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Photographier Dessiner Peindre

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16 artistes talentueux qui vont vous faire croire que leurs œuvres sont des photographies… Mais il n’en est rien ! Attention, vous allez être éblouis par le travail de ces artistes dans lesquelles il est difficile de distinguer s’il s’agit d’une photographie ou d’une peinture.

16 artistes talentueux qui vont vous faire croire que leurs œuvres sont des photographies… Mais il n’en est rien !

Découvrez tout de suite les œuvres de ces 16 artistes extrêmement doués ! La qualité de ces peintures et dessins est telle qu’il est quasi impossible pour l’œil humain de distinguer la différence avec une photographie haute définition. Les différents artistes que nous allons vous présenter sont des maîtres en matière d’illusionnisme et n’expriment leur talent qu’à travers des outils rudimentaires tels que le crayon à papier et le stylo-bille. Sans plus attendre découvrez notre sélection des plus belles œuvres hyperréalistes de notre monde. Dessins au crayon par Diego Fazio. Une technologie prodigieuse retouche votre visage directement sur une vidéo.

Plus personne ne s’en cache : les retouches d’images pour embellir telle ou telle personne, notamment en une de magazines, sont légion.

Une technologie prodigieuse retouche votre visage directement sur une vidéo

Un studio justement spécialisé dans ce genre de retouches a publié une vidéo édifiante et impressionnante qui montre l’étendue des possibilités qu’offre la retouche par ordinateur. Le studio est un studio multimédia japonais spécialisé dans la retouche d’images et de vidéos. Ils ont collaboré avec des grands noms de la production cinématographique et télévisuelle japonaise comme la TOEI. En 25 ans d’existence, ce studio a su perfectionner les méthodes de retouche qui servent notamment à embellir les mannequins sur les unes de magazine et même dans des publicités pour la télévision.

User Customisable Effect Submenus - Plugin Developer's Central. Quote Tim!

User Customisable Effect Submenus - Plugin Developer's Central

Said Tim! Said Is this a good idea? No.I don't want to see yet another nine thousand troubleshooting posts related to "I can't use Tutorial X because effect Y is not in submenu Z !!!!! This is an open letter to Bob, I come in this old discussion for two reasons : In one hand, I am one of the thousand users that still in 2013 need and want the feature to reorganize the menus and submenus because the plugins are not correctly organized/sorted or make the menu too long to be user friendly and that's why we would like to reorganize ourselfes what was not thought right at the the other hand, I wanted to react on your peremptory judgement claiming "No I don't want, I did not read that you are the unic creator (or this forum's dictator) of, are you ?

Ex: My paintnet has one plugin called "Transparency" in adjust and one submenu Transparency in effect. Another example, I have english menu items mixted with localized menu items. Seism on Behance. Paint.NET Documentation. Paint.NET allows for easy expansion of features through a plugin system.

Paint.NET Documentation

There are two types of plugins, FileTypes, which extends the types of files Paint.NET can load/save, and effects, which add on additional effects. Note Plugins are developed and maintained by the Paint.NET community and not the developer. If you are having issues with a particular plugin, please ask at the forums. 10 Best Paint.NET Effect Plugins to Download and Install. Enhance your photos with special effects, create icons and cursors, edit Photoshop files.

10 Best Paint.NET Effect Plugins to Download and Install

Discover and enjoy the power of Paint.NET plugins. Paint.NET was created as an alternative to the basic Microsoft Paint (integrated in Windows) but it became a much more complex and versatile graphics application. With a user-friendly interface, unsophisticated and free, Paint.NET nevertheless has some very advanced features that bring it more into the Photoshop and GIMP league.

Reflection Plugin - Paint.NET - ReflectionFlat.dll. Paint.NET Plugins Pack - Megalo Effects & FileTypes - 665. Pyrochild plugins (2012-9-16) - Plugins - Publishing ONLY! =====================================================================================Before reporting issues, first make sure you're using the latest versions of both Paint.NET and my plugin set.Do not redistribute these plugins without prior permission from pyrochild. ===================================================================================== Adjustments > Curves+Like Paint.NET's own Curves adjustment, but better.

pyrochild plugins (2012-9-16) - Plugins - Publishing ONLY!

Effects > Render > Borders N' ShapesDraw rectangles, ellipses, arcs, and pies, all with configurable styles like solid, dashed and dotted. Effects > Render > Gradient BarsBars. Effects > Photo > FilmMake your photo look more like film, with adjustable settings like grain and Hollywood-style zoom factor. Effects > Distort > JitterShake up your image. Effects > Object > Outline ObjectOutline text, add a glow to a lightsaber, or put a border around a picture or drawing. MadJik' all plugins (last updated: 2012-01-01) - Plugins - Publishing ONLY! This is the magical plugins megapack (MadJik All plugins I meant)...It is over 60 plugins in one pack !

MadJik' all plugins (last updated: 2012-01-01) - Plugins - Publishing ONLY!

You have three ways to download this pack: Here is the ZIP Pack of DLLs (578kb) Here is the SETUP for the Pack of DLLs (win32, 975kb) Here is the SETUP for the Pack of DLLs (win64, 975kb) Then you could also ask me for a link to download the sources: PM me ! Some are Code for the CodeLab, and others are VS2008 C# express solutions! The list is ordered by menu/submenu/alphabetic order.I recommand you to follow the links for each plugin as you'll have more explanation about them.

Online Photo Editor. IDV User Experience: iPad Hand Image Assets. Everybody likes to see the superimposed hand in iPad screenshots, right?

IDV User Experience: iPad Hand Image Assets

I know I sure do. When I see that PhotoShopped hand gesturing away over a real iPad screenshot, it just feels right. Anyways, I wish I had been able to find these online when I was initially putting IDV's iPad screenshots into an iPad frame, but it turned out to be pretty hard to find a good free hand image that would work. Instead we just set up a photo shoot with our resident hand model, Adam Flink (he wears many hats, er...gloves?). Here are the results, freely available to you: left and right hands, in a variety of gestures, back-lit for use over brighter iPad screenshots or shaded for use over darker screenshots.

Pinching over a bright iPad screen. Pinching over a dark iPad screen. Fotoshop by Adobé (Adobe) Creation en ligne de gif anime. Le module /gif-creation/ vous permet de créer en quelques clics, un gif animé a partir de photos de votre choix. - Sélectionnez vos images OU VOS GIF ANIMES (nouveau).

Creation en ligne de gif anime

Pas plus de 50, quand même! , poids maximum pour chaque image 700K,. Mickey. Imagewall - YAF.