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Plickers. Welcome! Arriva WeSchool, la piattaforma per creare lezioni collaborative. Marco De Rossi colpisce ancora.

Arriva WeSchool, la piattaforma per creare lezioni collaborative

Classe ’90, nel 2012 ha fondato Oilproject, probabilmente il più seguito sito di e-learning in Italia con 1,6 milioni di studenti che ogni mese cercano ripetizioni e video lezioni. Oggi ha lanciato WeSchool, una piattaforma per “aiutare i docenti a fare didattica collaborativa in classe”. La piattaforma permette agli insegnanti di fare lezioni molto diverse dal classico schema frontale: con WeSchool, infatti, si può passare da un video di Youtube a un corso di inglese di Duolingo, si può integrare un Google Docs con una ultim’ora di una testata internazionale. Appletree. Assessments Personalized. Class Charts.

5 Great Web Tools to Enhance Collaboration in Class. April 22, 2015 If anything, web technologies have redesigned the notion of collaboration and rendered it an open construct independent of any conceivable spatio-temporal constraints.

5 Great Web Tools to Enhance Collaboration in Class

For instance, in our educational context, possibilities for collaborative learning are bigger than ever before. Teachers and students have at their hands a variety of powerful softwares and web-based tools to help them engage in collaborative learning anytime, anywhere. From popular learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Collaborate, and Moodle to social networking websites like Twitter and Google Plus, collaboration opportunities are limitless. The first challenge we encountered when we started working on this post is the huge number of platforms that can be placed under category of collaboration. 1- Collaborize Classroom Collaborize Classroom is a free online collaborative education platform for students and teachers. Learning management system (LMS) Fidenia – Il social learning italiano (e-learning, social network, e-sharing,...

Schoology. Edoome. Edmodo. Moodle - Open-source learning platform. SchoolSpace - Verifiche scolastiche di Italiano per le scuole primarie e secondarie. Three Ring. Your free online classroom. Classmill. 4 Virtual Classrooms Educators Must Know About. Free Gradebook for Teachers. 7 Fantastici strumenti di social media per insegnanti. Condividi questo articolo con i tuoi amici.

7 Fantastici strumenti di social media per insegnanti

Clicca "Mi piace" Wikispaces. Home - OpenupEd. How to Organize Your Entire Life with Trello. Chalkup Social Learning Platform, Simple Learning Management. Student Engagement App for Schools. Collaborize Classroom. 492191.png (PNG Image, 601 × 770 pixels) Makes it easy to work in groups. Educarex - Inicio. Blink. Flipped Learning Network / Homepage. Tiching. Nuove apps per Animatori Digitali: Chimpa, per una didattica interattiva.

Ma che cosa è Chimpa?

Nuove apps per Animatori Digitali: Chimpa, per una didattica interattiva

Una piattaforma ‘didattica interattiva’ che consente di gestire e controllare i tablet di classe. La futuristica app associa, immediatamente, il device del docente con quelli degli studenti in classe. Il suo ideatore, Antonio Curedda di Xnoova – la società che ha sviluppato la piattaforma (composta, oltre a lui, da Roberto Tramelli, Alessandro Molinari, Giacomo Donati, Corrado Gaviglio, Paolo Malpeli, Paolo Moschini, Luca Bleve e con la partnership di Ligra Srl) dichiara a proposito di Chimpa: «L’abbiamo progettata ascoltando le esigenze dei docenti e dei ragazzi del liceo scientifico Respighi di Piacenza che vogliono ottenere il massimo dalle nuove tecnologie adottate dall’istituto.

Chimpa offre una suite di servizi finalizzati a migliorare la didattica in aula». L’interessante applicazione include diverse applicazioni, dedicate agli insegnanti, “Chimpa teach” e agli studenti “Chimpa learn“. Impari social learning. Procomún. Creating a Geek Culture in the Classroom.

I always hated Smurfs.

Creating a Geek Culture in the Classroom

I know, I know, hate is a strong word for something so benign as a blue troll in white overalls, but my disinterest made me an outlier in my fourth grade class. I was a girl who chose to watch Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday morning rather than Strawberry Shortcake. In other words, I was a geek. But the times they have changed. Some of this shift came about because of the embrace of technology and those who built its networks. No longer is "geek" associated with chicken heads and sideshows or taped glasses and suspenders. However, this new era does not mean that it's the geeks' turn to rise up and give wedgies to anyone not interested in Battlebots. Cultivating "Geekdom" -- Vital to Classroom Culture Every school year, I begin the first semester with the following quote from actor/director Simon Pegg: Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection.

You'll be amazed at what you find. 1. Pil-Network. Class Story- A New Excellent Platform for Teacher-Parent Communication. September 5, 2015 The popular educational platform ClassDojo released today a new interesting tool called ‘Class Story’ which enables teachers to ‘easily and safely share updates and photos from class with parents’.

Class Story- A New Excellent Platform for Teacher-Parent Communication

Class Story is an excellent alternative to a public classroom website or blog and teachers can use it as a secure and private space where they can communicate with parents and engage in the learning of their kids. Fostering teacher-parent communication is the driving philosophy behind Class Story and as, Don Liam (chief product officer of ClassDojo) stated, it reduces ‘the friction in communicating with parents by providing a quick way to share important updates, photos, and all the moments parents would love to see but previously couldn’t.' Being part of ClassDojo app, Class Story works and syncs across any iOS/Android device and any web browser for both teachers and parents.