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Why Workforce Certifications Prove Reliable Anchors. 5 2 5Google +4 February 22, 2017 It doesn’t matter whether you are a blue chip or a start-up.

Why Workforce Certifications Prove Reliable Anchors

If you wish to sustain the turbulent waters of today’s crises within a flat world – you better be running ahead. As an enterprise you need to insure your key assets against the risk of losing them to the competitors. If you are out hunting big game for your talent pool, believe your competitors are doing the same (And maybe they’re ahead of you already). Career-hopping and ‘gig’ economies are becoming the order of the day for the talent market. In these disruptive times, not paying attention to change management and constant development can have devastating effects for the entire organization. Talented workers consider this the critical element that can be added to their resumes that gives them a competitive edge and sets them apart from their industry peers.

SiliconIndia's '20 Most Promising BPM Companies Of 2016' 0 0 0Google +0 Gurgaon, India – Feb. 26, 2016 — CredForce, the world's first and largest certification business conglomerate, has proudly made into SiliconIndia's 2016 marquee of ‘20 Most Promising BPM Companies 2016’.

SiliconIndia's '20 Most Promising BPM Companies Of 2016'

The recognition was featured in the February 2016 issue of the magazine. SiliconIndia is an 18–year–old business and technology magazine, with a readership of more than 95,000 copies for its target audience, including CIOs, CEOs, CTOs and market influencers like fund capitalists, technology adopters and analysts. The featured list includes 20 distinguished organizations that are disrupting the BPM industry with their respective niches and are poised for high–pitched growth for attaining global leadership in the industry through their innovative value-propositions. The recognition has once again established CredForce as a leader in the global credentialing industry. The company boasts of its culturally diverse knowledge workforce–its success driver. CredForce Striding Ahead: Cover Story in CIOReview. Back to News 0 0 0Google +0 Gurgaon, India – August 4, 2016: CredForce, the world’s first and largest certification business conglomerate, was featured in the cover story of the CIOReview magazine’s August 2016 issue.

CredForce Striding Ahead: Cover Story in CIOReview

The cover story, written by Sudhakar Singh, dives into the world of credentialing and capability validation and interviews the CredForce honchos, including Rajiv Gupta, President and Group CEO, CredForce Asia Limited; Sanjeeva Shukla, Chief Product Officer, CredForce Asia Limited; and Dr. CredForce makes it to the list of India’s Top BPM Solution Providers – 2016. Back to News.

CredForce makes it to the list of India’s Top BPM Solution Providers – 2016

CredForce: The World's Credentialing Company. CredForce is a worldwide leader in credentialing.

CredForce: The World's Credentialing Company

We’re in the business of empowering organizations and professionals worldwide through endorsing their credibility, potential and promise for corporate & professional excellence on rigorous global standards. We conceive, design, build, re-engineer, incubate, install, establish, promote, manage, and commission standards, systems, mechanisms and entities pertaining to credentialing, accreditation, certification and excellence recognition. As the world’s single largest provider of state-of-the-art products, services and solutions on credentialing and certification, we own exclusive global rights for managing global distribution and operations of an astounding array of 50+ international certification programs. We have also built the world’s biggest ever consortium of leading global standards and certification bodies specializing in credentialing for 15 different industry verticals and professions.

CredForce: Why Take A Certification When I Have The Qualification A Company Wants? In early 2015, International Labour Organization (ILO) released a report which says that some spillover effects of global recession of 2008 is still present in the current job market.The report projects, more than 212 million people will be out of work by 2019, up from current 201 million.

CredForce: Why Take A Certification When I Have The Qualification A Company Wants?

Now, this is definitely alarming – and due to another globally known fact of talent shortage being faced by many industries, you as a professional must retrospect on how to stay in the job. The recruiters or talent acquisition teams are constantly looking out to create the best talent pool for their respective organizations and if you don't show up in their radar, even with better degrees and educational qualifications – then there is definitely something to change in your credentials. A professional certificate will always add weight to your CV – it is the first document that will show up in the recruiters' radar, so it must make the first impression.

CredForce: CredForce Launches The World's First Ever Bpm Services Platform For The Certification/ Credentialing Vertical. September 2014 – Leveraging its experiences and successes of providing highly specialized business support services to the leading American BPO standards body BCI, CredForce has developed a new business unit which will offer business support services to certification companies, awards bodies and education institutions.

CredForce: CredForce Launches The World's First Ever Bpm Services Platform For The Certification/ Credentialing Vertical

These services will be delivered on a worldwide delivery platform – codenamed – the CredForce – hubbed in India and integrating a variety of online technologies. Once CredForce is activated, CredForce will handle on behalf of client certification bodies, the entire set of processes starting from logistics of registration for certifications; training–kits; examinations; audits; and closing the end with shipping of credentialing packs/ certifications.

The company hopes to make this unit a USD 30.0 million business by end of 2016. CredForce: Get Ready To Ride The Wave Of Recruitment Trends In 2016. If you are planning for a 180-degree change in your recruitment strategy in 2016, then relax!

CredForce: Get Ready To Ride The Wave Of Recruitment Trends In 2016

You do not need to reinvent the wheel! Like 2015, the quality of hire will remain the most important performance KPI in 2016, according to LinkedIn's annual global recruiting trends report. But it does not mean that this year will bode well for the global recruitment industry. Calling a spade a spade, industry veterans predict that 2016 will keep talent acquisition. CredForce: People Analytics All Set To Redefine HR. What do you think is important for an organization's success?

