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At CulzeanGifts, one of the processes that we use is chemical etching which has several benefits when compared with traditional methods. The way that it works is that unwanted parts on the metal are etched away leaving the words or pictures showing. This is the same process that is used on jet engine turbines. This means that there is no change to the properties of the metal used, and the process is less expensive than using hard tooling. We can etch on brass, copper, copper alloys, phosphorus bonze, stainless steel, silver, and gold to produce anything that you need.

Key Benefits of Using Glass in Your Office. The use of glass to break up spaces is becoming increasingly popular in offices.

Key Benefits of Using Glass in Your Office

As well as being able to increase the flow of light into dark spaces, it’s an incredibly elegant and professional material choice that works well with most corporate and modern interior design schemes, whether you’re going with an edgy creative agency look or want to enforce that old-school executive feel. In this blog, we explore the plenty of benefits of choosing glass over other materials. Make Space Seem Bigger. The Trevor Hirst - Online Collection of Paint on Glass – Culzean Gifts. Trevor M Hirst Born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in 1958, Trevor began his photographic career in 1979 at the age of 21.

The Trevor Hirst - Online Collection of Paint on Glass – Culzean Gifts

It was a time when having a darkroom was essential if you wanted to produce your own prints since digital cameras, graphic computers and Photoshop were still just a pipe-dream. Photo: Self portrait 2018 “Sometimes it can take a lifetime to realise what we want most out of life, or even appreciate what we are destined for.” — Trevor M Hirst A Unique collection of orginal photo art images created by Trevor M Hirst in his UK studio. It has taken Trevor 40 years to return to his true calling as a creative photographer, from his early days photographing fashion models, to the new age of creating fine art home decor and collectible prints.

Commissioned artwork available on request Trevor M Hirst Born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in 1958, Trevor began his photographic career in 1979 at the age of 21. Photo: Self portrait 2018 Commissioned artwork available on request. Designing an “Executive” Office - Interior Design Tips. There has been a huge focus on workspaces in the interior design world in recent years.

Designing an “Executive” Office - Interior Design Tips

A number of developments have changed the way we look at the typical office and many companies and individuals are now reinventing the typical work environment. For one thing, more shared working spaces are opening up with flexible membership arrangements that are enticing freelancers and small businesses. Also, due to more companies going remote, more and more people are setting up their own office right in their own homes. However, there is still a need for certain businesses to have a flagship executive office where many of the important high-level activities of managers and company leaders take place, such as client meetings.

In truth, a good office design depends a lot on the type of business and the user’s work habits. Laser Marking, Cutting & Engraving - Culzean Gifts. We can laser mark, cut or engrave any wood, metal or acrylic items to the highest standards.

Laser Marking, Cutting & Engraving - Culzean Gifts

Thanks to our state of the art laser equipment and highly skilled staff. Amazing detail and precision can be achieved. At Culzean Engraving, our in-house design team can create custom designs for you or you can submit your own drawings and layouts. Laser cutting and engraving has virtually no limitations and you can be confident that your ideas will come to life. For technical advice please contact us. We can laser mark, cut or engrave any wood, metal or acrylic items to the highest standards. How Does CNC Laser Engraving Work? Laser cutters are used in a growing number of sectors and industries today from prototyping to manufacturing.

How Does CNC Laser Engraving Work?

Used primarily by engineers, designers, and artists to cut and etch into flat material, it's a fast and efficient method of producing high quality and precision objects. Aside from cutting items to custom specifications, they’re also used to etch designs into work pieces to create intricate lettering and designs in various patterns. In short, they’re useful tools used by manufacturers and artists as a fabrication tool to bring digital designs into the physical world. A Guide to Business Signage - 7 Best Practice Tips. The world is increasingly digital, but there are some things that still require a physical presence.

A Guide to Business Signage - 7 Best Practice Tips

If you have an office, shop or even a food truck, there’s no denying that some real-life branded signage and promotional content will help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking to draw in crowds from the high street, impress people at branded events, or offer your company some extra prestige at a trade show, having some good quality and creative business signage can make all the difference. We explore 5 best practices for good businesses signage for companies that still need to excel "offline". Get Help from Experts.

