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Seagull Advertising Pvt Ltd

Seagull is a branding, digital marketing and advertising agency in Pune India, offers brand design and development, inbound marketing, lead generation and lead nurturing.

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Real Estate Marketing. SEO for Real Estate. SEO vs PPC / What is difference between SEO and PPC? HubSpot Management Services. Best SEO Tools for 2020 - Digital Marketing. Healthcare Marketing. Digital Marketing services. Inbound Marketing. Difference Between a Brand and a Product. Popular products can become brands and brand names can be used to refer to products.

Difference Between a Brand and a Product

Confusing? This article will provide a clear understanding and differences between a brand and a product. However, before directly diving into the differences let’s understand both first. The fundamental difference is emotions. what does this mean? Products perform a function. On the other hand, Brands offer emotionale. Now that we know about products and brands let’s deep dive to explore both further. Companies Make Products and Consumers Make Brands A product is made and sold by a company and purchased and used by a customer in exchange for money. Image source: KFC Brands own a distinguished identity, but products are common When Google first hit the Internet with a search engine it was an instant hit among consumers because it helped them find information online quickly. Bing, Yahoo or Google all serves the same purpose but people trust Google the most for its excellent services. How Much Money should a Brand Spend on Marketing & Advertising?

This article provides information that can guide you about how to shape your marketing budget and where to invest your marketing bills.

How Much Money should a Brand Spend on Marketing & Advertising?

In this article you can find the following: How much are companies spending on marketing? Which marketing channels are resulting in maximum ROI? What should be your plan of action? The marketing spend trend since last few years According to the Harvard business review. 7-15% in marketing spend is ideal (If you have incoming revenue). Chart 1.1 As you see above, marketing spends have varied from 2.4% to 18.9% depending on the industry. Real Estate Buyer Personas. How much have you spent in the last few years for real estate marketing?

Real Estate Buyer Personas

How many real estate ad campaigns do you have running simultaneously? How effective was their return on investment (ROI)? If these questions sound intriguing and scary, you may need to rethink the way you are promoting your real estate business online. Read through the post to know what are real estate buyer personas and how to create them. Included in the post is an example as well as a free downloadable real estate buyer persona template at the end. New technologies have radically transformed the way businesses connect with clients.

Future of Inbound Marketing. What Is The Future Of Inbound Marketing The channels used to research and make purchases, and the preferences of a buyer continue to change.

Future of Inbound Marketing

As a result, marketers need to change and adjust their approach to attract customers into buying their products & services. So where exactly is the future of marketing headed? Are marketers educated enough and well-equipped to incorporate what's coming in the near future? Benefits of Inbound Marketing. Did you know?

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

- 72% of organisations that calculate ROI say their marketing strategy is effective. (Source: In simple terms, inbound marketing is all about content, engagement, attention, satisfaction, and trust. The term ‘inbound marketing’ is attracting a lot of attention from business folks and marketers but it isn’t new. It has been circulating the market for more than a decade. These individual elements serve a single purpose, and that is to connect the business with potential customers while establishing a bi-directional communication channel.

With the increase in the number of people using the internet these days and the rise of social media, all marketing plans keep Inbound strategy at the centre of it all. If you too are looking to exploit the benefits of inbound marketing then you must know the advantages it provides before you can truly dive into it. Did you know? High quality lead generation Did you know? (Source - Medium) Difference between inbound and outbound. Inbound marketing. Real Estate Marketing Strategy. The real estate market is extremely competitive today.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy

With a plethora of options and price points to choose from, home buyers are spoilt for choice. Add to that the rapidly-evolving digital tools for real estate marketing. It’s neither feasible nor practical to just rely on traditional media to reach the right audience. And just like old world media, even new age digital strategies needs planning and execution to target the right audience. Real Estate Inbound Marketing. Inbound marketing for real estate is going to be a brand new approach of marketing to your target audience.

Real Estate Inbound Marketing

You might have already heard this term “inbound marketing” from your marketing specialists or in your professional network. Surely, you know that it has caused quite a buzz recently. Let's check out how exactly it's going to change the game altogether in the real estate industry. There are various sectors that drive a nation’s revenue cycle. Of all those, real estate plays a significant role in enhancing the growth structure of a country.

Stat - Our global population which is 7.2 billion today, is estimated to rise upto 8.1 billion by 2025 and will be 9.6 billion by 2050. Such a rise in population sets the stage for expected rise in demand for new homes all across the globe. Inbound Marketing for Real Estate. Real estate inbound marketing is the revolutionary strategy to align with the new age consumer’s buying habits.

Inbound Marketing for Real Estate

Marketing & Advertising industry has realised how the consumer’s behaviour has changed for a better way of consuming information as per their liking rather than considering what you want them to see. To understand how this new inbound marketing strategy for real estate works, we answer - the WHY, the HOW and the WHAT But before we start with the “WHY”, here’s an inspirational quote Quote - “To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your clients' best interests first. When you do, your personal needs will be realised beyond your greatest expectations.” - Anthony Hitt.