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“Video For Everybody” Test Page. Full write-up article here.

“Video For Everybody” Test Page

If you’ve arrived here from a link please note that VfE no longer includes QuickTime as part of the fallback, but the code for that version is still available here. Hosting of the video generously provided by André M. Åslund of Vorwärts GmbH. Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "OGG" / "WebM"


HTML5 Video Player. Zencoder/video-js - GitHub. Video for Everybody! Video for Everybody is simply a chunk of HTML code that embeds a video into a website using the HTML5 <video> element, falling back to Flash automatically without the use of JavaScript or browser-sniffing.

Video for Everybody!

It therefore works in RSS readers (no JavaScript), on the iPhone / iPad (don’t support Flash) and on many browsers and platforms. Thanks to the rapid adoption of HTML5 video happening right now, Video for Everybody isn’t the only solution around.