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Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation. WASHINGTON — Around 5:30 each morning, President Trump wakes and tunes into the television in the White House’s master bedroom. He flips to CNN for news, moves to “Fox & Friends” for comfort and messaging ideas, and sometimes watches MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” because, friends suspect, it fires him up for the day. Energized, infuriated — often a gumbo of both — Mr. Trump grabs his iPhone. Sometimes he tweets while propped on his pillow, according to aides.

After Video Refutes Kelly’s Charges, Congresswoman Raises Issue of Race. How Democrats Rolled Trump on the Debt Ceiling | The New Yorker. On Wednesday morning, Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, stepped before cameras on the Hill and spoke about the fraught negotiations on debt and spending that will consume Washington through the end of the year. Congress was facing September deadlines for both the federal government’s ability to borrow money and the funding of the government. Raising the debt ceiling would require Democratic votes in the Senate, and likely in the House, too. A reporter asked Ryan about a proposal from senior Democrats in Congress, for a deal to raise the debt ceiling for three months.

“I think that’s a ridiculous idea,” he said. “I hope that they don’t mean that.” For weeks, Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, had been plotting a strategy to use the debt-ceiling vote to extract concessions from Donald Trump and his fellow-Republicans. But, when conservative Republicans came out vocally against McConnell and Ryan’s plan, Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House, saw an opening. Hillary Clinton Looks Back in Anger | The New Yorker. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who, as she puts it, won “more votes for President than any white man” in American history, is not the first candidate to capture the popular vote but lose the election. She is the fifth. The Founders, for varying reasons, distrusted popular democracy. Southerners were wary of a challenge to slavery; others feared the emergence of a national demagogue.

The Electoral College, Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist Paper No. 68, would block the rise of a leader with “talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity.” An extra layer of electoral deliberation, he thought, would also insulate the American system from a hostile hack from abroad—“the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.” Andrew Jackson was the first to suffer this constitutionally enabled result of losing-while-winning, when he conceded the 1824 race to John Quincy Adams. Before I went to see Clinton, I spoke with some of her top advisers in the campaign.

Journalist asks Trump supporters: The f*ck is wrong with you? Have you heard him speak? This Is How Donald Trump Thinks the U.S. Government Works. Shortly after the White House released the outlines of its tax proposal, President Donald Trump railed on Twitter against Democrats who opposed it, noting that his “Tax Cut and Reform Bill” was winning “great reviews.” Except that there wasn’t an actual tax cut and reform bill pending in Congress yet for Democrats to support or oppose. The legislation hadn’t been introduced. What the White House put forward was just a framework to be filled in during the normal bargaining process on Capitol Hill. That was after the president tweeted that the “approval process” for his tax reform package would soon begin, which, again, is not how Congress works.

The House of Representatives will introduce its own bill, incorporating some of the president’s priorities to be sure, but there will be no formal process of approval for what he’s proposed. Some of his preferred policies might not make it into the final bill at all. Story Continued Below This is also a total misunderstanding of the system. Donald Trump's chilling escalation of his war with the media. He did it, of course, via Twitter. "Why Isn't the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up - FAKE! " Trump tweeted. Let's be clear about what Trump is suggesting here. He wants the Senate intelligence committee to open an investigation into the "Fake News Networks" to get to the bottom of why so much of the news is "just made up.

" He offers no evidence of this claim. The reason? The truth -- as hundreds of fact checks have shown -- is that the biggest purveyor of fake news in the country right now is Trump. Trump's casual relationship with the truth makes his calls for the legislative branch to investigate the allegedly "fake news" industry all the more outlandish. Can Trump say the same? It's worth noting here that Trump is far from the first president to have his issues with the media. "I have enjoyed working with all of you. "I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy.

Startling, right? Journalist asks Trump supporters: The f*ck is wrong with you? Have you heard him speak? Hillary Clinton Looks Back in Anger | The New Yorker. What Steve Mnuchin gets totally wrong about free speech. Here's what Mnuchin told CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union" Sunday morning when asked about the protests: "This is about respect for our military. This is about respect for our first responders. This is not about Republicans or Democrats. Players have the right for free speech off the field. On the field, this is about respect for lots of people. And I don't understand why there's rules that when the Dallas Cowboys wanted to put stickers on their helmets out of respect for people there, they couldn't do it, but now the NFL is saying people should be able to decide what they want to do and disrespect the United States flag.

