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Social Studies

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AB Education - Social Studies. Making a Difference, Social Studies. - Find Resources. Alberta Education - Social studies K- 9 : Alberta Authorized Resource List and Annotated Bibliography - 2009. Authorized Social Studies Resources with Concordia's Call Numbers. Teaching Social Studies - Jenna's List. Indigenous Curriculum.

Children's Literature about Social Studies

More Topics in Education. University of Alberta Libraries - Elementary Social Studies Guide. University of Calgary Library - Elementary Social Studies Resources Guide. Summaries of the Critical Challenges. Pearson Publishers - Alberta Social Studies Resources. Nelson Publishers Homepage. Online Reference Centre - ORC Curriculum Mapping - Division 1 Social Studies. ORC Curriculum Mapping - Division 2 Social Studies. The Critical Thinking Consortium. Find Resources by Focus - ARPDC.  - Teaching about refugees. With forced displacement reaching historic levels, schools all over the world are welcoming increasing numbers of refugee children.

 - Teaching about refugees

Teachers are facing new challenges in making sense of forced displacement and its complexities. Refugees and migrants regularly make headlines and the internet is bustling with information on the topic. Explaining the situation of refugees and migrants to primary and secondary school children has become part of many educators’ daily work. Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) TC2 Source Docs - Strategies for investigating pictures. You are here: Picture Sets » Strategies for investigating pictures Welcome, Guest The following TC² resources help students develop the tools to critically investigate images in the Picture Sets collection.

TC2 Source Docs - Strategies for investigating pictures

References to some of the most applicable strategies for a picture set are included within the teacher notes for that set. TED Talk about Dollar Street. Dollar Street. Human Rights - Speak Truth to Power in Schools Program. Canadian Postcard Exchange. The Grim Educator · Teaching Historical Evils in Context. Interactive Read Aloud. Veterans Affairs Canada.