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How to Search the Library Catalogue: Worldcat Discovery Services. Searching For Books at Concordia Library. How to Access eBooks. Scholarly vs Popular Articles. What is a scholarly article? Finding Scholarly Articles. Finding Articles & Database Searching Tips. Search Tips & Tricks. Selecting & Developing Keywords. Finding Trustworthy Websites. How to Locate Streaming Videos. What are Primary and Secondary Sources? What is a primary source?

What are Primary and Secondary Sources?

A document or record containing first-hand information or original data on a topicA work created at the time of an event or by a person who directly experienced an eventSome examples include: interviews, diaries, letters, journals, original hand-written manuscripts, newspaper and magazine clippings, government documents, etc.The history how to: primary sources guide has lots more information What is a secondary source?

Any published or unpublished work that is one step removed from the original source, usually describing, summarizing, analyzing, evaluating, derived from, or based on primary source materialsA source that is one step removed from the original event or experienceA source that provides criticism or interpretation of a primary sourceSome examples include: textbooks, review articles, biographies, historical films, music and art, articles about people and events from the past. Primary and Secondary Sources in History.