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Primary and Secondary Sources in History. How to Write Annotated Bibliographies. Introduction An annotated bibliography is simply a list of citations with notes about the contents of each source (book, article, etc.). Your annotated bibliography can consist of one item, or it can be a carefully curated collection of sources on a particular topic or text. Scholars often create such bibliographies so that other researchers can quickly determine if a particular work of criticism is relevant to their own interests. When students are given the same task, it’s meant to teach the ability to read and summarize effectively.

Types of Annotated Bibliographies There are generally two schools of thought on what the ideal annotated bibliography should look like. Neither side is necessarily right. Organizing Your Bibliography Each item in an annotated bibliography starts with a proper citation, using whatever citation style is appropriate for your discipline (MLA, APA, etc.). Cassal, Steve. You can repeat this pattern for each source in your bibliography. Sample Summary Cassal, Steve. CUE Library's History Databases. How To Find Primary Sources For History. Gale Primary Source Collections. Video: How to Search the JSTOR Database. Frontier Life: Primary Source Documents. Scholarly vs Popular Articles. If you need scholarly articles (sometimes called peer-reviewed or academic articles) for your assignments but you are unsure about what one looks like, take a quick look through our handy guide.

Scholarly Articles: Articles are often peer-reviewed: The article has been reviewed and scrutinised by other scholarly experts before it’s been publishedPublished in academic journals which are written for other experts in the field Ex: International Review of Hydrobiology, Journal of Chemometrics, Humanities Review Journal etc.Longer in lengthIncludes a bibliographyUses a standardised citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)Authors are experts in the article’s subject matter TIP: search for scholarly articles in the library’s databases. Popular Articles: (Magazine/Newspaper/Media): TIP: Search for popular articles in internet search engines (like Google). Source: Gina Garber. If you need help finding articles please stop by the Library Service Desk or contact us here.

East India Company: Digitising The Official Archives From The India Office Records. Parliamentary Archives: The Digitisation Process.