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Language Arts

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Using Google Chrome Apps and Extensions to Support Struggling Readers and English Language Learners. Apps and Sites for Storytelling. American Rhetoric: The Power of Oratory in the United States. Authors & Illustrators. The Fountainhead Essay Contest — Ayn Rand Education. Anthem Essay Contest — Ayn Rand Education. Anthem Essay Contest Information Topics Select ONE of the following three topics: In Chapter 8, why does Equality laugh when he remembers that he is "the Damned"?

Anthem Essay Contest — Ayn Rand Education

Aside from very rare exceptions there is literally no opposition to the leaders in this society. Write Source - Student Models. My StoryMaker® at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. My Storymaker® was named one of the Best Websites for Teaching and Learning by the American Association of School Librarians, a division of the American Library Association.

my StoryMaker® at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Free eBook Library for Kids. Free Books - 23,469 Classics To Go - The Ultimate Ebooks And Audiobooks Library In Your Pocket. Kindle Unlimited - Unlimited Reading. Unlimited Listening. Any Device. Follett Shelf™ Rush Springs Library eBooks. Story Starters: Creative Writing Prompts for Kids. Creative writing prompts . com ideas for writers. Kindle Direct Publishing. Daily Writing Tips. 12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing. 180 Journal Writing Prompts: Enough for Every Day of the School Year.

Notes on Journal Promptsjournal journal writing promptswriting prompts Based on the assumption that an academic year, in most cases, consists of 180 days divided into 4 quarters, I have grouped these prompts accordingly.

180 Journal Writing Prompts: Enough for Every Day of the School Year

You, of course, may choose to use any of these at whatever time you like. There are eight graphics on this page to serve as general visual bookmarks. Additionally, please consider using the following text links to jump to specific points on this page: What is Teaching with Text Sets? NOTE: This was originally published on "The Classroom Bookshelf" blog on October 1, 2012.

What is Teaching with Text Sets?

We wrote Teaching with Text Sets because we have witnessed the power of children’s literature to engage students, inspire deep content exploration, and differentiate instruction. We’ve also seen the potential for digital multimodal texts, like the kinds we regularly include in our Classroom Bookshelf blog entries, to transform K-8 classrooms. Over the years, the teachers with whom we work at Lesley University have expressed the desire to teach using multimodal, multigenre text sets, but feel that they lack the resources, time, support, as well as the strategies that we have developed over the years.

Thus, this book is an outgrowth of our work as classroom teachers and teacher educators. What is a text set? A multimodal, multigenre text set is a versatile teaching tool for the classroom. Storybird - Artful Storytelling. Homepage - ReadWriteThink. Make Your Own Book - Kids Self Publishing. My StoryMaker® at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Yarny. Telling a Story- Creating Poems with Animoto  There is a growing list of incredible sites and tools to give wings to our and our students’ creativity in telling stories.

Telling a Story- Creating Poems with Animoto 

These stories can be poems, voice, text, video, music and so much more, only limited by our own creativity. The Writing Café. Language Arts: High School Games - Game On: Increasing Learning Through Online Games. Shakespeare For Kids. Reading, Vocabulary and Spelling. Timeline of the English Language. Spelling & Vocabulary Website: SpellingCity. Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics.

Ranger Rick. Time For Kids. National Geographic Young Explorer (Student Magazine) - January 2013. Teachers & Librarians Teaching Resources. Using Technology to Support Literacy. A teen literary magazine and website. Instant Grammar Check - Online Proofreading. Oxford Practice Grammar. Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature. The Literature Network. SAT Reading Comprehension : Practice tests and explanations.

Reading Comprehension (also known as Critical Reading) questions test your ability to understand a passage and answer questions on the basis of what is stated and implied in the passage.

SAT Reading Comprehension : Practice tests and explanations

You need to read the passage first so that you can identify the main idea of the passage and appreciate features such as the author's tone and attitude as well as the organization of the passage. Scroll back to the relevant point in the text as you do each question. Passages on the SAT vary in length from short paragraphs that take 3 minutes to read and answer two questions, to ones that take 15 minutes to read and answer 13 questions. One section will contain two related long passages. Mini tests 11 - 14 contain one paragraph reading comprehensions. Get in the Fold! Q & A: Notebooking with a Reluctant Writer. Q: How do you handle a reluctant writer in terms of notebooking?

Q & A: Notebooking with a Reluctant Writer

A: By changing the medium or reducing words. Whether the reluctance is because of a learning uniqueness or simply because of personality, the tips below should help. Graphic Organizers. Online Etymology Dictionary. The Best of the Humanities on the Web. Teaching Adolescents How to Evaluate the Quality of Online Information. An essential part of online research is the ability to critically evaluate information.

This includes the ability to assess its level of accuracy, reliability, and bias. Citebite - Link directly to specific quotes in web pages. Free Literacy Printables. Lexipedia - Where words have meaning. Spanish Keyboard Online LEXILOGOS. Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary and thesaurus. TagCrowd: make your own tag cloud from any text.

Wacky Web Tales. The Story Kitchen: creative writing for kids. Five Card Flickr. Digital Storytelling Evaluation Rubrics for Teachers. Are you integrating digital storytelling in your course with your students ?

Digital Storytelling Evaluation Rubrics for Teachers

Are you looking for a carefully crafted rubric to help you guide your digital storytelling activities ? Well you don't have to go far, the answers are right below these couple of lines. This is probably the first time I am publishing a rubric on evaluating digital storytelling. I have previously featured several rubrics that are particularly technology focused and all are geared towards helping teachers better integrate technology into their teaching. Today and thanks to KSBE, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is introducing you to excellent digital storytelling rubrics.

Scripts for Schools. 3000 Free Audio Books + eBooks, Download for iPhone, Android, Kindle and more! Free Audiobooks and eBooks - Librophile. Audio Books, Podcasts, Videos, and Free Downloads to Learn From. Free Audio Books mp3 audio books, ebooks & quiz. Download Free Audio Books from – online reading for free.