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Teaching Speaks Volumes. I was looking at how Concurrent Sessions will be categorized at an upcoming EdTech conference and found myself googling a few terms just to make sure I knew the differences between them.

Teaching Speaks Volumes

Next thing I knew, I am researching the others I “already know”. Long story short, after honing the definitions a little further, I’d ended up with this little EdTech glossary list that I thought others may find interesting as well: 21st Century Learning Environment (n.) What EdTech terms, new or “old” (as old as EdTect terms get) should be added to this list? Turn Up the Volumes . . . Survival Tips for Teaching with Technology.

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The First 5s with iPads. Author's Note: This post expands on ideas that I originally shared last year on Edutopia.

The First 5s with iPads

With the start of school approaching and the looming expectation of incorporating iPads into the curriculum becoming a reality, the big question many educators are asking is: "Where should I begin? " Last year, I wrote about 5 Steps for the First 5 Days. However, what about the five days after that? It can seem daunting to envision a year's worth of activities with iPads, but when taken in small chunks, it doesn't need to be intimidating. Taking a note from Alan November's talks about the #1st5days, consider what is possible in the first five hours, days, and weeks of school.

The First 5 Hours One of the great benefits of iPads is the immediate access to a camera and microphone. Art Least. TEACHER IN RESIDENCE. School on the cloud Less than one week after my visit to the Microsoft’s Global Forum in Barcelona I took again a plane to the sunny south of Europe.


I was invited to represent European Schoolnet at the School on the Cloud project in Athens in Greece. School on the Cloud is a Europe funded project with more than 50 partners: schools, institutes and NGO’s. The aim of the project is to share expertise on organizing and implementing cloud based solutions. The 1st project summit took place in the very well-equipped Doukas school. WizIQ blog. 68 Flares Twitter 9 Facebook 44 Google+ 10 LinkedIn 5 inShare5 68 Flares × Welcome to issue two in our interview series where we explore the Secrets of leading Edupreneurs online.

wizIQ blog

Most of you should know Drew Badger from English Anyone if you were following Jason R. Levine’s recent ELT MOOC. If you don’t know Drew yet, you’re in for a lovely surprise indeed. One look at his beautiful website will show you a professional who excels on multiple levels; from great teaching ideas and approaches, to smooth video making & a seamless website design that allows for open communication with its readers and subscribers. Elteachertrainer. Macappella. I guess I should own up to who’s writing this blog… so here’s a brief Me thing (for an explanation of ‘macappella’, see the About section): "Macappella" Hi, my name’s Fiona Mauchline, which is /ˈmɒxlɪn/ for those who’re interested in that sort of thing.


Jobwise, I’m a teacher, teacher trainer and writer, and I live in Cáceres in Spain, an utterly beautiful place to live. Allatc. Learning To Grow » Blog Archive » Casting a GENIUS ballot! Innovation in Teaching. Box of Chocolates. Twitter for Professional Development. Today I’m doing another introduction to the world of Twitter and blogs, this time for students following the DELTA at IH Newcastle.

Twitter for Professional Development

The eltpics ideas site for teachers. About me. What do you need to know about me?

About me

Well, if you're interested in this blog, odds are you work in EFL or education so let's start there. :) I've been working as an EFL teacher in Turkey for since 2000. I initially did my teacher training in Barcelona, Spain and Turkey was the first stop on an international adventure of language teaching and travelling. 11 years on, I'm still here as over the years, the desire to teach language has overtaken the desire to travel. The PLN Staff Lounge. Teacher, trainer, presenter, storyteller. Allatc. What shape is your classroom? Photo by me, also shared at used under a CC Attribution Non-Commercial license, Today, mine was plane-shaped.

What shape is your classroom?

A simple thing like moving the chairs into a different formation, and me standing at the front giving a very brief safety briefing (In case of emergency, the fire exits are in that corner…), was enough to get students imagining they were on a plane and meeting strangers for the first time. It only took a couple of minutes to move the chairs, and it created the right atmosphere immediately. Tips & Tricks. 8 Tips to Spice Up a Flipped Classroom You must be able to multi-task all day long as a teacher.

Tips & Tricks

In a flipped classroom, this ability becomes even more important! QR Codes and BYOD – A Perfect Match Share/Bookmark Before I discovered QR Codes, one of the most common phrases I heard when I asked my sixth grade students to visit certain websites in our Bring Your Own Device classroom was, “Mr. Weyers, the website doesn’t work!” Web 2.0 in the Classroom – Part 4 Discover the best web 2.0 sites for education.

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