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Take and format notes - OneNote - Microsoft Office Online. Note-taking in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 is as easy as writing in a paper notebook, but by using OneNote, you can also move text anywhere on the page or to other pages, create space and add pages when and where you need to, and tag important notes for follow-up.

Take and format notes - OneNote - Microsoft Office Online

Your notes can include any combination of typed text, pictures, and graphics — including text and images you collect from the Web pages — as well as digital handwriting, audio and video clips, and more. What do you want to do? Type or write notes on a page To make typewritten notes, click wherever on the page you want the notes to appear, and then type. OneNote creates a note container for each block of text that you type or write. Top of Page Move text on a page Do any of the following: To move text within the same page, move the pointer over the text.

Add space to a page Click Insert Extra Writing Space on the Writing Tools toolbar. Drag to add space at the edges of the page or between lines of text. on the vertical scroll bar. Download Confirmation. Download Confirmation. Groove 2007. OneNote templates « Later On. GTD Notebook for Microsoft OneNote 2007. Fresh Focus On Productivity!™ » Blog Archive » Part Five – Micro. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed . Thanks for visiting! Although I’ve mentioned before my love affair with Microsoft OneNote , it is worth doing another article, with a bit more explanation on how they can really help you organize for productivity and organization . Please click on the pictures for an explanation of the different areas on OneNote. Firstly, you will create a top level category, which is called a “Notebook” (clever, eh?). Notebooks can have pages, but you can break this down into a hierarchy that is more efficient. Notebook can have children (don’t ask me about the birds & the bees of Notebook, because you really don’t want me to go there!).

Each different category in OneNote can be colorized to whatever color you desire, and each page can have it’s own templates . Microsoft OneNote is great for adaptation into GTD . @Action @Someday/Maybe. How to create a Microsoft OneNote 2007 notebook - by Rebecca Liv. Rebecca Livermore's image for: "How to Create a Microsoft Onenote 2007 Notebook" Caption: Location: Image by: Perhaps you've read my or another review of Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 and decided to purchase it, or maybe install a copy that you already have sitting around your office somewhere.

How to create a Microsoft OneNote 2007 notebook - by Rebecca Liv

Once you've installed it, you'll want to create your first OneNote 2007 notebook right away. 1. Set Up a OneNote Notebook, from Microsoft - White Papers, Webcas. How to Create a Microsoft Office OneNote Notebook. Nota Bene: The OneNote Blog : Download free 2009 calendar templa. Happy New Year, everyone!

Nota Bene: The OneNote Blog : Download free 2009 calendar templa

As any seasoned user of OneNote 2007 will tell you, the beauty of OneNote is the ability to keep everything together in one place. Calendars are no exception, whether you keep them with you for quick lookups or you link dates and events to specific pages in your notebook. The Office Online Templates team has been hard at work to make the latest OneNote calendar templates for 2009 available, the first few of which you can now download for free: Pre-designed page templates such as these calendars can save you lots of time, but remember that you're not forced to use any templates exactly as they are.

If a particular template doesn't quite suit your needs, download it as a starting point, and then change the colors, fonts, and any other formatting to match your preferences. Daniel Escapa's OneNote Blog : OneNote 2007 Templates. Email help, support, tips, and tutorials. Use a Windows Live Hotmail account in Outlook - Outlook - Micros. All accounts can be used with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 or Office Outlook 2003.

Use a Windows Live Hotmail account in Outlook - Outlook - Micros

To access your account with Outlook, you must first install the Microsoft Outlook Connector for Windows Live Hotmail. What do you want to do? Learn about the Microsoft Outlook Connector The Outlook Connector enables you to use your account, Windows Live Contacts, and Windows Live Calendar within Outlook. Note You can view and edit your Calendar in Outlook. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a new account. If you had a Hotmail account, it’s been upgraded to an account, but your email address will not change.

Top of Page Download and install the Outlook Connector Exit Outlook. Note You may see a security prompt, depending on which operating system or Web browser you use. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the installation. Learn why I must type characters from an image when sending email messages . How to create a distribution list from your contacts in Outlook. Microsoft Outlook has the ability to create a distribution list from your Contacts list, and store that distribution list in the Contacts folder.

How to create a distribution list from your contacts in Outlook

This article describes how to create such a distribution list. Creating a contacts distribution list is a two-step process. The first step is to decide where you will store the distribution list. You can save it in an Address Book or in your Contacts folder. The second step is to add your contacts to the list. The following example demonstrates how to set up a distribution list in your Contacts folder. Define the Distribution List.