CredForce: People Analytics All Set To Redefine HR

Well, you may say that its product or service(s) should be best–in–class; it should have a well–defined vision and an equally effective mission to realize it; an enviable clientele and more–than–satisfactory top line and bottom line are all required. That's all? Can you ignore the importance of its workforce? Probably, you will not take the risk to say a blunt ‘yes’. CredForce: Recertification: Is It A Bane Or Boon For Today's Professionals?

Welcome to the professional world of the 21st century!

CredForce: Recertification: Is It A Bane Or Boon For Today's Professionals?

A world that is flattened by globalization, the ubiquitous use of technology and the global demography. It is the world where change is not only a constant but the most obvious thing. And where the concept 'the survival of the fittest' has gained a renewed focus. Professionally, now you have to be as fit as a fiddle. Or else, you will become a dinosaur and eventually get extinct from this professional world!

Honestly speaking, your college or university degrees will help little to keep you professionally fit and valid in today's ever–evolving job landscape. CredForce: Preparing for the Talent Management Career Lift-Off. The relevance of that quote is perhaps nowhere more so than talent management in today’s corporate scenario. Talent is the foundation, the very fabric in which business success is weaved. As is evident by the world’s largest companies, whether Google, Uber and Facebook or even traditional enterprises that are transcending the boundaries of business like Virgin or Space X, the key differential, the key competitive advantage, the holy grail, essentially, is- the brightest talent, well managed.

Talent Management integrates the latest technologies and best practices for successfully acquiring, nurturing and retaining talent. Or does it? A recent report on Talent Management says otherwise – only 14% of HR departments used Talent Analytics, way behind their peers like Operations Departments that stood at 77% or Marketing that stood at 56%. CredForce: Credentials: Tomorrow’s Career Leverage, Earned Today. September 28, 2016 — It was not so long ago that the biggest aspiration for one’s career was to get a master’s degree from a university and enter the workforce. Any further training was provided in-house by the employer and was restricted to the company’s latest projects or practices only. There was hardly any major upskilling or knowledge upgradation outside of the company’s policies.

Well, the good old days aren’t around anymore. The era of professional certifications has quite literally changed the way we look at qualifications. According to a study conducted by CredForce, not only do professionals with specialized credentials have a significant competitive edge when applying for new jobs today, they also tend to earn significantly higher compensation – between 18% and 28% higher, in fact, going by the statistics. CredForce. Proving your mettle in the corporate world takes more than just brains. Informed employers in this day and age are looking for professionals who make the continuous efforts to improve upon their skill-sets and stay at par, if not ahead, with emerging technologies and best practices in their field of work. CredForce: The Most Important Case for Digital Marketing Certifications You’ll Read This Year.

Best Certification Solutions for Healthcare Industry. Healthcare has been consistently ranked as an industry with the maximum need for operating on global quality standards and internationally certified systems and processes. CredForce is syncing up with some of the world's most prestigious accreditation and certification agencies in the healthcare space to create special certification solutions that are affordable and relevant for small, niche providers dotting the industry's long, complex value chain. We are keenly attending to the credentialing needs of hospitals, rural clinics, oral care centers, ambulatory care providers, diagnostic centers, pathology labs and physiotherapy centers in order to develop enterprise–side certifications, which will ultimately help these service providers align their functioning and practices with global standards.

The Impacts We Have Planned. K-12 Educational Standards & Certifications. Universities Higher Education Credentials. Talent Management Credentials. With knowledge increasingly driving our world, our business and our economies, human talent has emerged as our most precious resource. It's not surprising to see corporations turning to compete better and tackle future through smart Talent Management.

There's a scuffle for finding bright talent managers on the one hand, and on the other, CHROs chip away at their enterprise HR edifices to build talent management into the body fabric, seeking future'ready benchmarks standards and frameworks. Best Marketing & Sales Credentials. Education Product Development Services. Workforce Certification Solutions. Supercharge Your Career in 2017 with these Top 10 Options. 6 2 5Google +2 November 09, 2016 — Assuming you’re right there ready with a chartbusting resume loaded with new learning and credentials, 2017 may just end your wait for that one helluva job you’ve been longing for!

Communiy. The world is in a churning process and no more are jobs of yesteryears the future of tomorrow. With development on a fast forward momentum, a lacunae is created of a huge margin between skills that are required and people with the required skill sets. 2017 TO INCREASE JOB OPPORTUNITIES - WELCOME, NEW YEAR! While many people are busy adding “find-a-job” to their long list of resolutions in 2017, corporations are gearing themselves up for recruitments. 2017 will undoubtedly become a Job Seekers’ market, creating myriad opportunities for candidates. The corporate industry is in good shape. Universities Higher Education Credentials. Talent Management Credentials. Best Marketing & Sales Credentials. Best Digital Marketing Credentials. Companies connect up and sell to more customers in a single day in 2016, than they would do in the whole year even perhaps two decades back!

Data Science & Predictive Business Analytics. Best BPO Certification. A key set of globally proven capabilities of CredForce corresponds to credentialing and certification in business process outsourcing. Social & Economic Development. CredForce provides workforce development and industry improvement solutions to governments in projects funded by the World Bank and other charity or multilateral aid bodies working in the social and economic development space. About CredForce. Customer Experience: An Organizational Skill. Individual Agility Equals Organizational Agility. Get Ready to Ride the Wave of Recruitment Trends in 2016. 5 Reasons Why Big Data Analytics Gives Your Career A Bigger Fillip. People Analytics All Set to Redfine HR. Credentials: Tomorrow’s Career Leverage, Earned Today. Why Vendor-Neutral Certifications are the Future. Predictions on Credentialing: The Five Biggest Certification Trends of 2017.