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Things to Make and Do. Lucy Knisley - OMGRYFFINDOR. That's it, kids!

Lucy Knisley - OMGRYFFINDOR.

The last movie is nigh, and the last HPoster is drawn. The images are below, but first, a short ramble: For a limited time, I'm offering free downloads of large-format printable versions of all 9 comics, for your own use, and to print a copy for your pleasure at home/at a print shop. Barring stumbling into me in person and asking if I have a bunch of leftover copies (which I do), this will be the only way you can get print versions of these.

Please PLEASE don't use these large-format images in any commercial way (IE: printing them in your publication without my permission, selling posters or t-shirts or lunchboxes using any part or the whole of them).


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