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As Crunchy Social is an online business with low overheads, we can provide you with the most affordable social media services in Sydney. We are a small yet capable team who have experience with numerous social media profiles and the many challenges that can arise when dealing with social media.

Losing Instgram Followers? See How You Can Track Your Followers Loss. Why did I lose Instagram followers, you ask?

Losing Instgram Followers? See How You Can Track Your Followers Loss

Whether you’re actively tracking your followers or simply noticed your follower number last time your checked your own Instagram profile, you probably saw a decline in followers. For the average person or business profile, this was probably a relatively minimal drop compared to some of the larger celebrity influencer profiles gracing our Instagram feeds. According to Forbes, we saw Kylie Jenner lose approximately 2.5 million followers and sports brand Nike decline 1.1 million followers. Here’s why… This sudden decline in followers has been confirmed by Instagram to be a glitch.

However, there is another rumour circulating as to why this has occurred, and that’s due to Instagram’s plan to clean up fake accounts and bots. Why it’s okay! For the average Instagram account, whether that’s a personal account or a business account, these will not be affected by the clean up if they haven’t been linked with any inauthentic growth hacking apps. How You Can Create More Video Content For Your Business – Crunchy Social. We’ve all seen it coming – the rise of video content on social media – and now, in 2019, we are experiencing the growing importance for businesses to remain on top of this video trend.

How You Can Create More Video Content For Your Business – Crunchy Social

While a lot of businesses might find it difficult to produce engaging video content of their brand, it is a great way to show your community the personality of your business. Lets run through why video is the king of social media and some video content tips for your business to improve your social media presence. To firstly understand why this video trend has come about, we look to the updates put in place by the top social media platforms in recent years.

The video trend is primarily a result of Instagram and Facebook jumping on the ‘Stories’ feature, originally made popular on Snapchat. For those who are new to social media, ‘Stories’ involve pictures and videos being uploaded for a total of 24 hours, in small, snackable content pieces. 1. 2. 3. 4. Get Started Now! 3 Times When Marketing and Social Media Specialists Changed a Company’s Image. Have you realised that the phone or computer you are using right now was likely sold to you by an effective marketing strategy?

3 Times When Marketing and Social Media Specialists Changed a Company’s Image

Like it or not, marketing is everywhere. For companies to prosper, marketing is now a must-have aspect of any business. According to best-selling author and marketing genius Neil Patel, Marketing is divided into lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales. Social media allows businesses to do all of these aspects of marketing. Now, let’s take a look at some companies that have deployed great marketing strategies. What does Coca-Cola sell? You guessed it, happiness!!! 5 Ways That You Can Use Facebook Groups For Your Business. As a business, it’s very likely that you’ve created a Facebook page.

5 Ways That You Can Use Facebook Groups For Your Business

However, you might be missing a great opportunity with Facebook groups. In the most recent F8 update for Facebook, a huge push was placed on the ‘community’ of Facebook and how we’ll be seeing emphasis placed on groups rather than pages. Group updates will have a better chance of appearing in your news feed and Facebook will be making it easier for people to access the more private aspects of Facebook, such as these groups. Here we explain how to use Facebook groups, and how it might just benefit your business. Let’s dive right in. 1. Groups are a highly personal aspect of Facebook. Digital Marketing Services Sydney. Digital marketing is so important in our increasingly Internet based society as it is one of the primary ways that your potential customers can discover your business.

Digital Marketing Services Sydney

It is also a great way for you to stay in touch with past customers, provide the public with information about your brand and display your products, services and business reviews. There are so many avenues when it comes to digital marketing and figuring out what works best for your brand is the first and most important step. Devising a good mix of aspects such as Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click or Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing or Digital Branding will effectively promote your business to your ideal customers online. Digital Marketing Consultancy Services Sydney. Social Media Management Services Sydney- Crunchy Social. The Five Most Effective Ways To Land Customers On LinkedIn - Crunchy Social. Every entrepreneur has experienced it at some point: the struggle with landing new leads or clients especially when the business is in its early stages.

The Five Most Effective Ways To Land Customers On LinkedIn - Crunchy Social

One of the best ways to accelerate your business’s growth, not only in these beginning stages but also at any time, is by harnessing the immense power that social media delivers, particularly LinkedIn. LinkedIn boasts of more than 600 million active global users who – unlike Facebook or Instagram users – are there with the desire of expanding their professional network. This implies several things; one of them being that users are more open to making strategic business alliances or meeting prospective business associates. These people are not necessarily on LinkedIn to socialise but to grow their industry knowledge and connections or gain from like-minded professionals.

However, to attract better clients and leads on LinkedIn, there are several things that you have to take note of. 1. 2. Social Media Marketing Services Sydney - Crunchy Social. Digital Marketing Services Sydney - Crunchy Social. Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing. To begin, chatbots still have extreme potential, the technology itself is still very young.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing

With the continuing development of AI, chatbots can easily become one of the best additions to your business. Chatbots can also help push your brand voice and message to the customer. From a marketing point of view, a chatbot that embodies everything your brand stands for is always a beneficial move. Remember, your chatbot represents your company – making it unique for your brand. Another benefit is that they offer straightforward advice and services, that won’t overwhelm the user, but still, point them in the right direction. Chatbots also help you – they take away the task of the basic analytical or admin jobs, making your team more streamlined and productive.

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