" Let's start with Mnuchin's assertion that standing for the national anthem is fundamentally about "respect for our military" and "respect for our first responders. " That may well be why many people stand for the anthem. But that's not even the biggest problem with Mnuchin's argument on the NFL. Um, what? That's the whole damn point of the country. Trump’s Business of Corruption | The New Yorker. President Donald Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow recently told me that the investigation being led by Robert Mueller, the special counsel appointed by the Justice Department, should focus on one question: whether there was “coördination between the Russian government and people on the Trump campaign.”

Sekulow went on, “I want to be really specific. A real-estate deal would be outside the scope of legitimate inquiry.” If he senses “drift” in Mueller’s investigation, he said, he will warn the special counsel’s office that it is exceeding its mandate. The issue will first be raised “informally,” he noted. But if Mueller and his team persist, Sekulow said, he might lodge a formal objection with the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, who has the power to dismiss Mueller and end the inquiry.

President Trump has been more blunt, hinting to the Times that he might fire Mueller if the investigation looks too closely at his business dealings. Then, in 2005, something remarkable happened. Log In - New York Times. WASHINGTON — President Trump’s budget blueprint for the coming fiscal year would slash the by 31 percent and cut State Department spending by a similar amount in a brash upending of the government’s priorities, according to congressional staff members familiar with the plan.

The budget outline, to be unveiled on Thursday, is more of a broad political statement than a detailed plan for spending and taxation. But it represents Mr. Trump’s first real effort to translate his bold but vague campaign themes into the minutiae of governance. The president would funnel $54 billion in additional funding into defense programs, beef up immigration enforcement and significantly reduce the nondefense federal work force to further the “deconstruction of the administrative state,” in the words of Mr.

Trump’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Log In - New York Times. The religion of Donald Trump. The Lord is my shepherd. OK? Totally. Big league. He is a tremendous shepherd. The best. No comparison. So we were on this green pasture by the still waters and He said, "Lie down. " So He was saying to me, Blessed are the dealmakers for theirs is the kingdom. I tell you, I have been walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Washington Post Garrison Keillor is an author and radio personality. Related articles: Donald Trump will likely betray his white working-class voters Will it soon be Donald Trump vs. Trump needs to fire Steve Bannon.

Trial Balloon for a Coup? – Yonatan Zunger – Medium. News Reports (1) Priebus made two public statements today. One is that the ban on Muslims will no longer be applied to green card holders. Notably absent from his statement was anything about people with other types of visa (including long-term ones), or anything about the DHS’ power to unilaterally revoke green cards in bulk. The other was that the omission of Jews from the statement for Holocaust Remembrance Day was deliberate and is not regretted.

A point of note here is that Priebus is the one making these statements, which is not normally the Chief of Staff’s job. . (2) Rudy Giuliani told Fox News that the intent of yesterday’s order was very much a ban on Muslims, described in those words, and he was among the people Trump asked how they could find a way to do this legally. (3) CNN has a detailed story (heavily sourced) about the process by which this ban was created and announced. . (5) On Inauguration Day, Trump apparently filed his candidacy for 2020.

Why is this interesting? Log In - New York Times. Log In Don't have an account? Sign up here » Facebook Google or Forgot password? My favorite signs at the Women’s March on Washington. Attendees at the Women’s March on Washington on Jan. 21. (Amanda Voisard for The Washington Post) Some were vulgar, others were angry. Most were earnest. These were my favorite signs at Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington: #FreeMelania No Country for Dirty Old Men Sad! Update, 5:30 p.m.: A few more from your responses on social media: We Want a Leader, Not a Creepy Tweeter. Hundreds of thousands of activists descended on downtown Washington for a rally and march, the day after President Donald Trump took office. Hundreds of thousands of activists descended on downtown Washington for a rally and march, the day after President Donald Trump took office.

Log In - New York Times. Log In. Log In - New York Times. Log In. Photo Soon after his inauguration next month, President-elect Donald Trump will nominate someone to the Supreme Court, which has been hamstrung by a vacancy since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February. There will be public debates about the nominee’s credentials, past record, judicial philosophy and temperament. There will be Senate hearings and a vote. No matter how it plays out, Americans must remember one thing above all: The person who gets confirmed will sit in a stolen seat.