What’s the Difference Between Chemical Etching and Engraving? Chemical etching and traditional engraving can both be described as the process of cutting lines into a hard surface, such as metal.

What’s the Difference Between Chemical Etching and Engraving?

However, there are some major differences that exist between the two that are worth considering if you’re looking to commission etching or engraving work of your own. The Basics Chemical etching uses a kind of acid solution, otherwise known as the etching agent, which is used to cut lines into a hard surface. 3 Best Practices for Choosing Wall Art for Your Home. Wall hangings, art, photos and glass printed picture wall art all serve an important role in your home’s style.

3 Best Practices for Choosing Wall Art for Your Home

Great prints, photographs and glass art pieces will draw the gaze of visitors and add a feeling of unity to any space. However, the secret for finding great art and installations is finding something that matches your space, your personal preferences and other pieces of decoration in your home. We outline a few basic guidelines for how you can pick the right pieces for your home, based on size, style, colour and theme considerations. Choose Things You Actually Like Before you read too many blogs online about the best approach to interior design, keep in mind that if you don’t actually like it, you shouldn’t buy it. So many people pick items that they know are loved by others, but actually have very little connection to themselves. How to Choose the Right Kind of Glass Wall Art for Each Room. When it comes to wall art, simply finding something you like the look of might not be that difficult.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Glass Wall Art for Each Room

However, knowing where a particular piece belongs in your home can be hard. Luckily, there are a few guidelines to make sure you select the right piece for a specific space. While art is what helps define the personality of the homeowner, individual pieces are crucial in creating a specific mood and character in each room. Personalised Engraved Glasses by Culzean Gifts – Tagged "crystal" Personalised Glass Photo & Glass Printing UK. How Does Memorial Plaque Engraving Work? Memorial plaques are a highly functional and meaningful way to commemorate someone or an event.

How Does Memorial Plaque Engraving Work?

They can be used for buildings, exterior and interior walls, benches, trophies, vehicles, gravestones and other applications that allow you to celebrate something meaningful. As well as being a practical object that is relatively easy to produce to a high standard, it is a dignified way of honouring a loved one. At Culzean Gifts, we’ve helped develop commemorative plaques for a number of customers and have a wealth of experience when it comes to deciding on the most suitable materials and styles for specific settings. Types of Memorial Plaque Engraving Memorial plaques are traditionally made out of metal, wood or stone, but ceramics and other materials can also be used depending on the engraving style, image and setting. What is Computer Controlled Engraving? Also known as laser cutting, computer controlled engraving has changed the way many products are now produced.

Digital Printing on Glass for Small Businesses. The glass industry is becoming one of the fastest-growing segments when it comes to non-traditional decorative works. What Is Glass Art? Glass is a fascinating material that has been used for both practical and artistic purposes throughout history. Glass objects are undeniably unique both for their natural characteristics and properties, but also for their aesthetic appeal — achieving a much different effect to other popular mediums like canvas and paint, clay, or ink and paper. There have been so many approaches to glass and different style used by various artists over the years that it's impossible to easily characterise glass art as any one thing. Different themes, methods and processes have been used to render a multitude of effects.

Personalised Glass Photo & Glass Printing UK. Should I Buy Glass Artworks? We’re always looking for something new. And in your search for great statement pieces for your home or office, you may have come across glass artworks. While classic paint on canvas is usually a safe bet when it comes to choosing new art that will stand the test of time, it can be harder to decide whether glass art is worth the investment. What Can You Achieve with Art on Glass? Developments in glass printing have allowed art glass trends to catch on fire in the UK and throughout many countries in Europe. Whether it’s individual artists who are now using it as their medium of choice or large companies and businesses who are commissioning large-scale installation pieces for their offices, glass wall art is incredibly popular today.

How Does Chemical Etching Work? Chemical etching is a highly accurate manufacturing process used to produce high precision metal parts. It is an increasingly popular manufacturing method which is sometimes referred to as Photo etching. A Guide to Glass & Perspex Printing. Computer Controlled CNC Engraving.

Our computer engraving machine means we can create a variety of different tags, labels and signs in an assortment of materials. Going with Glass Wall Art this Year? Here’s Our Advice. Christmas Presents For Family And Friends At Culzean Gifts.