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8 Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave. Tough Love Performance Reviews, in 10 Minutes. There’s growing evidence that conventional performance reviews are not working.

Tough Love Performance Reviews, in 10 Minutes

According to a CEB analysis, organizations can only improve employee performance 3% to 5% using standard performance management approaches. Last fall, 53% of human resources professionals in a Society for Human Resource Management study gave a grade between B to C+ when rating how their organization managed performance reviews. Only 2% gave an A to their organization. As a result of findings like these, some companies are doing away with annual performance reviews altogether. As my company grew, I started seeing the issues with conventional reviews firsthand. How Team of Leaders helps deal with difficult people. Difficult people are everywhere.

How Team of Leaders helps deal with difficult people

They’re in line in front of you at the bank, shopping with you in the supermarket, and next to you on the highway in rush hour. In most circumstances, the best way to deal with the troublesome people around you is to ignore them, especially if they have little to no bearing on your life. Unfortunately, it’s not quite so easy to ignore the difficult people in the workplace.

000030.pdf. Idea killers - Idea killer Bingo. Ways to Improve Your Creativity at Work. It is easy to get into a rut at work.

Ways to Improve Your Creativity at Work

The longer you have been doing the job the greater the tendency to keep doing things the way you have always done them. That is easy and straightforward – and boring. In almost every job there are opportunities for creativity and innovation – sometimes they are small procedural improvements and sometimes they are big risky innovations. Getting 
Right - Teacher evaluation research. It is widely understood that there are vast differences in the quality of teachers: we’ve all had really good, really bad, and decidedly mediocre ones.

Right - Teacher evaluation research

Until recently, teachers were deemed qualified, and were compensated, solely according to academic credentials and years of experience. Classroom performance was not considered. In the last decade, researchers have used student achievement data to quantify teacher performance and thereby measure differences in teacher quality. Among the recent findings is evidence that having a better teacher not only has a substantial impact on students’ test scores at the end of the school year, but also increases their chances of attending college and their earnings as adults (see “Great Teaching,” research, Summer 2012). Why Your Company's Worst Performers Are Happy As Clams. Your slacker employees may be going to great lengths to avoid doing much at work, but they actually love their jobs.

Why Your Company's Worst Performers Are Happy As Clams

A new study by Leadership IQ found that in 42% of companies, low performers report high levels of engagement. These employees are more motivated and more likely to enjoy working at their organizations than middle and high performers do. When I first heard this news, I couldn't believe my ears. Building a culture of trust. Is your organization built on a culture of trust?

Building a culture of trust

Look around you; there are plenty of clues as to whether trust abounds. How quickly are decisions made? Meetings as relationship-building opportunities. Meetings in many organizations have unhealthy hidden agendas, unhealthy conflict and competition, and a rush to action without appropriate dialog.

Meetings as relationship-building opportunities

It’s every person for themselves, with those who speak the loudest all too often getting their way while the rest feel like they weren’t heard. Participants leave these meetings depressed, angry, or worse, and their mood spreads throughout the organization. I hear a lot about how we need to eliminate meetings in the workplace because they are tagged as “unproductive.” Perhaps there are some meetings that are without redeeming value, but rather than outlaw them, what if you found ways to make at least some of them more engaging, interesting and helpful to build the relationships that make your workplace thrive? Getting people to take ownership of their jobs. Job ownership is a simple business concept that many managers and employees misconstrue.

Getting people to take ownership of their jobs

Coming up through the ranks, we may have heard some old-school managers tell an employee that he/she needed to take ownership of their job. When the confused employee asks how to do that, the classic copout was, “If you don’t know how to take ownership of your job you shouldn’t be working here.” Fearful of getting fired or demoted, the employee said they knew and quickly hid. Adding to their uncertainty, they’d ask other employees, only get a slew of different answers. Learning leaders matter. This article is based on extracts from the report Literature review: learning leaders matter, prepared for the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) by Dr Philip Riley of Monash University. © Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, used with permission.

Learning leaders matter

The Australian Professional Standard for Principals sets out what principals are expected to know, understand and do in their role. One of the key expectations of principals under the Standard is the professional practice of developing self and others. 7 big problems. Today’s education system includes ingrained practices, including policy and decades-old methods, that prevent schools from moving to competency-based models.

7 big problems

Solutions to this problem include: Creating and making available educational resources on competency-based learning. 1386640694perspective_2013_6. Principalship-Model-Oct2011-Final1. Effective%20management%20of%20TAs%20to%20improve%20standards. Home. About ASCD.