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Things Which Can Hurt Your Personal Score. Upon checking your credit report, a creditor can approve or disapprove your application based upon your score. If you have a low score, you may find that it’s more difficult to get approved or to get a good deal. Indeed, consumers need to keep their personal credit in good shape. More importantly, you need to be aware of the thing which can hurt your personal score. 1. Late Payment Submission The FICO score is made up of 35% payment history. 2. If you don’t have money to pay your debts, the worst thing you can do is ignore your creditors. 3.

Past due debts can be charged-off. 4. Before or after charging off your debts, a creditor may pass on the collection of payments to a debt collection agency. 5. If you have defaulted from your mortgage loan payments, then your property may have been foreclosed by your lender. 6. If you have filed for bankruptcy, then it will also be reflected in your credit report. Bankruptcy myths and facts. You probably hear a lot of things said about bankruptcy. However, there are some myths about bankruptcy circulating in the market that can affect your decision on matters of finance.

In this article, let’s take a look at some of these bankruptcy myths and the truth behind them: 1. You will never recover from the damage bankruptcy brings. True, filing for bankruptcy will erase all your credit history but the damage does not need to last forever. You will have the chance to re-establish your credit history and build up your personal credit score immediately after your debts have been discharged from a bankruptcy. 2. 3. 4. On the other hand, if the court finds that you are capable of repayment, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will give you the chance to pay your creditors under the protection of the bankruptcy law.

In addition, there are types of debts such as child support, student loans and tax liens that cannot be discharged by bankruptcy. 5. Latest posts by NEWHORIZON.ORG (see all) How do you pay your taxes. Ideal Way to Pay Your Tax to the IRS 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote Nobody truly wishes to enter into a scenario where they owe back taxes to the IRS, however it is certainly a thing that can happen to certain people if they are NOT cautious. Pin ItRegardless if you are having difficulty with your credit cards or home loan payments, you still need to ensure that you can pay the IRS. The Government is always making sure that they end up with their funds, and that means you have to be sure that you pay them immediately. Take care of your debts in full if you can, but you must keep in mind that they will always make sure that they get every last cent from you in time.

In fact, they are the only debt collectors who are lawfully permitted to use pistols and ammo. When you go to pay the IRS, you have a few different options at your disposal. The IRS has plenty of ways to encourage you to pay your taxes, and they will eventually start to garnish your wages if you have not paid in a few years. Importance of business mentor. You have decided to start your own business, but where can you turn for advice? A business mentor is someone with experience and knowledge that can help guide you through a variety of business related situations. Starting a new business can be stressful, and without someone to turn to with questions, you may feel like giving up before you have even gotten started.

Pin ItA business mentor can be your trusted confidante, helping you navigate your new business startup. You may already know someone that will be willing to be your business mentor, or you may wish to contact your local SCORE chapter. SCORE is a nonprofit associations that helps small businesses with their startup. If this is your first business startup, you may be unsure where to turn for advice. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by utilizing a business mentor. ABOUT THE AUTHOR This article was written by the writing team of NewHorizon.Org. Follow my blog with BloglovinFollow my blog with Bloglovin. Credit cards to improve bad credit. If you are struggling from bad credit history, you’ll be glad to know that you can now use a credit card to improve it. How can a bad credit credit card be a tool in rebuilding credit history? Bad Credit Credit Cards – Tools for Credit Rehabilitation There are two types of credit cards for bad credit – prepaid credit cards and secured credit cards.

Both of these cards offer instant approval even for people with bad credit history. Let’s discus the differences between these two types of bad credit credit card.What Is a Prepaid Credit Card ? In the past, prepaid credit cards are used solely for payment. Today, these same cards can actually be used in establishing and rebuilding credit. What Is a Secured Credit Card?

A secured credit card is just like a regular credit card. As expected secured cards often have more expensive interest rates and fees than standard credit cards. Use Your Prepaid or Secured Card to Improve Credit Copyright 2010. Credit card mistakes to avoid. Credit cards are very helpful if you use them well, but they can go terribly wrong, if you make some of the mistakes you will be warned against in this article. If you have bad credit, you should know there are credit cards on the market designed to help you build your credit rating. But before you do that, let’s just have a look at the dangerous mistakes you are probably making with your credit cards and how to avoid them. Pin ItMistake #1. Using the Credit Card to Make Everyday Purchases One of the easiest ways to build massive credit card debt is to use the credit card for even the smallest purchases such as food, clothing and gas. You shouldn’t stop using cash just because you’ve got a credit card with you.

