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Based in Mount Eden, Auckland, we are a marketing and design agency that helps small businesses achieve success.

Choosing the right marketing agency. Every business knows they need marketing.

Choosing the right marketing agency

But not every business knows how to go about creating and implementing a marketing strategy. No matter your industry, product or service, marketing is at the forefront of your business’ growth and success. It’s how you build brand awareness, boost sales and bring in customers. But what does marketing really mean? And who does what? Often, businesses aren’t sure where to start. A few decades ago, when the internet was still new, all anyone needed was a website. Blogging was essential, then social media, then SEO… Marketing is hugely diverse. And that’s where some business owners can get confused. Local Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses. In 2020 it is not enough to simply create an amazing product or offer an incredible service, you’ve also got to tell people about it.

Local Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

We break down our top tips for local internet marketing for small businesses. According to Stats NZ, as of 2018, there were over 160,000 small businesses in NZ. That number continues to rise and with it – the competition. In 2020 it is not enough to simply create an amazing product or offer an incredible service, you’ve also got to tell people about it. You may have heard that the internet is this magical place where your dream clients are just a few clicks away. The Beginner’s Guide To Writing Web Copy That Clicks. Web copy is important.

The Beginner’s Guide To Writing Web Copy That Clicks

It’s how people evaluate your business and decide whether or not to engage with you. It’s your salesperson who never sleeps. Once done correctly, your website and the evergreen content on it should last you a while. Chopping and changing copy does your organic search ranking no favours and may even confuse your customers. Writing Your Own Web Copy? Start Here. Trying to appeal to everyone when you write your web copy is a mistake.

Writing Your Own Web Copy? Start Here

We outline the process and questions you need to ask yourself to write the best web copy for your business. Questions to ask yourself if you are writing your own web copy Congratulations on taking the first step to knowing thyself. How to do content marketing the right way. Department store entrepreneur John Wanamaker once famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

How to do content marketing the right way

For many businesses, content marketing can feel like that – a nebulous exercise with results that can be hard to quantify. Because content marketing is equal parts art and science, with timing and a pinch of luck stirred into the pot, there is no sure-fire recipe that will work for all businesses and industries. To maximise your chances of success, developing a thorough understanding of your audience, what you have to offer them, and why they should care is key.

How to write great web copy. Want to write web copy that really resonates?

How to write great web copy

By developing a clear understanding of your audience, their needs, and what makes you uniquely qualified to address them, you can craft sales messages that hit home. Many people believe that writing well means crafting the perfect turn of phrase. While cleverly chosen words are nice, what’s even better is a message every reader can understand and remember.

Before we launch into our topic, it’s useful to remind ourselves what the objective of copywriting is: to sell a product or service. But remember that effective copy moves people to action by selling outcomes and value, not products or prices. How Connect Make Xero Conversion Easy. Since its launch in 2006, Xero has become the king of accounting in both Australia and New Zealand.

How Connect Make Xero Conversion Easy

It’s now one of the fastest-growing software services in the world. Forbes even named it as the World’s Most Innovative Growth Company in 2014 and 2015. Unsurprisingly, more and more Kiwi accounting firms are moving to Xero. Switching from traditional accounting software such as MYOB to a modern cloud-based program such as Xero can reinvent your accounting practice. Xero makes it easy to connect your clients with the right numbers anytime, anywhere – and on any device. By using real-time account information, Xero allows for more efficient and cost-effective accounting services. Of course, the migration process will be slightly different for each firm. The Secret Sauce To Retaining Your Clients… The increase in automation for compliance services means less face-to-face contact with clients, resulting in a decrease of client loyalty.

The Secret Sauce To Retaining Your Clients…

We talk to John Morrell from the Referral Guru and Edward Hayes from Connect Outsourcing about how today’s accounting firms can maintain those important relationships with their clients. Are you keeping in touch with your clients and offering more than compliance services? Most clients change accountants because they feel their current accountant doesn’t care about their business. WHY? Most of the time it’s not because of price, quality, or service. How to Attract Great Accounting Staff… The accounting industry has been dealing with a talent shortage over the last five years, mainly driven by technological changes.

