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Geometric Cross Stitch pattern is the original design of Ritacuna. Most of the geometric patterns created by Ritacuna are inspired by pet and wild animals, ocean fish and mammals, beautiful scenery, and Disney characters.

Apple Blossom. Apple Flower cross stitch pattern/kit A modern lovely apple flower cross stitch pattern for flower lovers.

Apple Blossom

A beautiful handmade natural theme project for house decoration. Cat Cross Stitch Patterns Kit & Ideas. Cat cross stitch patterns are in trend again as they are the best way to replicate the love for cats in your cross stitch projects.

Cat Cross Stitch Patterns Kit & Ideas

Cats are adorable for humans for centuries and you can easily find cats in every second house of the country. If you love your feline and want to make an outstanding decor item for your home depicting them then these patterns are the best choice for you. We often hear people talking that making these patterns is tough but as per our experience we have seen that people start enjoying cross-stitching this pattern within few minutes after getting started with it. Today we want to give you step by step guide for making your first funny cross stitch pattern by crafting a cat. Believe it or not, once you complete this design it will attract the attention, praise, and a lovely smile on the face of the person who sees it. FREE Cross Stitch Pattern - You Heart Me. Geometric Winter Soldier cross stitch pattern. The Baby Cross Stitch Pattern & Kits. I am Rita, a freelancer currently living in Italy.

The Baby Cross Stitch Pattern & Kits

I spend almost my free time for all kinds of crafts, especially crochet, embroidery and sewing. Cross stitch has never stopped amazing and inspiring me with a wide range of patterns which are easy to customize and to stitch. I often cross stitch some funny things to give my friends as gifts. Besides, I also make modern cross stitch hoop to decor the walls in my house. Disney Cross Stitch & Kits in US. Disney characters inspire happiness in the lives of people for years and it is one of the best ideas to start with your cross-stitching journey.

Disney Cross Stitch & Kits in US

People often avoid carving these characters as they seem to be very complicated but trust me this is far from the actual truth. Today we brought you the five easiest funny and Disney cross stitch ideas which you will love to try even if you are a beginner to this art. Funny cross stitch designs do not mean Disney characters only as there are a lot of ideas from where you can take inspiration. Giving a funny attire to the day-to-day things and animals around you can also make a perfect funny idea for your patterns. Below is our list to experiment with new patterns and designs to achieve one more milestone for getting pro from a beginner.

Mary Poppins – This pattern is inspired by the American musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney in 1964. Nursery Unicorn – You can’t find a person who does not have a love for this popular character. 2 Flowers. Modern Flower cross stitch pattern/kit Two beautifully designed flowers with flying petals.

2 Flowers

This modern flower cross stitch pattern is absolutely interesting to stitch. PATTERN SPECIFICATIONS: Stitches : full cross stitch Colors: DMC stranded cotton Required Colors: 14 Stitch size: 92 x 81 Suggested fabric: 14 count Aida Strands: 3 Designed area: 6.57 x 5.79 inches or 16.7 x 14.7 cm PDF pattern contains: – Floss Palette – Color Symbol Chart – Black and White Symbol Chart Cross Stitch Kit contains: – Color pattern print on A4 paper – Fabric – Needle and thread *Please read the shipping policy before purchase © ritacuna Patterns are for personal use only. Get Simple Cross Stitch Patterns & Kits. FREE Cross stitch pattern - Funny Old Couple. A cute and funny free cross stitch pattern in small size is what every cross-stitcher loves.

FREE Cross stitch pattern - Funny Old Couple

As being interesting and quick to finish, it will not let anyone, especially beginners, feel bored or discouraged. The free cross stitch pattern today features a funny old couples dancing. The figures and colors are absolutely adorable. This pattern is designed in 98 x 98 stitches and uses 23 colors all in full stitches. FREE cross stitch pattern - Love Chemistry. When my friend asked me to suggest a free cross stitch pattern for beginners I showed her this design.

FREE cross stitch pattern - Love Chemistry

She immediately loved the simple yet lovely design and color.This is a cute love chemistry cross stitch chart for any one to follow easily. This pattern uses just 5 colors and full stitches, very easy and quick to finish. You can see the color symbol chart bellow or download the pdf file for clearer look and color palette. Mulan Warrior cross stitch pattern.

Disney Princess Mulan Warrior cross stitch pattern/kit This Disney princess Geometric Mulan Warrior cross stitch pattern is special because it is modern, minimalist suitable for both children and adults.

