementing Brilliant and Effective Web Design with Help from Specialists in Naples, FL.

Rapidly-developing and notably progressive, the metropolitan area of Naples is an excellent place to do business. Job growth in this bustling city is higher than the state average, indicating that there are more opportunities for small and large companies to expand and become successful. – customerfindermarketing

Reaching out to Consumers in Naples and Beyond: Deploying Smart SEO Strategies.

In this modern age, newspaper print ads and signboards on your shop may not be enough to send your message across to local clients and beyond. Have you ever considered setting up a website and a Facebook page for your business? Many company owners find this task daunting, as these marketing methods may require some level of skill. – customerfindermarketing

Understanding Web Design Factors for Engaging Customers in Naples and Beyond.

Naples, FL, with its population of about 358,000 local residents seems a very promising venue for opening and expanding a business. As healthcare, tourism, and technology are denoted as the major industry drivers in the city, it is no wonder that many small and large companies here are leaning towards creating websites to reach as many potential consumers as possible. – customerfindermarketing

Utilizing Local SEO to Convert Geo-Specific Searches in Naples to Sales.

The clever use of local SEO techniques can greatly benefit small businesses in Naples by amplifying the reach of their online marketing campaigns. – customerfindermarketing

Strategic Mobile Web Design: A Boon for Businesses of Different Sizes.

Consumer behavior studies on the use of smartphones prove that businesses with strategic mobile web design in Naples, FL showed an increase in sales. – customerfindermarketing

SEO Company Gives Advice: Did You Know Linking to Other Websites Enhances Your Company’s SEO?

As an SEO company explains, it’s difficult to get your SEO where you'd like it to be. Keywords are no longer enough. Credibility-building is now key. – customerfindermarketing

The Key to SEO Lies in the Keywords That You Choose for Your Site. The Importance of a Minimalist and Mobile Responsive Web Design for Your Business. How to Create a Web Design Experience That Your Prospective Customers Will Love.