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Sakura Tea or Matcha Tea - Which is the right choice for you? Hey, Are you a fitness lover, and being health conscious you must be a tea lover.

Sakura Tea or Matcha Tea - Which is the right choice for you?

Here is a quick review for you that highlights the various advantages of Japanese Green Tea. Sakura Tea Vs. Matcha Tea Make Sure to read until the end - Cup of Japan is an Ideal Destination for Great Japanese Tea Lovers. If you are an intense admirer of Japanese green tea and looking for a reliable source from where you can buy pure tea bags of Japan, Cup of Japan is a destination that you must reach.

Cup of Japan is an Ideal Destination for Great Japanese Tea Lovers

Cup of Japan is a prominent source for buying green leaf tea as here all tea bags are packed with pure tea leaves directly sourced from local gardens of Japan. The professionals of Cup of Japan explore the tea growing regions of Japan and collaborate with local farmers so that they could provide their customers with a real taste of Japanese tea worldwide. They understand the importance of authenticity and purity of the products for a customer and the company's reputation as well. Therefore, they always promise to their customers to deliver high-quality products so that customers could be satisfied and pleased with them. Cup of Japan understands the hard work of farmers and the dedication they put into their farming to grow the best crop. Tea gift sets .JPG. Cup of Japan's 2020 – Cup of Japan. 2020 has been a hard year for everyone, but it has given us the opportunity to launch Cup of Japan.

Cup of Japan's 2020 – Cup of Japan

The idea began at the start of the year to create something to help small-batch green tea farmers and sustain the tea growing heritage & craft in Japan. After 20+ years travelling around Japan, enjoying green tea and meeting farmers, we got to see first-hand the difficulties they faced and understand the real threat to the industry’s future – even before COVID hit. We started selling tea in June and are incredibly proud of the small-part we are already playing in sustaining the growing craft in Japan by introducing unique high-quality teas to new audiences around the world.

A few highlights from 2020 include: Thank you for visiting/ following/ sharing/ buying Cup of Japan – we are inspired by your support and will continue working towards our purpose. Hoping 2021 is a better year for all! Sip Japanese Green Tea Daily To Improve Your Health. Have you ever tasted Japanese green teas?

Sip Japanese Green Tea Daily To Improve Your Health

Whatever your answer is be it a No or a Yes, but sipping 2-3 cups of Japanese green tea can do wonders to your health. Japanese green tea is world-famous for its purity, aroma, unique taste, and various health benefits. People who have made a habit of sipping it daily 2 times a day are very well aware of its benefits for health. No matter, where you are this time you can order at any place from an online store without any hassle. Well, this Internet world has made some impossible things possible so, there should be no worry about the availability of green tea of Japan at your destination. If you are interested to know more about the benefits of green teas, must read the following Overall Health Improves. 010 OKU 奥, Elegant & Deep Tea. Why tea sets from Japan are famous? With the evolution of time, now Japanese tea sets have become so popular among people across the globe.

Why tea sets from Japan are famous?

Have you ever tried to get this amazing piece at your home? This is so famous that they are now exported to different parts of the world. Along with the green tea, Japanese tea sets are one of the top choices of people to serve green tea in a set like this. You can enjoy drinking Japanese tea in a beautiful crockery set. Farmers' Set: IWAKURA – 3 PACK – Cup of Japan. 008 UREI 愁, Withered & Warming Tea.

Samurai green tea. Going to try Samurai green tea first time? Organic Labelling and Importation Regulation – Cup of Japan. Importing organic food products can be sometimes difficult to follow as every country or regional unions have their own regulations.

Organic Labelling and Importation Regulation – Cup of Japan

Definition of Organic Food Organic food general definition: the product of a farming system which avoids the use of man-made fertilisers, pesticides; growth regulators and livestock feed additives. Irradiation and the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or products produced from or by GMOs are generally prohibited by organic legislation. According to UK DEFRA Cup Of Japan is not specialised in customs regulations, this article is to help shed some light on a subject that is often misinterpreted. The use the label "organic product" is subject to clearing condition pre-established by a country's regulations.

Must follow criteria for production methods, storage and packaged products are registered. Japan Standard: JAS Equivalency EU: Japan has recognised for the purpose of equivalence since 30 May 2010. Useful Links USA - USDA's Organic Regulations. ORGANIC Tea Collection 4 Pack. Here is why you need to drink Japanese Sencha Green Tea? Curious to know more about Japanese Sencha Tea?

Here is why you need to drink Japanese Sencha Green Tea?

Here is the guide that will let you know about the various perks of drinking green tea. This green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the country. Sencha green tea is a distinct type of Japanese green tea that is often enjoyed as a rejuvenating beverage. Want to know more about the benefits of Sencha: Let’s find out here – Weight loss. 011 KAZE 風, Balanced & Pure Tea – Cup of Japan. KAZE 風 KAZE means wind.

011 KAZE 風, Balanced & Pure Tea – Cup of Japan

Grown using the Fuusyun cultivar, this organic tea is fresh and simple in taste with a slight sweet finish. The Camellia Sinensis – Cup of Japan. All teas plants are from the family of Camellia Sinensis.

The Camellia Sinensis – Cup of Japan

Two main subdivision Assam: a tall tree with large leaves Chinese: a shorter tree with small leaves. It is thought that tea trees are originally from Southeast Asia, with the first tea production in the southern part of China’s current Yunnan province. Over 6,000 years ago. 009 YAMA 山, Complex & Different Tea – Cup of Japan. YAMA 山 YAMA means mountain.