Mulan Warrior cross stitch pattern

It is a wonderful item as a hoop art display and amazing diy gift idea. PATTERN SPECIFICATIONS: Stitches: full cross stitch, three quarter stitch Floss: DMC stranded cotton Required Colors: 22 Stitches: 59 x 93 SUGGESTION: Fabric: 14 count Aida Strands: 3 Designed area: 4.21″ x 6.64″ PDF pattern contains: – Floss Palette – Color Symbol Chart – Black and White Symbol Chart. Modern Baby Cross Stitch Patterns & Kits.

The trend for cross-stitching is growing again.

Modern Baby Cross Stitch Patterns & Kits

Artists are coming up with new ideas each day to match this contemporary art with modern thoughts and designs. Best Funny Cross Stitch Patterns & Kits. Cross Stitch your Love of Travel. I am madly in love with ancient symbolic architectures of Europeans countries.

Cross Stitch your Love of Travel

Those destinations are all extremely beautiful and full of cultural elements. Living in a medieval city of Italy, I really enjoy the old charming atmosphere here. Therefore, I have always wished to display it with these cross stitch designs, a combinations of the most beautiful symbols of the architectures and culture here. Amazing and Simple Cross Stitch Patterns For Beginners. Cross stitching is one of the most popular embroidery arts in practice for ages and it is making a fast comeback in the latest fashion and home decor trends. Learning this art is very simple and you can apply your imaginations to it best to create unique and graceful designs using threads and needles.

Most of our users ask us about the simple cross stitch patterns, to begin with, and considering this fact we are here with our list of simple cross stitch patterns you can try to master this art. Before we start with our list we want you to know that this art is no more mean to pass time after activities and studies of the kids. Cross stitching can help you to develop your unique patterns and way to livelihood by just framing your creativity on Aida or Linen. This art had been passed from generation to generation and is still considered as one of the very good art to making a perfect fashion, gifting, and home decor statements.

Baby Cross Stitch Pattern 2021. FREE Cross Stitch Pattern – Cute Food 2. Best Simple Cross Stitch Patterns Ideas. Free Cross Stitch Pattern – Evil. Today I will share a free cross stitch pattern that is fun and quick to finish, especially encouraging for cross stitch beginners. A little red evil with his trident. For full patterns with color list, please download here! FREE Cross Stitch Pattern - Snow White. A small cross stitch pattern of Disney Princess Snow White will be a fun and quick project to add to Disney collection and nursery projects. This Snow White cross stitch pattern is just 29 x 55 stitches, which will be 2,07 x 3,93 inches on 14 count Aida. Totally 19 embroidery floss colors are needed to finish this cute design. The Baby Cross Stitch Pattern And Kits. Geometric Cross Stitch Guide. Advanced Geometric Cross Stitch Patterns.

Art and craft can easily uplift your mood and can enhance your creativity level. Geometric cross stitch is one of the famous and widely known types of stitching that is used in the formation of different types of handicrafts and other types of crafts. Sewing, stitching, and embroidery come with various opportunities. You can design things as per your preference and creativity level. This section needs precision and in-depth knowledge of various things that can be used to generate proper results. It is a form of counted thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches are made in a tile way.

At ‘Ritacuna’, we have combined this traditional art with the modern one. Apart from this, you can also get many knitted designs and products, this eco-friendly method can easily be used in different ways and is also a great gifting option. Before producing every piece, we do proper research and once this is done, we decide on color pattern and design. Corner to Corner C2C Crochet Instruction. Corner to corner crochet (C2C) is a terrific technique that creates special texture for your crochet project. But it is built based on basic crochet stiches, which makes it very easy to learn.

This instruction will show you how to crochet with C2C technique. You will learn how the basic techniques to increase or to decrease in a C2C pattern, how to read a C2C chart, and how to change colors. With this technique, you start from the corner of a crochet pattern and work towards the other corner by producing diagonal rows of little blocks. You will need to increase each row by one black until it reaches your desired length and width, where you need to decrease each row. A square or block is the basic unit of a C2C pattern. Increase in C2C Crochet Below is the written and step-by-step photo instruction of how to crochet a C2C increasing square.

Row2 – Square 1 (Pic 4-6)Chain 6, double crochet in fourth chain from the hook and next two chains, slip stitch to join the previous square. FREE Cross Stitch Pattern - Bath Tub. Easy Cat Cross Stitch Patterns Ideas.