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Páginas que se refieren a la forma en que la autoridad se ejerce en las organizaciones y todas las patologías relacionadas. El término liderazgo se usa en sentido riguroso y no en el sentido self-serving que aparece frecuentemente.

A trabajar pero sin jefes. Steve Jobs dijo: “No tiene sentido contratar a personas inteligentes y después decirles lo que tienen que hacer”.

A trabajar pero sin jefes

La cita quedaría que ni pintada para arrancar cualquier conferencia o este artículo, pero que una organización trate de llevar a la práctica lo que sugiere ya es otro cantar. ¿La autogestión de los profesionales es posible o tan sólo una bonita utopía de las que les gusta contar a los gurús empresariales? Una de las pocas empresas que se han atrevido a aplicarse al pie de la letra las palabras de Jobs es la estadounidense Zap­pos.

Hace unos años esta tienda online de ropa y calzado apostó por adoptar como sistema organizacional la holocracia, una estructura en la que no hay cargos ni jerarquías. “En Zappos no hay jefes en el sentido convencional de la palabra. Empoderamiento y responsabilidad son las dos palabras clave para que el sistema funcione. Aunque después de siglos bajo el yugo de los jefes, volar libre no siempre va a resultar fácil. Punto de equilibrio. CEO Secrets: Harriet Green offers her key business advice. Jeff Bezos Reveals His No. 1 Leadership Secret. Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid.

All Successful Leaders Need This Quality: Self-Awareness. Capital - Playing the confidence game at work — the wrong way. Near the end of every school year, junior high school teacher Amy Lou Linder Weems begins a month-long lesson in what she calls “service learning.”

Capital - Playing the confidence game at work — the wrong way

She tells her students in Monroe, Louisiana, to pick a social problem that interests them. Then she gives them the freedom to figure out how to fix it on their own. Weems, 38, tried it for the first time in 1999. It was her first year as a teacher and the hubris and exuberance of inexperience somehow convinced her that the project would be easy to pull off, she said. She learned quickly that it was hard to keep the kids focussed. At first, she felt like the students expected her to know all the answers.

“As teachers, we have to go from being sage on the stage to a facilitator of ideas,” Weems said. Capital - A fatal flaw when choosing the right leader. Politicians and other leaders from virtually every corner of the globe inevitably disappoint.

Capital - A fatal flaw when choosing the right leader

But the much bigger concern is the mindset of voters, board members, and nominating committees when selecting our leaders — and the uncomfortable realisation that we’re not very good at it. The evolution of overconfidence : Nature. Affiliations Politics and International Relations, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH8 9LD, UK Dominic D.

The evolution of overconfidence : Nature

P. Johnson Division of Medical Genetics and Department of Political Science, University of California, San Diego, California 92093, USA James H. Fowler Contributions D.J. and J.F. conceived the study. Competing financial interests The authors declare no competing financial interests. Author details. Capital - Have you been a victim of meeting malpractice? Is this the cruel fate all office dwellers must endure?

Capital - Have you been a victim of meeting malpractice?

The answer is, perhaps surprisingly, no! So many people are subject to what I call “meeting malpractice” that it’s a wonder the trial lawyers haven’t caught onto this one yet. The good news is that somewhere out there savvy managers refuse to play along, instead holding on to the quaint belief that meetings are opportunities for smart people to learn, debate and discuss — and for accountability to be assigned for actions and results. A meeting without an agenda is like a restaurant dinner without a menu. Capital - How to get the most mileage out of your employees. Sounds romantic, right?

Capital - How to get the most mileage out of your employees

Actually, it’s just nature. There’s really no proof birds can express love or affection, said Dr Chris Bonar, director of animal heath at the Dallas Zoo. “It could be seen as emotional attachment by humans, but for the animal it’s likely only about assuring the best chance of producing offspring,” Bonar said. The ways monogamous animals work together toward a common goal offers a key lesson for managers. Knowing how to get employees to commit to a task might seem like a basic of management — and it is. The commitment problem is particularly acute in the United States, in part because of the way people in the country measure the trait. A Point of View: Why getting the sack was good for Machiavelli.

3 August 2013Last updated at 20:48 ET Painting depicts (l-r) Cesare Borgia, Cardinal Pedro Luis de Borgia, Machiavelli and Micheletto Corella Machiavelli may have bemoaned his fall from favour in 16th Century Florence, but his enforced departure from politics led to the creation of his great work, The Prince, says Sarah Dunant.

A Point of View: Why getting the sack was good for Machiavelli

Are there too many managers? 29 July 2013Last updated at 04:01 ET Once upon a time there were only workers and owners, but then the age of the manager dawned, explains Lucy Kellaway.

Are there too many managers?

There are five million managers in the UK today, 10 times as many as there were 100 years ago. Even if you don't actually manage anyone, your title pretends you do.