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CradlePoint 3G/4G Network Solutions. The Internet Strategist 3.6 Beta 4. Welcome to Outlook Exchange. Did some work on the site this morning and removed some old ADs and the Google Ads so things should start running a little faster.

Welcome to Outlook Exchange projecting the winner of the most outstandin. Welcome to Outlook Exchange. Option Explicit Const CdoE_ACCESSDENIED = 80070005 Public Const CdoPR_EMAIL = &H39FE001E Sub SaveEmailsToExcel() On Error GoTo ErrorHandler Dim appExcel As Excel.Application.

Welcome to Outlook Exchange

Roboexotica 3.6 Beta 4. Community Weblog. Improving IT planning in 2010 - A hint for CIO's and IT Leaders. Just finished reading Chris Curran’s article on titled How to Improve Your IT Planning in 2010 – – Business Technology Leadership.

Improving IT planning in 2010 - A hint for CIO's and IT Leaders

Good article with some survey results that are very surprising. A snippet from the article: Diamond’s Digital IQ research, in which we surveyed 451 senior business and IT executives of large companies, found that firms spend roughly 240 man weeks per year on planning and budgeting—almost five man years! Think about what could be accomplished with 80% of that time back in the hands of your senior-most leaders.

Roughly 25% of this effort is geared toward collecting the project ideas, another 25% toward preparing business cases, and only about 15% on linking the initiatives to the strategic roadmap. Emphasis mine. Interesting results. Mind Mapping Software Blog » Your best resource for advice on mi. Perspective 2.0: *This* is a design revolution. NASA's "Alien Eyes" - Unlocking Secrets of the Universe 3.6 Beta. "Our personal window on the Universe is terribly small within a stunnng range of wavelengths.

NASA's "Alien Eyes" - Unlocking Secrets of the Universe 3.6 Beta

With our eyes we see wavelengths between 0.00004 and 0.00008 of a centimeter (where, not so oddly, the Sun and stars emit most of their energy). The human visual spectrum from violet to red is but one octave on an imaginary electromagnetic piano with a keyboard hundreds of kilometers long. " James Kaler, astronomer and author of "Heavens Gate: From Killer Stars to the Seeds of Life, How We are Connected to the Universe. " The image below is an infrared photo of M82 is a remarkable galaxy of peculiar type in constellation Ursa Major. It is usually classified as irregular, though probably a distorted disk galaxy, and famous for its heavy star-forming activity, thus a prototype member of the class of starbursting galaxies. Much of what you see above is outside our human visual band, our eyes cannot register wave photons no matter how powerful they may be.

Casey Kazan Source: NASA/Hubble. How to export Outlook email to a spreadsheet, including Date/Tim. How do I export email messages from Outlook into Excel (or CSV) while retaining the date/time stamp on each message?

How to export Outlook email to a spreadsheet, including Date/Tim

I'm troubleshooting an issue which involves me tracking the receipt of various emails. Unfortunately the only copy of the emails is in Outlook 2003. I need to figure out a timeline of what arrived when, and it would be much easier to do in a spreadsheet than within Outlook. However, Outlook's "Export to Excel" and "Export to CSV" options don't allow you to select the date/time field. what's new online! TweetStream: An App to Drive the Global Brain – Pt 1 « Thoughtfu.

A few days ago in a post titled Twitter & The Global Brain I blogged about the parallels between twitter and giant neural network. Now I want to flesh out that model and make it a little more tangible by describing an app that I call TweetStream that could potentially solve several of twitter’s current problems: Taming the torrent of information that blasts current twitter users.Monetizing content and rewarding participation in the twitter experience.Moving the global system towards a coordinated efficient information exchange framework through which global consciousness crise and be exercised. The TweetStream App Imagine an app that provided not only the chronological list of friends updates that are is currently provided by Seesmic and Tweetdeck, but also provides what I’ll call a “personalized tweet stream”. GoogSysTray: An app to help manage Google addiction 3.6 Beta 4. Twitter finally in the money with Google link - Times Online 3.6.

30 Predictions Of The Future For Twitter « Jeffbullas’s Blog 3.6. The direction Twitter will go will be determined not just by ”Twitter” the company but by the market forces and its users and especially the trends in Social Media, Search and Social Search.

30 Predictions Of The Future For Twitter « Jeffbullas’s Blog 3.6

The emergence of Twitter Lists in the last few days is producing some interesting dynamics regarding influence real or perceived on Twitter. Some obvious trends Its growing importance as a real time search engine and feed from its API to startups such as Sency, Topsy and OneRiot and of course Google and Bing.The growing use of Twitter to drive traffic to blogs and websites .. THE CHRIS VOSS SHOW 3.6 Beta 4.

Report: Nine Scientifically Proven Ways to Get Retweeted on Twit. 7 Reasons Why Companies Should Blog « Jeffbullas’s Blog 3.6 Beta. Looking for alien Earths? Here they come - Space- 3.6.


Perspective 2.0. 51 New Year resolutions for graphic and web designers.