Mistake #2. Rewards cards offer several great advantages, such as getting a 3% rebate on an airline ticket. Mistake #3. One of the most basic errors people make is not to read the fine print on their credit cards, not clearly understanding the credit card agreement. Mistake #4. How to maintain good credit score. While the new credit card law offers some shield against sudden interest rate changes, it does not provide complete protection for credit cardholders. To maintain a good credit standing, cardholders need to know the right strategies and stick by the rules. Listed below are 8 credit card tips for you: Pin ItPay down your charges. Remember that 30% of your FICO score is based upon your credit utilization so the lower your credit-to-debt ratio is, the higher your credit score would be. Experts recommend not exceeding 30% of your allotted credit. Check your credit card mail. You can only benefit from the provision of the new Credit CARD law if you pay close attention to notices sent by your issuer.

Hence, cardholders are given the option to “OPT OUT” or cancel the card when the new rate applies. Check your credit report and score. [Article: How to Get Your Free Credit Report] Ask for a higher credit limit. Don’t let your account go idle. Use your rewards points. Use your credit card perks. Important credit card information. Perhaps you believe that you understand everything you should know concerning your credit card, but bad credit cards and the banks have a means of sneaking extra cash from your wallet.

You should always make certain you have read the fine print with regards to any credit card because you in no way wish to be trapped in a bad arrangement. You may have checked out the interest rate, the credit limit and all of the various rewards that you will get for several purchases, however you should also examine every last detail of the contract that you sign. Everything might appear to be rather good at first glance, however you might encounter a few serious issues in the future when you looked over a small detail that turns into a major problem in a few months. To make sure that you never run into any problems with your credit card, make sure that you take a look at these major points in your agreement: Your interest rate is not necessarily a permanent thing.

Latest posts by NEWHORIZON.ORG (see all) Low apr credit cards for bad credit. Below are tried-and-tested strategies that will help you optimize the use of your low-interest credit card. Transfer the balance from your old credit cards to your new account, especially if your other credit cards carry extremely high interest rates and fees. In so doing, you can reduce the payments you make on interest as well as on other transaction-related charges. At the same time, it will be much easier for you to keep up with your monthly bills and to stick to the items found in your personal or household budget.Use it to cover your monthly purchases and expenses, particularly your groceries, electric and other utilities bills, gas purchases, etc.

Just remember to settle these charges as soon as you can so that you won’t have to make substantial payments on pesky fees and charges. And be sure to check the available balance on your account before using it to pay for your bills and other expenses. Abide by the terms and conditions of your credit card program. About the Author. Find best credit card checklist. With so many credit card choices on the market, finding the right one may not be as easy as you think. Some people rush into signing up for a credit card deal without taking a closer look at the offer, only to discover later that they were tricked. What seems to be a great deal at first can turn to be unpleasant after only a few months of using the card. For example, you may have signed up for a card because of the incredibly low interest rate, but since you did not really check the fine print; you did not realize that the introductory low rate expires in three months.

After 3 months, you find yourself stuck with a high rate credit card. As such, consumers need to be extra careful when choosing credit cards. You may think that it’s a lot of work to compare credit card deals, but taking the extra steps can save you from trouble in the long run. Reasonable and Lasting Interest Rate. Many credit cards advertise low rates but the significant question is this: how long would it last? How to start your own cleaning business. Commercial cleaning is one of the easiest as well as lucrative businesses that an entrepreneur can start.

This type of business however requires the same type of dedication and persistence that any other type of business will require. Commercial carpet cleaning is easy to start because it does not require some of the things a traditional business does. Such as fancy office spaces, a store, or inventory. If you are considering going into this type of business the following are some consideration and recommendations.

