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How to Use Decking in Your Commercial Space. If you own a commercial space, you may be familiar with the struggle of setting your business apart from the rest.

How to Use Decking in Your Commercial Space

Particularly if you rely on foot traffic for your sales, you need to offer an inviting space for customers to enter and enjoy. Businesses such as bars and restaurants can easily use decking to keep their customers coming in. Go for Visual Appeal Customers will be drawn to a space that seems warm and inviting, so if you have a well-designed outdoor area to show off, that will help to drive up sales. If it’s not visible from the front of your commercial space, advertize it with an eye catching sign! Start with an attractive base decking. Don’t Forget About Safety Safety is vital for any business, so don’t let your standards slip when you have your decking built. If your decking area is raised, choose railings that will hold well against impact. How Composite Decking Helps You Sell Your Home. New decking isn’t just something to enjoy in the short term.

How Composite Decking Helps You Sell Your Home

It may also be a sound investment for your future, actually helping you to sell your home more quickly when the time comes to move. What Do Buyers Want? It can often be a buyer’s market, which means you need to do what you can to appeal to a wide range of people. Research has shown that 84% of home buyers actively look for a patio or decking feature in the property they’re going to buy. When the decking is done correctly, an outdoor space can easily be an extension of a home's interior square footage. Debunking Common Composite Decking Myths. Home Fencing: Restoration or Replacement. If you are thinking about raising the value of your property and its aesthetics, consider giving the fence a makeover.

Home Fencing: Restoration or Replacement

There are many ways you can do this, whether you are restoring it or completely replacing it. Restoration If a majority of your fence is still in good condition, you can give it a simple makeover by adding a fresh coat of paint. This is a particularly good strategy if your fence is made out of wood because paint makes it look completely new again, like the day it was first installed. Benefits of Installing a Composite Deck. Renovating Your Home’s Deck. The addition of a deck can do wonders for your home’s aesthetics and overall value.

Renovating Your Home’s Deck

Here are a few ways to spice up this area, making it more enjoyable to be around. Natural Design Elements When you go out on the deck, you get to escape to a serene place filled with nature and wildlife. Bring this wildlife to your deck by adding water features, where birds and other animals can relax. Seeing birds in their natural habitat, you can find some peace in your busy life.

Customized Railings Railings are an integral part of your deck not just for style, but for safety. Vinyl railings, in particular, are beautiful and surprisingly quite durable. You may spend a lot of time on the deck, enjoying the views and talking with others. Like this: Like Loading... Important Considerations When Selecting a Fence.

Decking Tips: Why Choose Composite over Wood. A deck can be a great addition to your home, especially if you like holding small outdoor parties.

Decking Tips: Why Choose Composite over Wood

Apart from helping to secure your lawn from foot traffic, a deck offers a safer and more conducive space for get-togethers. The most popular material used for making decks is wood, but building construction advances have allowed for the use of other materials. One of the fast growing alternatives is composite.Wood Plastic Composite This material is made of wood fiber/flour and thermoplastics. The two basic components are integrated using special chemical additives. Unlike wood, WPC is highly resistant to rot, decay, and gribble worm attack. Sustainability One obvious problem with wood is that it’s practically not sustainable.

What Makes Timbertech a Top Decking Material? If you want your deck to be both safe and good-looking, you need to find a material that comes with both qualities.

What Makes Timbertech a Top Decking Material?

Go to a deck building firm and they will suggest that you select TimberTech. Here are the top reasons why. It Is Made of Composite Material Unlike wood, composite is made combined wood fiber, thermoplastic, and lingo-cellulosic filler. The result is a durable, scratch-free material. Beauty that Lasts for Decades You may be worried that by using composite you might lose the feel of natural wood. Easy to Install If you have ever worked with wood planks, you surely understand how heavy they are and how difficult it is to put them together. 25-Year Fade-and-Stain Warranties Because of TimberTech’s amazing features, the manufacturer is confident that this wood plastic composite will last a lifetime that it has offered 25-year fade-an-stain and limited lifetime warranties for the product. Like this: Like Loading...