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10 Excellent Lessons from Google to Help Students Better Use Google Maps in Their Learning. January 5, 2015 Google Maps is an excellent tool to use with students to develop their spatial thinking.

10 Excellent Lessons from Google to Help Students Better Use Google Maps in Their Learning

Beyond getting driving or walking directions to the other, this tool enables students to discover the world right from their classrooms. It is also a very good way to teach students about geography concepts, distance measurement, map readings and other fundamentals of mapping such as longitude, latitude, locations and many more. 27 Ideas for Teaching with USGS Topographic Maps. Powered by Translate.

27 Ideas for Teaching with USGS Topographic Maps

Global Maps. Map creator online to make a map with multiple locations and regions. Global threat interactive: What's the world scared of? Newspaper Map. MyFireWatch - Bushfire map information Australia. TRI and Superfund Environmental Maps. TOXMAP classic provides an Advanced Search as well as the ability to save search results and to build custom regions to focus your search.

TRI and Superfund Environmental Maps

It does not require Flash and is accessible to users with disabilities. No new features are planned. The beta version of TOXMAP is in active development. It has an improved map appearance and interactive capabilities as well as improved U.S. Census layers, availability by Census tract, and additional and updated datasets. Note: Both versions of TOXMAP open in new windows - please disable pop-up blockers. TOXMAP belongs to a group of TOXNET databases related to toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases. Directory, Data & Mapping. Interactive Maps. Create interactive data visualizations and maps. 2015 World Economic Freedom Levels: Heat Map for Continents and Countries. Create interactive data visualizations and maps. Global Maps. Free SVG Maps - World. La Foudre et Orage en Temps Réel - Carte du Monde. Cartoun, cartographie des usages numériques.

Présentation du service.

Cartoun, cartographie des usages numériques

Se_deplacer_en_France_et_en_Europe_-_corrige.pdf. Scribble Maps : Draw On Maps and Make Them Easily. Animaps - Create and view beautifully informative animated maps, for free! Create and share your maps. Paysages de ville et de campagne. Routes. Enseigner autrement la géographie - Geotwitt16. Enseigner autrement la géographie Le projet géotwitt Géotwitt, C'est quoi ?

Enseigner autrement la géographie - Geotwitt16

Une formation action à vivre en réseau avec d’autres classes et tutorée dans le cadre de m@gistère. Un distanciel de 30 minutes pour s’approprier l’esprit des nouveaux programmes de géographie et ouvrir un compte classe Twitter. Un présentiel de 3h pour comprendre les enjeux et le scénario interactif à mettre en scène avec Twitter. De retour en classe, on enseigne des concepts de géographie, on réfléchit, on collabore et l'on produit. Puis, on publie sur Twitter. On apprend à communiquer à l’aide d’un réseau social et l’on respecte des règles. Durant 9 semaines, 7 Défis sont proposés par l'animateur du compte @géotwitt16.

Draw On Maps and Make Them Easily. Three Geography Games Based on Google Maps and Google Earth. Créer des cartes personnalisées avec uMap. Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world! Snazzy Maps - Free Styles for Google Maps. OpenStreetMap. Earth Outreach. Before You Begin In order to complete this tutorial, you will need some text, photo and video content to add to your tour.

Earth Outreach

You can use your own text, photos and videos, or you can use the sample content provided by our friends at the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). Paradise Found. Quand la géolocalisation devient jeu. Fonds de cartes gratuits. Trois formats vectoriels pour une impression plus précise des tracés et un redimensionnement sans altération de la qualité de l'image : PDF, ODG et EMF.

Fonds de cartes gratuits

D'autres sites avec des fonds de cartes :- (Sciences Politiques Paris) - (Education Place) - (World Atlas) - (Georesources) - (abc teach) - (Pupil Vision) - Cartothèque. 40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World. If you’re a visual learner like myself, then you know maps, charts and infographics can really help bring data and information to life.

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

Maps can make a point resonate with readers and this collection aims to do just that. Hopefully some of these maps will surprise you and you’ll learn something new. A few are important to know, some interpret and display data in a beautiful or creative way, and a few may even make you chuckle or shake your head. Cartes géographiques gratuites, cartes muettes gratuites, cartes vierges gratuites, fonds de cartes gratuits. MapJam. Créer des cartes personnalisées. Les grandes agglomérations françaises. Google Maps : toutes les astuces que vous devez absolument connaitre  Date de dernière mise à jour : le 12 avril 2016 à 9 h 49 min.

Google Maps : toutes les astuces que vous devez absolument connaitre 

I movimenti della Terra in un'immagine interattiva. L'ANNO SIDEREO corrisponde all'intervallo di tempo tra due passaggi consecutivi del Sole per uno stesso punto dell'eclittica, riferito a una stella.

I movimenti della Terra in un'immagine interattiva

Misura la durata di una completa rivoluzione della Terra, che è di 365 giorni, 6 ore, 9 minuti e 10 secondi (in giorni solari medi). L'ANNO SOLARE o tropico è il periodo di tempo compreso fra due passaggi successivi del Sole all'equinozio di primavera (misura dunque il periodo di tempo intercorrente tra l'inizio della primavera e l'inizio della primavera successiva), e ha una durata di 365 giorni, 5 ore, 48 minuti e 45 secondi (in giorni solari medi, nell'anno 2000), risultando così di circa 20 minuti e 25 secondi più corto dell'anno sidèreo. Questa differenza è dovuta all'effetto di un moto secondario compiuto dalla Terra, detto di precessione degli equinozi, causato dall'azione perturbatrice che Sole e Luna esercitano sulla direzione dell'asse terrestre. Histoire-Géographie-Lyon - Jeux et gestion des énergies.