Learn From Experience As with other businesses it is recommended that the best way to get started is to get some experience in the field. Do You Want To Be A Franchisee? The next major decision that has to be made is whether to purchase a franchise or start your business from scratch. What Do I Need To Start My Commercial Cleaning Business ? First there is the cost of the equipment to start this business. In order to start such a business, you will also need cleaning solvent. How can you improve your credit score.

Does thinking about your credit rating give you nightmares? The following advice will help you fix your credit and be proud that you were able to execute these steps without having to hire a credit repair company. The first thing you should do when trying to improve your credit score is to create a budget and adhere to it. You must make a commitment to making changes on how you spend your money. Keep in mind, once you have improved your score, it will be easier to obtain business and personal credit! Contact Your Credit Card Company Give your credit card company a call and ask them to lower your credit card interest rate. Do not spend more than you can afford. TIP! Carefully Check Your Credit Card Statements In order to get control over your credit, you should consider bill consolidation.

TIP! Check Your Credit Report Monthly Its easy to monitor your credit these days. This article was written by the writing team of NewHorizon.Org. Latest posts by NEWHORIZON.ORG (see all) Frequently asked questions credit cards. Let’s consider today the answers to some of the most common questions consumers ask about bad credit-credit cards. FAQ 1: Can I still qualify for and receive an affordable credit card, even if I have bad credit? Answer: The answer to thi s is ABSOLUTELY! That’s because more and more credit agencies today are starting to open their doors even to consumers with poor credit standing. FAQ 2: What are the usual features of bad credit credit cards? Answer: As compared to traditional lines of credit, bad credit-credit cards normally come with steeper rates of interest and charges, more stringent payment terms and conditions, lower spending limits and caps, and more difficult-to-prepare application requirements.

FAQ 3: Is managing a bad credit-credit card really worth my while? Answer: Yes, it is! Just remember not to take your other financial obligations for granted. FAQ 4: Apart from taking out a bad credit-credit card, what other things can help me rebuild my credit history? Hidden credit card charges. The modifications to the Credit CARD regulation were designed to give protection to consumers against unjust methods by some credit card issuers, but regardless of the additional conditions, the reality still stays that consumers are not totally protected.

For example, although it imposes restrictions on interest rate increases, it does not completely prevent issuers from imposing increases. Furthermore, there is still no cap, which means an issuer can still impose ballooning rates as long as they provide the 45-day advance notice. What about the charges? Some credit cards may offer a low rate to attract new customers, but upon closer inspection you might discover lots of hidden credit card charges that are not so minimal at all. But, what can you do about it? Therefore, before you sign up for a credit card, consider the following reminders: Watch out for teaser rates! Introductory rates can be misleading, especially for first time cardholders. Watch out for high fees! Reasons for filing bankruptcy. The threat of bankruptcy cannot be ignored or underestimated. Statistics show that the number of Americans who have file for bankruptcy has reached more than a million. If you think that you will never be in a situation where you have to declare bankruptcy, you could be mistaken.

The reality is that anyone can be at risk. Take a look at the following situations that can leave a person in bankruptcy: Unfortunate Circumstances Even if you’re enjoying financial prosperity today, you can never tell what will happen in the future. The recent change economic recession left many people homeless and bankrupt. Shortsightedness Are you prepared just in case you are confronted with a financial emergency? Wrong Decisions Sometimes, the decisions we make can have serious effects in our life. Some people wanted to start a business but because of lack of preparations, they may find themselves in a very difficult situation, and forced to shut down business.

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How Many Credit Cards Should You Have. First Time Credit Card User Tips. Real Cost of 0 Interest Credit Cards. 6 ideas for building a good credit score. 6 ideas for building a good credit score. 6 ideas for building a good credit score. 6 ideas for building a good credit score. 6 IDEAS FOR BUILDING A GOOD CREDIT SCORE | Janet Shaffer. 6 IDEAS for BUILDING a GOOD CREDIT SCORE. 6 ideas for building a good credit score. 6 IDEAS FOR BUILDING A GOOD CREDIT SCORE. How to Build credit as a College Student. What to do if you Owe the Irs. Finding a Business Mentor. How to Use Credit Cards to Improve Credit. How to Remove Negative Information from Credit Report. Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval. Credit Card Mistakes.

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