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Hipster Hair Hairstyles at My New Hair – Free Hairstyle Gallery. Natural Hippie Hair Beautiful blonde and brunette colored hair worn out and natural.

Hipster Hair Hairstyles at My New Hair – Free Hairstyle Gallery

Waterfall Braid With Curls Hair inspiration, gorgeous waterfall braids with curls. Perfect hairstyle for everyday, prom, even your wedding day. This hairstyle is very versatile and always causes major hair envy. Not exactly a waterfall braid but a nice alternative. Not a waterfall braid but had to add this hair with cute hair bow. Braided Blonde Hair Hair inspiration for today: Long blonde hair in pretty braids. via Long platinum blonde hair styled in a fishtail braid. Thick side braid with lovely pale blonde hair. Beautiful multi toned blonde hair in fishtail braid. via Beautiful diagonal French braid. Decorate braided hair with fresh garden flowers! A Splendid Assemblage: Favorite Up-Do Hairstyle Tutorials for Summer. Hair has always been my "thing" but I do develop certain "shave it all off" tendencies at least once a year.

A Splendid Assemblage: Favorite Up-Do Hairstyle Tutorials for Summer

So far I haven't..I do wonder how that would feel though. There are so many fantastic hair tutorials out there that even in this heat I really don't mind how long my hair is.Except when my bangs get too long and then everything turns dark. Here are some of my favorite up-do and bun hair tutorials for these hot summer months or any season really :) Messy chunky beach waves... Easy tutorial! I'm one of those people who was cursed with stick straight thin hair that hates to curl.

Messy chunky beach waves... Easy tutorial!

I used to do the traditional "braid your hair before bed" and rag curling tricks to get nice beachy waves, but they never ended up turning out right the next day. I didn't like the fact that the process took a whole night, and I had no way of knowing what my hair was going to look like when I pulled the braids/rags out. Do you know how nerve-wracking that is, especially if you have an event to go to (*cough* my brother's wedding)? Would the curls be too tight? Would they end up in funny places? I developed my own way of doing nice randomly chunky waves. Here's how to get some nice messy random waves, without sleeping on a head of uncomfortableness. I absolutely LOVE the randomness of these curls. Have you seen this method done before? "How do you put your hair in the flat iron without burning your fingers? " Feel free to Pin!! Pinspire.

Messy bun tutorial. (Coat by French Connection) After this post, I got a few requests for a “messy bun” hair tutorial! My boyfriend laughed when I told him that I needed help photographing it. It is a bit unintuitive – a process for making your hair “messier.” That said, this method will probably have to be tailored to fit your individual hair type; it even took me a few tries to photograph and post this tutorial properly, as sometimes it turns out better than others. Nonetheless, I thought I’d oblige those who asked! (Crew neck sweater by J.Crew) FYI, this hairstyle is considerably more difficult on freshly-cleaned, slick hair – it’s much easier to style if it’s a little dirty. Now on to the tutorial! More in-depth explanation: 1. 2. 3. Beauty Tips, Hairstyles, Makeup Tutorials and Reviews.

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