Modules interactifs. L'Europe. U.S. and World Maps and Puzzles - Free Maps That Teach. Maps that Teach take advantage of the fact that geography is spatial. They also utilize the way kids learn best, by actively participating in their learning; learning by doing. As students assemble the maps, they build a permanent mental picture of their world. From Maps that Teach, a student will learn about the continents and where they are in relation to each other; the countries of the world, their capitals and major cultural landmarks, physical features; what is far and what is near.

For the United States, students will learn the states, their capitals, major physical features, and important historic routes that established connections between parts of the country. Travel By Drone. GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world! Old Maps Online. Comment mesurer la superficie sur une carte Google Maps ? Vous vous apprêtez à acheter un terrain ? Vous avez des contraintes en termes d’espace pour organiser une manifestation ?

Pour tous ces besoins et pour d’autres, découvrez ces outils de mesure de superficies. Outils de cartographie. Réaliser des cartes avec Géoclip. 10 Excellent Lessons from Google to Help Students Better Use Google Maps in Their Learning. The true size of ... Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Everything Teachers Need to Know about Google My Maps. EarthViewer. Visita virtuali di città, musei e monumenti. Visita le più belle città e musei del mondo dal tuo PC virtualmente. Un modo diverso per visitare una città ma non per questo non incredibile e ricca. Uno stimolo in più per trasformare questa visita virtuale in una visita reale... Una visita virtuale della Roma Antica, grazie alla collaborazione del Cultural Virtual Reality Laboratory, L'Experiential Technology Center, il Reverse Engineering Lab del Politecnico di Milano e l'Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities dell'Università della Virginia.

Una ricostruzione storica in 3D della Roma Antica, con ricostruzione di immmagini, video e suoni. Incredibile. Questo sito raccoglie un'incredibile numero di visite virtuali in tutte le città del mondo, tra cui: Amsterdam, Atene, Barcellona, Berlino, Bruges, Bruxelles, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Colonia, Madrid...lo consigliamo a tutti quelli che stanno programmando un viaggio in queste città per programmarlo al meglio. Interactive Fault Map. 1000 km 1000 mi Leaflet | USGS Download Shapefile. Volcanoes - Kids Geography Videos, Games and Lessons that Make Learning Fun and Easy. Volcanoes for Kids Volcanoes are vents, fissures or openings in the Earth's crust from which hot ashes, gases and magma erupt. On land, volcanoes usually take the form of mountains or hills with one or more volcanic vents.

But the vast majority of the world's volcanoes lie beneath the sea along the global oceanic ridges. Around 50 to 60 land-based volcanoes are active in a given year, some posing serious threat to nearby human population. World Geography Games - Let's play and learn about the world. How to Tell Stories with Maps. School of Data has published a good round-up of narrative mapping platforms. The article includes a few examples of good story maps and explores some of the mapping libraries which can be used to create interactive maps to annotate or narrate a story. Seven Ways to Create a Storymap reviews popular narrative mapping libraries such as Knight Lab's StoryMap JS, Esri StoryMaps and CartoDB's Odyssey.js. It even mentions my own story map demo created using waypoints.js with Leaflet, JourneyMap. One of the examples listed in the School of Data article is new to me.

LeafletPlayback is a very neat Leaflet library which allows you to animate GPS Tracks, in the form of GeoJSON objects, on a Leaflet map. Learning games: Geography of Europe. QuizGeo - Know Your Geo. Foodmap: recipes as maps & networks. FoodmapRecipes as maps, diagrams & networks. Fonds de cartes gratuits. Trois formats vectoriels pour une impression plus précise des tracés et un redimensionnement sans altération de la qualité de l'image : PDF, ODG et EMF.

Create custom map add-in excel and powerpoint. Do you want to create thematic maps in Excel and PowerPoint? BeGraphic has a free version to build your custom map and geographical dashboard based on live data. With BeGraphic, not only you can make your own editable map, but you can also build custom sales territory map. History of choropleth maps When was invented the tinted map? Créer une carte interactive sous Excel. Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before. Open Source Tool Sets for Creating High-density Maps. A few weeks ago I wrote about some of the building blocks available to create engaging maps in Drupal . The module ecosystem around maps and other geospatial functionality is pretty flexible, but there are some situations where Drupal might not be the best fit.

There are some great tools out there to build out sites when the situation calls for little else besides a map display, or when processing and rendering tens of thousands of geospatial features. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about two in particular, Mapbox and CartoDB . Mapbox. GeoCommons. World Geography Games - Let's play and learn about the world. 40 maps that explain the world. Old Maps Online. Design and publish beautiful maps. The world as you've never seen it before.

Google Earth for Educators. National Geographic-Mapping. Gapminder- World data. GeoCommons. 40 maps that explain the world. Storytelling with Google Maps. Tour Builder. Odyssey.js. Animaps. Esri - App List. Scribble Maps: scrivere e disegnare su una mappa.

GlobalGeografia - Sito di informazione geografica. Geografia per le Medie.