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Game Design, Psychology, Flow, and Mastery - Playing to Win Index. Playing to WinBecoming the Champion In the year 2000, I wrote my first article about Playing to Win and it has since become an internet phenomenon, at least in the gaming circles.

Game Design, Psychology, Flow, and Mastery - Playing to Win Index

The article and its sequels are linked to across countless gaming sites and forums, often for games I've never even heard of. The central premise is that playing competitive games is one way to walk the path of continuous self-improvement. After the huge response to the articles, I wrote the book Playing to Win. I polished the language from the articles, clarified the reasoning, provided more examples, and added many new concepts. Buy a physical copy: from Lulu (better for me, better shipping for you) from Amazon (if you must, Kindle version available there too) Read it FREE online (remember to donate if you find it helpful): Original Playing to Win articles.

Arcade. YaoYuan.Com - 中国星际录像下载网 - 星际录像,星际视频下载. - Starcraft replays with english commentary. ! [G] Walling. RepDepot. Rwalinks. RWA Links database.


Unit Dancing. [edit] Overview Dancing is the element of unit micromanagement by which a player delays direct engagement with the enemy for the sake of unit conservation or optimization.

Unit Dancing

It requires hand speed and precision to select individual units or small groups of units in the heat of battle. The theory of unit dancing is that an army's combined health can be used to forestall a single unit's death. When two ranged armies of roughly equivalent strength fight, the one that dances will have fewer casualties. Dancing can be used to counter certain types of focus-fire. Army Positioning. Positioning Your Army in StarCraft Overview[edit] In StarCraft as BOs are revealed and each side deploys, the amount of units increases drastically and each side has an Army ready to fight for the map.

Army Positioning

The ability to place this Army and use it to its fullest to control the map and fight the opponent is one of the most important skills in StarCraft. Factors that determine where and how to place your army[edit] The stage of the match. The Importance of Upgrades. Upgrades are one way to make your units more effective than your opponent's units.

The Importance of Upgrades

Remember that the more units you have, the more cost-effective and important upgrades become. Generally, attack upgrades are more important because of the fact that attack upgrades often add more than +1 damage, whereas armor upgrades always remove one point of damage (with the exception of units with multiple hits in their attack, discussed below). Shield upgrades are rarely invested in since shields take full damage from every type of attack. However, there are exceptional cases where upgrading armor would be more beneficial than upgrading attack. Sliding through Mineral Lines.

On some maps it is essential to be able to get your Workers across a Mineral Line.

Sliding through Mineral Lines

Some of these maps include Neo Requiem and the 2v2 map Iron Curtain. This technique exploits stacking, but is perfectly legal in all tournaments. Magic Boxes. The term "magic box" refers to one of the less-known peculiarities of StarCraft's game engine that allows for high level execution when understood properly.

Magic Boxes

In StarCraft, a group of units will maintain formation depending on how far apart they are from each other. Said simply, if you keep your units close enough, they will stay in formation, move in formation, and cast spells in formation. If your units are too far apart, they will lose formation, converge onto one location, and try to cast spells on the same location. How to Improve by Legionnaire. Pages / Starcraft - Getting started. 1.1. Getting the latest version To play on our server you will need a StarCraft: BroodWar 1.16.1 client. If you don't have one, you can download it from our FTP . Note: You won't be able join official servers. ! [G] Stylish's FPVods [06-10 Update] Ret. To read about Ret's StarCraft II career, see Ret.


[edit] Overview Jos "Ret" de Kroon is a Dutch Zerg player who currently resides in the Netherlands. Starcraft and Starcraft 2 Live Stream List. Artosis's Terran Tutorials. Oystein FPVods [04-04 Update] ! Day[9] Podcasts E14: TvZ on Heartbreak Ridge. Day[9]TV. Day[9].tv Daily. Team Liquid Progaming Database. How to practice.

When learning StarCraft, what's more important?

How to practice

Mechanics? Strategical knowledge? These issues have been discussed to death, but there is one general consensus by now: In order to improve, you need to become mechanically flawless. [edit] Developing a Practice Routine Starting in 2008 foreigners have gone to Korea again, starting with the acquisition of IdrA by first eSTRO, then CJ Entus, Tasteless as the commentator for GOM events, later Artosis as another shoutcaster and finally NonY as a recruit for eSTRO. The general doctrine about progamer practice was confirmed when foreigners made it back to Korea. The anti 3-Hatch Mutalisk build order given ... is an exact build order used by one of the best Terrans in the world.