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Facebook Twitter - .System.High.Load.Test. StressLinux - the linux distribution for high load stress testin. Mining the Tweets. I received through my Google Alerts a very interesting article : Twitter is in talks with Microsoft and Google regarding the use of Data Mining technology on user Tweets.

Mining the Tweets

Despite the fact that Twitter execs do not appear so eager in making the deal as soon as possible, these news clearly show where things are going. If and when the deal is finalized it will be very interesting to see : 1) What kind of Data and Text Mining techniques will be mostly used? Which of them will prove useful? Many examples of what can be done in terms of Data and Text Mining application on Twitter were given in this blog (starting from January 2009).

Although Twitter will be able to monetize through insights extracted from Cluster Analysis and Opinion - Sentiment Mining perhaps the most important analysis is finding patterns in user emotional states. Bacteria engineered to turn carbon dioxide into liquid fuel. Global climate change has prompted efforts to drastically reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas produced by burning fossil fuels.

Bacteria engineered to turn carbon dioxide into liquid fuel

In a new approach, researchers from the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have genetically modified a cyanobacterium to consume carbon dioxide and produce the liquid fuel isobutanol, which holds great potential as a gasoline alternative. The reaction is powered directly by energy from sunlight, through photosynthesis. The research appears in the Dec. 9 print edition of the journal Nature Biotechnology and is available online. This new method has two advantages for the long-term, global-scale goal of achieving a cleaner and greener energy economy, the researchers say. First, it recycles carbon dioxide, reducing greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the burning of fossil fuels.

The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines. 14 Tips To Drive Traffic To Your New Design Blog. Recently I’ve been getting emails and friends asking for advice on starting up their own design blog, how to get initial traffic and how keep it consistently coming.

14 Tips To Drive Traffic To Your New Design Blog

Below are a a few tips and techniques that has helped me in the early stages of my blog to bring in traffic, and hopefully continue in the future. Pouyan Mokhtarani offical website. Synaptic HostingSM Service. A Fast and Flexible Virtual Hosting Solution Keeping IT services in sync with business needs is a balancing act.

Synaptic HostingSM Service

On one hand, you must respond quickly to changing conditions. Andy Borowitz: Slain Al-Qaeda Leader Posthumously Named Employee. In a new videotape broadcast today on the Arabic-language Al-Jazeera network, terror mastermind Osama bin Laden named fallen terrorist Abu Yahya al-Libi Al-Qaeda's "Employee of the Month" for December.

Andy Borowitz: Slain Al-Qaeda Leader Posthumously Named Employee

In the tape, in which Mr. bin Laden is shown holding the terror network's "Employee of the Month" plaque and then hanging it up on the wall of his cave, the Al-Qaeda kingpin had high words of praise for al-Libi, who was killed this week by a CIA predator drone. "Abu Yahya al-Libi worked well with others, and always kept his work area clean," Mr. bin Laden said.

"For this, I hereby name him Al-Qaeda's Employee of the Month for December. " Intelligence sources believe that by posthumously bestowing the "Employee of the Month" award upon the deceased terrorist, Mr. bin Laden may be trying to entice other madmen to assume Mr. al-Libi's position as number three man in al-Qaeda, a job whose previous occupants have been captured, imprisoned or killed. Science Daily: News & Articles in Science, Health, Environment &. AT&T. DevCentral Home. "100 Billion" The Most Profound Image in Human History - Hubble' The new Wide Field Camera 3 aboard the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has taken the deepest image yet of the Universe in near-infrared light.

"100 Billion" The Most Profound Image in Human History - Hubble'

The faintest and reddest objects in the image are likely the oldest galaxies ever identified, having formed between only 600–900 million years after the Big Bang. The image shows thousands of galaxies, some more than 12 billion years old. The field view of this image would fit behind a grain of sand held at arm's length against the sky. Swimfish. Check Your Math When Accepting Substitutions. 10 code snippets to interact with Twitter. 1 – Autofollow script (PHP) This code allow you to automatically follow user who have tweeted about a specific term.

10 code snippets to interact with Twitter

Media Militia.


AT&T. Trump Network ~ Purple People Leaders ~ Keith & Bentley. Twitter Chat Driven Communities « Future Business. Online communities of practice (CoP’s) are VERY challenging to keep vibrant over a long period of time.

Twitter Chat Driven Communities « Future Business

The ones with staying power always have active management and multiple channels for members to collaborate. Google demonstrates quantum computer image search - tech - 11 De. Google's web services may be considered cutting edge, but they run in warehouses filled with conventional computers.

Google demonstrates quantum computer image search - tech - 11 De

Now the search giant has revealed it is investigating the use of quantum computers to run its next generation of faster applications. Writing on Google's research blog this week, Hartmut Neven, head of its image recognition team, reveals that the Californian firm has for three years been quietly developing a quantum computer that can identify particular objects in a database of stills or video. Google has been doing this, Neven says, with D-Wave, a Canadian firm that has developed an on-chip array of quantum bits – or qubits – encoded in magnetically coupled superconducting loops.

The team set themselves the challenge of writing an algorithm for the chip that could learn to recognise cars in photos, and reported at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference in Vancouver, Canada, this week that they have succeeded. House Outlaws Obama's NASA Intervention. - .System.High.Load.Test.