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Bullying (videos & activities)

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Cyber-Bullying: Tips for Parents. Bullying Hurts - Inside and Out - Peel Public Health. Bullying | Bullying | Explore. Dealing With Bullies. Bitstrips pour écoles : défi bd de Lutte contre l’intimidation. Grade Level:Primary, Intermediate, Secondary Activity Template Description In this Stop Bullying activity, students imagine that they're the bully, and show how they would react upon seeing the effects of their actions on another student. Student Instructions Verbal bullying means using words to intentionally cause harm to another person, and includes name-calling, ridicule and teasing.

Read the first panel of this comic and imagine that YOU are the one doing the bullying. How do you feel when you realize you're hurting another person's feelings? Be sure to pose your characters, and use the eye and emotion controls to bring them to life. Teaching Tips Students will be able to design their personal avatars once they start this activity, and it will appear inside the template comic automatically. Bullying Worksheets Worksheets. Bullying - Vocabulary and Activities. Words Hurt? Words hurt -- standing up to bullying in schools.

Cyberbullying - Here you will find key resources to help address the issue of cyberbullying. These include Childnet's cyberbullying film, Let’s Fight It Together, and a unique drama documentary produced by students with accompanying lesson plan. 1) Let's Fight It Together What we can ALL do to prevent cyberbullying is an award winning film produced by Childnet for the Department for Children Schools and Families to help sensitise young people to the pain and hurt which can be caused by cyberbullying. You are able to view the film online or order a copy here . There are also interviews available describing each characters experience from their different perspectives. A full Teachers’ Guide and lesson plan has been produced by Childnet for teachers to help in the preparation of showing this film and looking at the issues of cyberbullying which the film addresses. Upon viewing the film please fill in the online evaluation form . 2) Student Drama 'Laugh at it, you're part of it' 3) Digizen interactive.

Words Hurt, Stop Bullying. Bullying short film - Sticks & Stones. Anti-Bullying Awareness.