009 YAMA 山, Complex & Different Tea – Cup of Japan

Grown using the Yamakai cultivar, this organic green tea is different from most Japanese teas; the varietal is scarce in Japan and only harvested once a year. It has a distinct and complex aroma & taste that leaves your mouth feeling lively. To keep the plants as healthy and high-quality as possible, these leaves are farmed at altitude in a remote location with plenty of sun and wind from the sea. The three teas from Iwakura-san have been named to reflect the significant role the environment plays on their farm and the very unique all-natural approach adopted. Why everybody should try Japanese Matcha Tea at least once? Farmer Focus: Yokota-san – Cup of Japan. Sencha Green Tea.

ORGANIC Tea Collection - 4 Pack – Cup of Japan. A unique collection of premium organic green teas (all JAS Accredited) direct from our partners at Iwakura and Tarui farms in Shizuoka, Japan. Cup of Japan’s "Organic Tea Collection" brings together 4 unique and rare teas direct from the local farms in Shizuoka for your discovery and enjoyment: 007 SAKURA: SAKURA means cherry blossom. A truly special organic green tea made from a rare varietal that creates a unique taste of cherry. BEST SELLER009 YAMA: YAMA means mountain. Redesigning Green Tea – Cup of Japan. There is a lot of quality green tea in Japan, but we have found the majority of it is not that accessible to international tea-lovers.

As you would expect, nearly all of the best tea’s packaging is in Japanese and generally includes over complicated instructions or unnecessary detail. This is a barrier to non-Japanese speakers and makes it impossible for them to understand the tea type, its nuances, origin and best ways to brew, experiment & enjoy. 5 Proven ways Organic Japanese Green Tea improves your health. So when it comes to a healthy diet and plan, many of you don’t follow it. Well, here we will discuss the perks that you get by using Organic Japanese Green Tea in your daily routine. Let’s discuss 5 main key benefits of Japanese Green Tea on your health – Helps to prevent cancer & lose weight If you wish to lose weight and stay healthy, then you must try this Organic Japanese Green Tea. Indeed it helps boost up your energy level and may protect your liver from many chronic diseases.

It promotes heart health & boosts brain function. What is Uji – Cup of Japan. Cup of Japan offers a wide variety of Japanese Green tea. Who is not a lover of Japanese green tea? Japanese tea is world-famous and people from different parts of the world want to try it. You will be lucky enough to grab this opportunity and we make it possible for our potential consumers. Cup of Japan; make sure to serve you with the utmost satisfaction and affection in the form of green tea. It’s just not a tea, more than that We discover a unique small-batch Japanese green tea direct from the farmers. Why trust us? We believe in sustaining heritage and our only objective is to sustain the tea-growing heritage in Japan.

Driven by Purpose – Cup of Japan. Cup of Japan’s purpose is to sustain the tea growing heritage & craft in Japan through direct and meaningful collaboration with the farmers. The ways in which we support and partner with local Japanese growers to achieve this are: We are proud to be driven by this purpose and pleased with what we have been able to achieve since we started in June 2020. We strive to continue building our farmer community across Japan to help as many farmers as possible, whilst working with them to hand-select and curate the most unique and highest quality small-batch teas for our customers. Why You Should Go For Organic Japanese Green Tea At Least Once. Well, everyone at one point in time wants to be healthier but they don’t know exactly the right methods & techniques. Farmers' Set: OKUTOMI - 3 PACK (Matcha & Sencha) – Cup of Japan.

Why You Should Try Sencha Green Tea At Least Once? These days everyone wants to be healthy but the ways are expensive. Therefore, you should go for the cheaper option and also good quality. Well, when it comes to the daily routine many of you usually forget to include high mineral drinks in the diet. Japanese Sencha is one of the most crucial teas in the world. 010 OKU 奥, Elegant & Deep Tea – cupofjapan. Find Your Perfect Tea – cupofjapan. Cup of Japan offers you the best quality Green Tea. Who doesn’t want to stay healthy and if health and taste come together, everybody loves to enjoy it. Sayama’s Tea Secrets – cupofjapan. Sayama’s unique climate is responsible for producing arguably the tastiest and healthiest green tea crop in Japan…but don’t tell anyone!

In short: it’s quite cold there, which means the tea plants have evolved and work extra hard to survive by growing thick leaves. Reasons why Japanese green tea is good for health. WTF is a Catechin? – cupofjapan. The answer is well-known in Japan and is one of the elements that makes green tea a tasty and healthy brew. Firstly full disclosure: we are not chemists, doctors or the next big answer to COVID-19, but green tea is said to deliver a number of health benefits to its human drinkers. After all the Japanese drink it daily and enjoy the longest life expectancy in the world. Japanese Green Tea: Makes your Soul and Body Happy.

The All-Natural Iwakura Farm – cupofjapan. This week we had the pleasure of spending a day with the Iwakura farming family in Shizuoka, Japan. Their farm is about 1.5 hectares in size, which is equivalent to about 3 footballs fields. Cup of Japan – An Ultimate Destination for Japanese Green Tea Lovers. Japanese green tea is famous all over the world. People admire it for its soothing and refreshing aroma and unique taste. Varieties of Teas – cupofjapan. Sencha. Every Type of Japanese Green Tea Offers Different Health Benefits – You Must Know. Sayama Organic Tea, our trip to Saitama and meeting with 400 years of – cupofjapan. Cup of Japan – Provides You Authentic and Pure Green Tea of Japan. Refresh with Wakamushi – cupofjapan. Sustaining Green Tea Craftsmanship – cupofjapan. How Japanese Green Tea is Beneficial for Your Health.