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Rebecca Roy

i am 15 and have been studing espoinage and intelligence gathering since i was 5

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Your Personal Mythology

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You have to give Theo de Raadt credit: he's into openness.

An FBI backdoor in OpenBSD?

What other software product would take serious, but questionable allegations about an FBI-planted back door in its code and just go public with them? That's what OpenBSD's de Raadt did Tuesday after a former government contractor named Gregory Perry came forward and told him that the FBI had put a number of back doors in OpenBSD's IPsec stack, used by VPNs to do cryptographically secure communications over the Internet. History of spain. TEDxBerkeley 2012. Politics / Classified / Mysteries / Paranormal / Supernatural. Neverending Search for the Truth. Securum. Crypto/ Fortean. Books. Gadgets, books & what not! Hacking. The Spy files.

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  1. mrtakeyouaway Mar 14 2012
    I can never find enough time between, facebook, youtube, and everything I'm led to, to find time to look around and organize my trees :( lol...I want to look through some of your updates when I have time <3
  2. mrtakeyouaway Mar 14 2012
    Because you have much of that stuff on your's intimidating even for me ^_^ If I were a part of the gov't I would be tempted to ask you to explain yourself lol hehe!
  3. mrtakeyouaway Feb 23 2012
    Are you training to be a spy?! I know you wouldn't tell me if you were. lol