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Poker - Poker Academie. Reraz0r's Friends - PocketFives. Links to Downswing Probability Graphs by BaseMetal : Powered by DeucesCracked. Please be careful when viewing these graphs, they do predict what downswings will occur for different sized tournaments and structures but do not use these as a justification of your recent poor performance.

Links to Downswing Probability Graphs by BaseMetal : Powered by DeucesCracked

Downswings do happen but sometimes you may have played badly or the opposition may have improved, this apparent downswing may be an indication that your estimate of x% roi is now incorrect. Life as an Online MTT Pro. (After you read this post, you might want to check out my follow-up to it here.)

Life as an Online MTT Pro

I tell a lot of people not to play large-field online MTTs for a living. I’ve always thought that the variance is just way too high for most professionals to trust their livelihood (and sanity) to large-field MTTs instead of cash, smaller-field MTTs, or STTs. But, admittedly, I’ve given this advice without any direct evidence to back it up. I’ve been meaning for a while to see what the numbers say, and this post will be a tentative first step. Ideally, what I’d like to do is do a nice controlled study where I pick a few representative players based on past results and use their results over the next few months as my data. I used Shaun’s results from January 2009 to present on Stars and FTP. Say you are Shaun Deeb, you really do have an ROI of 81%, and you’re going to play 1,000 of these tourneys.

Here’s the same data for a larger sample of 3,000 tournaments: But, say you’re not Shaun Deeb. Optimal 3b/4b/5b. The Quick Guide to Skyrocketing Your Poker and Life Productivity. Hey there, I've been away from poker for more than a year now, some of you remember me (I used to be a moderator and a FL community hand judge), but since I've been gone, I've focused more on entrepreneurship, business and finances.

The Quick Guide to Skyrocketing Your Poker and Life Productivity

During that time, I have also read a lot of books, applied different concepts to parts of my life and learned a ton about productivity. Since this community has given me a lot in the past, I would like to give something back to it - I would like to share some things I've learned with the rest of you. While there are already a couple of good articles in the psychology section, I will try to introduce some less known techniques and tips for superb productivity in this short guide. You can learn more about me in my Private Coaching thread and in my blog. Poker Variance Calculator. This variance calculator and simulator for poker is handy and easy to use.

Poker Variance Calculator

Just enter your winrate, standard deviation and the amount of hands to simulate. You'll most certainly get insightful results.Read below how to use this simulator. 20 samples and confidence intervals. NoahSD's Awesome Poker Blog. Life with face cards. Full Contact Poker : Your online poker community. Official Poker Rankings. SharkScope. Poker Pro Labs. PokerTableRatings. Hendon Mob. HighstakesDB. Hold'em Manager. PokerTracker. The Equilab. Our software tool gives you the ability to analyse the equity against a specific hand or against a range of hands.

The Equilab

On top of that, you can also check your equity in any given scenario, thanks to the various filters you can use. What is equity? Basically, equity means your chance of winning a pot in a given situation. The Equilab can analyse the range of hands an opponent will likely hold in a given situation, then provide you with equity figures so you can deduce the profitability of any given situation. Download the Equilab now for free Getting started with the Equilab. Equilab Omaha. This great software is based on our successful Hold'em Equilab and is the best standalone tool in the world for Omaha. Equilab Omaha

With this program, you will be able to calculate the equity between hands but also between ranges, something which has not been done before for Omaha in such an easy way. Equilab Omaha will help you take your game to the next level - this software can be a powerful support tool if used well. Note: While this tool is a great addition to an Omaha player's arsenal, please be advised that a good understanding of the Omaha and equity basics are required. You can of course get some assistance by going to Help -> Syntax documentation and samples. HoldemResources - ICM Nash Calculator. ICM Calculator. HoldemResources - HoldemResources Calculator. HoldemResources Calculator is a learning and analysis tool for Texas Hold'em tournaments.

HoldemResources - HoldemResources Calculator

Feature Overview Nash Equilibrium approximations for push/fold and raise/3bet play Flexible, fully editable ranges Advanced equity models Quick analysis of entire sessions Convenient hand import Support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Equity Models Malmuth-Harville aka Independent Chip Model 'ICM' Malmuth-Weitzman Future Game Simulation 'FGS' Supported Sites For direct import from PT3, PT4 and HM1: All sites supported by the tracker For import from hand-history files or HM2: PokerStars, FullTilt, PartyPoker, iPoker, Ongame, Cake, Merge, 888, Winamax, Bovada, Winning Network (Additional formats are added upon request.) Requirements Windows, Mac OS X or Linux Java 6 or higher (Optionally included in download) 1GB available RAM 300MB free disk space Free Trial A free, fully functional two week trial license is available in the software.

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