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Rebecca Roy

i am 15 and have been studing espoinage and intelligence gathering since i was 5

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Your Personal Mythology

What is it? In its true sense, myth pertains and is limited to the gods while legend applies to humanity, the heroes. Such a distinction also applies to time. For the gods, time is primordial and unstructured; for mankind it is historical and linear. The gods live in the mythical world though they occasionally come to earth and walk amongst us mortals, or at least so we’re told.

…myth-making is one of the means whereby the generalized truths of human knowledge finds expression and particularly the disavowed impulses of the mind escape the ‘censor’ of acquired social control and find their way into indirect confession. The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, who developed his theories from experimentation, put this on firmer footing. What does myth mean to us? The individual mythology of modern men and women is a synonym for their “collective psychology.” This “psychological inflation” constitutes the underlying subject of this class. Personal mythology. Mythology. Mythology. Mrtakeyouaway. NASA. Parametric Sites and Blogs. Parametric Sites and Blogs. Blog Central - Premiering Tonight: "First Orbit" Shows Yuri Gagarin's 1961 View From Space. Fun. HBGary. HBGary. OLIGARCHIE et MONDIALISATION 2. Interesting. Spies. Proxies. Free Your Mind.

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Surveillance. Cybersecurity. FISA. Economy. Alternative Media. Jesse Ventura. Conspiracy. Counterterrorism Calendar. NSA National Security Agency. 89. An FBI backdoor in OpenBSD? You have to give Theo de Raadt credit: he's into openness.

An FBI backdoor in OpenBSD?

What other software product would take serious, but questionable allegations about an FBI-planted back door in its code and just go public with them? That's what OpenBSD's de Raadt did Tuesday after a former government contractor named Gregory Perry came forward and told him that the FBI had put a number of back doors in OpenBSD's IPsec stack, used by VPNs to do cryptographically secure communications over the Internet. The allegations could make many people think twice about the security of OpenBSD, but the way de Raadt handled the matter will probably have the opposite effect -- giving them another reason to trust the software. Here's what de Raadt said: <font><font face="Arial"><strong><em>I refuse to become part of such a conspiracy, and will not be talking to Gregory Perry about this.

Hello Robert, Here is one of the articles I was quoted in from the NY Times that touches on the encryption export issue: History of spain. TEDxBerkeley 2012. Politics / Classified / Mysteries / Paranormal / Supernatural. Neverending Search for the Truth. Securum. Crypto/ Fortean. Books. Gadgets, books & what not! Hacking. The Spy files. Education. Everything You Know is Wrong... Seg Info. Cyber war USA. Private Sector. #CYBERNONYMOUS. Secrets/Spies/Ninjas/Deception/Evil.

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