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Kaltura Video Platform. Kaltura Video Player. Video players are your first point of contact with your audience, so delivering the best possible experience is key.

Kaltura Video Player

Our players are light-weight and fast, and delivery is seamless - no matter which device your viewers are using. Get going in five minutes with built-in player templates, or head on to the Studio to customize your player’s unique look and functionality. To explore player demos, configuration options and tools visit the Kaltura Player Toolkit for developers. Best in Class Player Performance Get the industry’s fastest player. Built-in Player Templates Easily create cross browser/cross device players from a variety of great looking, light-weight video player templates. Html5video.org. Ubuntus Quixotic Mobile War: HTML5 – Not Linux – Is The Key “Making the Web a first-class citizen on mobile devices?


That would be a Very Big Deal, and it’s one that Canonical has already started to deliver on, as Shuttleworth rightly notes. It’s a potentially winning strategy because it’s disruptive. Shuttleworth stresses that being late to the mobile party is a virtue, but I can’t agree. Except…he might be right insofar as HTML5 is concerned. Video Solutions for Media and Entertainment. MediaSpace Video Portal. Kaltura MediaSpace™ is a market leading social video and rich media portal that enables you to create your own Campus or Corporate YouTube™.

MediaSpace Video Portal

What is MediaSpace? Users can create, upload, share, search, browse, and watch live and on demand videos, video presentations, screencasts, and other rich media content. MediaSpace provides superb cross device user experience, unmatched user engagement capabilities, and powerful control and governance tools. MediaSpace enables community, collaboration and social activities by leveraging the power of online video. In the past, single administrators or small teams within the organization would publish to a large audience; MediaSpace revolutionizes this process by enabling democratization of media creation with many contributors, moderators and viewers in a multitude of channels.

What are some typical use cases? Create a Campus or a Corporate YouTube™. Features & Benefits User Experience User Engagement User Management & Control How does it work? Video Management Service. Managing a media library, even a large one, should be simple and straightforward.

Video Management Service

Kaltura lets you manage all your media in one central repository, accessed centrally through our management console. Video Syndication and Distribution. Think more traffic, and a lot more viewers.

Video Syndication and Distribution

Our powerful distribution and syndication services make it easy to reach your audience across the web – on destination sites, search engines and set-top-boxes. All-in-one Distribution Module Distribute your content across the web at the click of a button. Video Editing Tools. With our editing tools, your videos are just a starting point.

Video Editing Tools

Trim videos to create clips of the most interesting sections. String videos or clips together to show “highlight” type content. Add subtitles, and cue points to enable chaptering, advertising and deep search. Ad Network & Ad Servers. If growing your revenue is high on your list, our monetization features will get you there fast.

Ad Network & Ad Servers

Kaltura’s monetization features set you up for success – from increasing the number of viewers, to a comprehensive set of advertising tools, pay-per–view, subscription models, and built-in reports that let you optimize your strategy based on viewer behavior. Advertising & Ad Networks Target viewers with ads on live videos or VOD, and across multiple devices such as mobile, PC and set-top-box. With support for a wide range of video ad formats (including all major IAB standards), and integrated plugins for video ad networks, such as Google DoubleClick DART, FreeWheel, Ad Tech, Eye Wonder, AdapTV, Tremor Video and others, managing your monetization plan couldn’t get easier. Kaltura API. Kaltura’s open source platform includes hundreds of REST-based application programming interfaces (APIs) providing programmable access to every core service of the platform.

Kaltura API

With full access to our API*, you can independently extend every feature and functionality of the Kaltura Platform. This means you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate Kaltura’s various solutions, services, and widgets to create a unified experience within your chosen environments - be it a known CMS, or custom in-house application. Kaltura - Open Source Video Platform. Dynamic Player and Playlist Widget. KDP basic usage - embedding on HTML pages and Playback. Introduction This guide will show you how to embed the Kaltura Player and how to play a demo video hosted on Kaltura’s servers.

KDP basic usage - embedding on HTML pages and Playback

Prerequisites Kaltura Partner ID. – An easy method to embed Flash content using JavaScript. Using SWFObject 2 We highly recommend using SWFObject 2 when dealing with Flash content. SWFObject 2 can be downloaded here. Player URL When you apply for a Kaltura Partner ID, the system automatically creates a basic player for you. Kdp-flash-plugin-kit. Advanced Video Editor (Timeline Based Editing)

Release Notes [PDF] AdvancedEditor Manuals.pdf. Guide to compile the Kaltura Advanced Editor. This is a guide to compile the Kaltura Advanced Editor using the FlexBuilder 3 IDE.

Guide to compile the Kaltura Advanced Editor

The guide assumes the developer has a version of FlexBuilder 3, is running a webserver (we used Wamp), has correctly installed KalturaCE, and has downloaded the Kaltura Advanced Editor (kae_v1.0.15). Since this wiki doesn't support zip/php/cs/js extensions we have hosted some the required project code on our company website Cattura Video . Advanced Editor Dependencies Shortcut Images. Standard Video Editor (Story Board Editing) This video editor that allows users to create remixes from images, audio and video files. Easy to use UI and customizable skin and locale.

Can be directly invoked from the video player or appear as a stand alone component. Kaltura Media Console. KSE - Standard Editor. Note: This guide is using an older client library. Developers are advised to always update their client libraries from: This guide will show you how to pre-populate your editor clip library. This guide will use the Kaltura testme API console to demonstrate the API calls in images and code samples will be provided in PHP.

This guide is especially useful for publishers creating remixing campaigns. Note : If you are using the editor but not the remix site there is one important thing you need to know. Populate the Editor with Multiple Files (using a script and the KMC) Select your content in the Kaltura Management Console (KMC) In order to select the content you want to populate your editor with, follow these few easy steps - Log in to the Kaltura Management Console ( with your username and password. Defining Parameters First you need to define a few mandatory paremeters such as your partner id, sub partner id, Kaltura secret etc. Pre-Populated-Mix.