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Pentair Pump Wiring

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Wiring a 2 Speed Timer (T106) Step One: Bringing Power to the Timer When wiring a 2 speed timer the first thing you do is to bring your 220 volt AC power into the timer.

Wiring a 2 Speed Timer (T106)

Your 220 volt power comes through two lines (or sometimes it is called two legs). Each line contains 110-120 volts and it combines to give you 220-240 volts of power to the pump. You take one line of the 220 and take it to the first terminal. We show it in this diagram as a black wire. You take the other line of the 220 and take it to the third terminal. You then create a small loop and connect the third and the fourth terminals. The white wires from the timer motor should be wired into the first terminal and the third or fourth terminal. If you are bringing power into your T106 timer from a T104 timer, then take your white timer motor wires to the line side of the T104 timer so that the clock motor on your T106 timer will keep moving even if the T104 shuts off.

Pentairwired.JPG (1280×960) HELP Please - Pentair Whisperflo wiring issue. Wiring for Whisperflo Dual Speed - OM.pdf. How To Wire A Pool Pump. Rate: (3.49 OUT OF 5 STARS ON 38 RATINGS) Pool pumps are wired to run on either 230V or 115V.

How To Wire A Pool Pump

Most are run on 230V and are preset at the manufacturers at 230V. If you are going to wire your own pool pump, you must first know what voltage is coming to your pump from the house circuit breaker. Also you must ensure that the electrical supply agrees with the motor's voltage, phase, and cycle and that all electrical wiring conforms to local codes and NEC regulations. If you are unsure of this voltage or are unfamiliar with electrical codes and regulations, have a professional electrician wire your pump for you or at least check your work. Tips & Warnings Things You'll Need Step by Step Step 1. Help with translating a 2-speed pump wiring diagram. I'm trying to put in a new 1.5 HP, 230v 2 speed pump and just want to make sure I have the wiring right before I fry the thing.

Help with translating a 2-speed pump wiring diagram

I'm wanting to wire it with a DPDT switch so I can have the "off" position in the middle.I found this diagram posted in another thread by forum member Ohm_Boy, which seems pretty straight forward:Where I get a little fuzzy is when I look at the diagram on the side is how to convert the "L2", "Low", and "High" in Ohm_Boy's diagram into the 1, 2, and 3or4 listed on my pump: ...and this diagram on the side of the pump shows a diagram with what I believe is a DPST, not the DPDT I want to put on: Now, am I correct in the below diagram in assuming that "L2" is my pump's 1, "Low" is my pump's 2, and "High" is my pump's 3or4?

That would have it looking like this: Thanks in advance! Dual Speed Wiring Question. Pentair dual speed pump wired OK? Whisperflo WFDS-6 and Intermatic PE153 (Digital Timer) How to connect power cord to new 2 speed pump. I need help from those who know how to connect the power cord to a 2 speed pump.

How to connect power cord to new 2 speed pump

The power cord I have has a female quick connect on the hot and neutral wires, and a ring connector on the ground wire. I cannot figure out how to connect it to the new two speed pump since the layout is different from my old single speed pump. I have included pictures.Connections on the old pump (power cord removed) Old pump with power cord attached wiring on old pump single speed switch Connections on the new pump wiring on the new 2 speed pump switch I noticed looking at the old pump that there are some double male connectors that my new pump does not have. Does anyone know where I can find instructions to connect the power cord or can tell me how to do it correctly? Two Speed Pump Wiring. Pentair pump wiring Line 1 Line 2? - Swimming Pool Help.