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CTC Networks offers IT support and IT services in Nashville. We help businesses leverage IT as a business enabler, instead of yet another necessary expense.

February 9th Is “Safer Internet Day. With cybercrime rates on the rise, business professionals in every industry are always looking for the right ways to stay protected It seems a new headline is released every week that details the debilitating hacks and attacks that business owners across the country have experienced. 2016 saw many institutions attacked including everything from Wendy’s having customer payment details exposed to high-level government bodies having their systems infiltrated.

February 9th Is “Safer Internet Day

There is absolutely no doubt that the evolving technology landscape and the accompanying cyber-threats are changing the way institutions operate. Cyber-security is no longer an afterthought – organizations now know that staying informed and being proactive is the only reliable defense. However, with the constant talk of threats, the shocking headlines and the continual reminders to make sure data is safe, business owners can quickly become overwhelmed. We have an underlying mission to empower business owners using technology. Bond with Your Audience using Creative Microcopy. Microcopy is an often overlooked chance to show your website visitors that they’re in exactly the right place.

Bond with Your Audience using Creative Microcopy

The word “microcopy” may sound unfamiliar, but trust us, you’ve seen it often before. So sit back, relax, and use the ideas presented here to bring your business’ website that much closer to perfect. What is Microcopy? Microcopy serves as an umbrella term for text like tool tips, error page copy, administrative messages and more. Microcopy is a big part of the UX (user experience) design of your website. Direct the user. More Microcopy Branding Opportunities The definition of microcopy can extend to things like: Email auto-responders that tell the user you’re “on vacation on a small remote island, so don’t expect an immediate response.

Take Ownership of Your Microcopy If you take the time to compose useful, convincing and intelligent microcopy in place of the standard, you’ll be joining the group of businesses that get every little detail of the customer experience spot-on. Yikes! IT Services Nashville. Posted by ctcnetworks in Technology on August 20th, 2016 We like to think that our computers are fairly bulletproof.

IT Services Nashville

After all, we come in to work every morning, turn the thing on and it does exactly what you expect it to do. Of course there are days when you run into a software snafu, but you remain confident that your files are located where you put them. What if they weren't? Hard drives do fail. One of the most consistently important type of industry is the IT support industry, and there is no surprise as to why.

As our technology becomes more and more complex, so too do our problems with the technology. This is a lot more true in the case of older people who did not grow up with the technology as it was introduced (which is entirely normal and is experienced in just about every generation). Our business puts two things above all else: quality and honesty. When we go into a company, we are never satisfied until the company is as well.

Data Recovery Nashville Losing your computer's contents can be one of the worst things that a company can face, at least in this day and age. Managed IT Services Nashville. IT Support Nashville. Managed Services Nashville. It services in nashville by ctcnetworks. Data Recovery Nashville. IT Consulting Nashville. Computer repair Nashville. IT Services Nashville. IT Support Nashville CTC Networks was founded all the way back in 1978.

IT Services Nashville

As the technological revolution has developed, so has CTC Networks. In our first incarnation, we specialized in software for medical billing, and in green screen terminals for hospitals. Network Security Nashville. Your Productivity and Profit are Important You have a serious investment in your business.

Network Security Nashville

There may be buildings, employees, customers, taxes, payroll, a professional reputation, specialized services, and much more. You carry insurance and you lock your place of business at the end of a work day; why would you leave your business computers unprotected? In this world of computer viruses, worms, phishing attacks, and hacking, your IT systems need great security to keep out the bad guys and save your sensitive information.

You rely heavily on your IT systems as you run your business. It happens so quickly: a data file is accidentally deleted or a fake link gets clicked. Managed IT Services Nashville. Does technology confuse you?

Managed IT Services Nashville

Most people don’t think of IT support until something goes wrong. That’s okay, because CTC Networks is Nashville’s local IT Support, IT Services, and Managed Services provider. We are not remote, and we know what issues are facing those doing business in Nashville because we are here with you. On-Site Technical Support from CTC Networks provides you with service when you need us. We have a professional team that can monitor your network for trouble and perform routine, as well as preventative maintenance on a schedule. Data Recovery Nashville. Sometimes technology has a bad day.

Data Recovery Nashville

It drops a payroll file, or loses an entire insurance benefits package. It might fall for a fake link and enter some no-man’s land online where all its sensitive information is wheedled out of it. Things might go very wrong and an actual fire might occur. Perhaps technology just spilled some coffee all over itself.