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BD. Litbaits Follow Classic Clickbait Model to Encourage People to Read Books. With its sensationalized subject matter, vague-yet-intriguing titles, and eye-catching thumbnails, it’s hard not to give in to clickbait.

Litbaits Follow Classic Clickbait Model to Encourage People to Read Books

Though pursuing such stories will likely lead you to a questionable page full of pop-up ads and even more beguiling links, The Wild Detectives bookstore in Texas has found a way to improve upon the controversial phenomenon. Cleverly called Litbaits, the bookstore’s campaign ingeniously uses stirring headlines to coax people into reading books. Last year, The Wild Detectives began sharing suspiciously scandalous posts on Facebook. With enticing titles like “British guy dies after selfie gone wrong” and “‘Teenage girl tricked boyfriend into killing himself,” they simply appeared to be classic clickbait.

When clicked, however, the links did not culminate in a shocking story. The Wild Detectives outlines the concept and execution of the Litbaits experiment in a quirky video, which you can find below. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Map showing the homeland of every character in Homer’s Iliad. This is a map showing where all of the characters originated in Homer’s epic poem The Iliad.

Map showing the homeland of every character in Homer’s Iliad

I know Greece is small by today’s standards, but it was surprising to me how geographically widespread the hometowns of the characters were. The Iliad is set sometime in the 11th or 12th century BC, about 400 years before Homer lived. I wonder if that level of mobility was accurate for the time or if Homer simply populated his poem with folks from all over Greece as a way of making listeners from many areas feel connected to the story — sort of the “hello, Cleveland!” Of its time. (thx, adriana) Update: I’ve gotten lots of feedback saying that not every character is represented in this map (particularly the women) and that some of the locations and hometowns are incorrect. Update: The map was made using the Catalogue of Ships, a list of Achaean ships that sailed to Troy, and the Trojan Catalogue, a list of battle contingents that fought for Troy. (via @po8crg) More about... OBVIL.

Fairy Tale Architecture Imagines Fantastical Homes of Beloved Characters. When two seemingly disparate subjects come together, they can produce a visual enchantment we would’ve never imagined otherwise.

Fairy Tale Architecture Imagines Fantastical Homes of Beloved Characters

Illustrator Federico Babina is known for his creative mashups like Archilife, which paired movie stars with homes designed by famous architects. He’s recently unveiled his latest series called Architale that’s in the same vein—this time, it focuses on fairy tale architecture. Babina describes it as “a tribute to the fairy tale universe where the architectures are reinvented to accommodate the protagonists of the story.” Architale features 17 charming homes of beloved characters like Peter Pan and Cinderella. If you’re familiar with their original stories, parts of Babina’s architecture will be instantly recognizable. Babina’s project hearkens his youth, from when these fairy tales transported him to new and mystical places. Federico Babina: Website | Instagram | Society6 h/t: [ArchDaily] All images via Federico Babina. En lisant, en écrivant : l'acte d'écrire raconté par sept auteurs contemporains. ActuaLitté, CC BY SA 2.0 Pourquoi écrivez-vous ?

En lisant, en écrivant : l'acte d'écrire raconté par sept auteurs contemporains

Ces masterclasses seront l’occasion de poser à des grandes figures de la littérature contemporaine cette question essentielle et toutes celles que se posent leurs lecteurs. Les conditions de l’écriture, la genèse des livres, l’inspiration, le plaisir et la souffrance, la solitude, le travail au quotidien, l’édition des textes, la réception des œuvres... Qu’est-ce qu’une vie d’écrivain, qu’est-ce que l’acte d’écrire ? Nous avons sollicité, pour cette première année, des auteurs aux inspirations, aux parcours et aux écritures extrêmement variés : Yasmina Reza, Jean Echenoz, Jean Rolin, Maylis de Kerangal, Pierre Guyotat, Pierre Michon, Olivier Rolin...

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Lecture numérique. "Bonjour" - La langue française expliquée par un Américain (Ep 02) EPI "Des migrations et des (dés)informations" : des personnages du roman Eldorado de Laurent Gaudé prennent vie. (with images, tweets) · mespecel. Lire et decouvrir. Lire et comprendre. Lire et partager. Printemps des poetes.

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