It was stolen from Barack Obama, a twice-elected president who fulfilled his constitutional duty more than nine months ago by nominating Merrick Garland, a highly qualified and widely respected federal appellate judge. It was stolen by top Senate Republicans, who broke with longstanding tradition and refused to consider any nominee Mr. Obama might send them, because they wanted to preserve the court’s conservative majority. The slope is both slippery and steep. Can anything be done to repair the harm? Log In. “Yes, it would be hard to sell the business — there would be some personal discomfort,” said Robert Weissman, the president of Public Citizen, a liberal nonprofit group that has mocked Mr. Trump’s efforts to “drain the swamp” of Washington special interests. “But he ran for president of the United States and won, so those considerations can’t be weighted very heavily.” The hurried effort to clean up some of the family’s potential conflicts stands in contrast to the public statements by Mr.

Trump since his election that as president he would not be subject to conflict of interest laws and could eliminate most questions by turning his business operations over entirely to his children. But in recent weeks, as public scrutiny of Mr. The list of actions contemplated — with some already executed — is long, but the planned dissolving of the Donald J. Mr. OPEN Graphic In interviews late last week, executives at the Trump Organization, advisers on the Trump transition team and members of Mr.

Photo. With Biden in the chair on Jan. 3, the Senate can confirm a renominated Merrick Garland. Here's how. Those of you who remember the complicated lessons from a few years ago on the origins of what Republicans originally called the “Constitutional option” (later referred to as the “nuclear option”) might recall that the original “script” called for the invocation of a little bit of parliamentary “magic” on the first day of a new Congress. That is, it rested on the precedent of rulings by two previous (Republican) vice presidents that despite Rule V, which states that “the rules of the Senate shall continue from one Congress to the next Congress,” the new Senate may—on the principle that no Senate shall be bound by the “dead hand” of a previous Senate—consider under general parliamentary law whether it will accede to the continuance of the existing rules, or whether it wishes instead to amend them.

In the context of filibuster reform, these rulings were critical in that general parliamentary law has no requirement for supermajorities on the question of closing debate. White Christians Who Voted for Donald Trump: Fix This. Now. Log In. Log In. Opinion Today. No Right Turn. Trump & Putin. Yes, It's Really a Thing. Inside the Failing Mission to Tame Donald Trump’s Tongue. Donald Trump may be acting crazy, but it's keeping the news away from the one story he wants to bury. Donald Trump may be acting crazy, but it's keeping the news away from the one story he wants to bury. Moment in Convention Glare Shakes Up Khans’ American Life. Will the GOP repudiate Trump’s cruelty to a fallen soldier’s family?

An Eight Point Brief for LEV (Lesser Evil Voting) An Eight Point Brief for LEV (Lesser Evil Voting) John McCain Denounces Donald Trump’s Comments on Family of Muslim Soldier. The Empty Chamber. Barack Obama bids adieu to Canada with a few words for Donald Trump. Barack Obama goes on 'rant' against Trump-style 'populism' Three Charts to Email to Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law -- Updated. President Obama’s Interview With Jeffrey Goldberg on Syria and Foreign Policy. Georgia Senator prays for Obama's death - in public. The most thorough, profound and moving defense of Hillary Clinton I have ever seen. The most thorough, profound and moving defense of Hillary Clinton I have ever seen. The albatross of a Trump endorsement. Text of President Obama’s Speech in Hiroshima, Japan. You won't see Hillary Clinton in the same light ever again. The Worst Sentence Ever Written – A Special Rotting Post Competition – The Rotting Post.

A transcript of Donald Trump’s meeting with The Washington Post editorial board. No, Donald Trump Is Not “Self-Funding” His Campaign. Sen. Al Franken gives hilarious retort to Republican SCOTUS obstruction. Sarah Palin’s Mustache. A New Libya, With ‘Very Little Time Left’ Hillary Clinton, ‘Smart Power’ and a Dictator’s Fall. Inside the Clinton Team’s Plan to Defeat Donald Trump. ‘America’s Back Mole’: John Oliver Takes Aim at Donald Trump on ‘Last Week Tonight’ Three Charts to Email to Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law -- Updated. Detention of Jason Rezaian’s Family Nearly Scuttled Iran Prisoner Swap. Trump’s rise and fall in Atlantic City. UPDATE x4: Here are 20 things George W. Bush did *after* 9/11.

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