How to Attract Great Accounting Staff…

Accounting roles are changing from hard technical skills into advisory roles that require soft skills many graduates and accountants haven’t acquired. Top candidates are competing for the best roles and can demand more in terms of salary and benefits. New revenue ideas for accounting firms in 2019. Rising business costs, AI, complex data systems and other firms offering competitive pricing… How are you going to protect, even better, increase your accounting firm’s revenue in 2019?

New revenue ideas for accounting firms in 2019

Let us share our ideas… As the cost of doing business rises and AI and increasingly complex data systems remove much of the manual work associated with filing taxes, accountants are finding their profits dwindling. Many firms consider lower prices as a means of staying competitive, eroding their margins and creating strain on internal systems. Is it Time For a New Business Model? “We now have a completely new business structure based on the value we can bring to a business” Green Lion is a modern accounting firm that is thriving with the help of Connect Outsourcing’s accounting services. Last year Green Lion took over a more traditional firm that wanted to transition to a modernised practice but didn’t know how. We talked with Felicity Hill about getting the merged firm on board with outsourcing and the benefits it offers. What is the difference between a traditional accounting firm and a modern firm?

In a modern practice the accounting role can be hugely varied. Modern accountants have a more diverse role that includes advisory at all levels – not just in a director position. This involves driving a different, more in-depth relationship with your clients. The Top 5 Outsourcing Accounting Myths. Before you outsource your accounting and taxation compliance work, it makes sense to do some due diligence on the outsource business you are going to partner with.

After all, your clients need to be taken care of at the same level of service and quality you would offer in your own office. Picking the right partner to outsource with is critical. Perhaps you have considered outsourcing accounting for your practice, but are concerned about the risks involved. To help you feel confident about trialling our services, here we address the top five most common concerns about outsourcing. Time for a better work life balance? As any busy accountant knows, feeling stressed or overwhelmed is just part of the job – right? That may be the case – but it’s not good for you! A recent study by the chartered accountants’ wellbeing organisation CABA showed just how much stress can affect the accounting profession. It appears that more than a third of accountants feel stressed every day. The main cause of the stress?

How Connect Make Xero Conversion Easy. Which coffee are you? – Common Good Coffee. Unsure which Common Good coffee is for you? Our chief roaster Vernon Omeri talks about the flavour profile of each to help you decide which one matches your personal taste. Of course, we recommend trying them all! Common Good Coffee currently offers five different styles of coffee: a blend, three single origins, and an outstanding decaf – each of them ethically sourced and meticulously roasted. Understandably, most people start with the Better Blend by default.

After all, it is an amazing all-rounder, with accessibly smooth chocolate and hazelnut notes. What exactly does “dark” mean? The Roasting Process To a roaster, dark means it’s roasted longer. For the uninitiated, the crack we’re talking about here is what happens to a bean during the roasting process. A Roast for Every Palate “For people who like dark roast, they can go for the Colombian,” Vernon says. The Common Good Line-up At the end of the day, a lot of love goes into making sure that Common Good’s beans brew an outstanding cup. Blog. Process. Process As New Zealand’s most experienced outsourced accounting provider, we have developed a workflow process that’s easy and effective. On a daily basis our accountants deal with New Zealand tax law and reporting requirements, as well as the subtleties of New Zealand business operations. We pride ourselves on making outsourcing straightforward and painless for all our clients.

Getting set up with outsourcing takes less time than you might think. The Connect offshore team has extensive experience in New Zealand taxation and accounting systems, so there’s really no training required. Bookkeeping & Xero Service. Outsourcing Accounting Work. How we picked our coffee beans – Common Good Coffee. Welcome to Common Good Coffee – Common Good Coffee. On Account – Common Good Coffee. Contact – Common Good Coffee. News – Common Good Coffee. About – Common Good Coffee. Shop – Common Good Coffee. Home – Common Good Coffee. How Content Marketing Creates Leads.

Marketing in 2019 is impossible without great content. As a marketer, I see my clients struggling to identify where they should spend their energy (and budget) to get digital leads, especially if they have a B2B service. Creative Content's Guide to B2B Marketing. Are you thinking about the next marketing campaign for your B2B business? Like many of the companies we talk to, you may be feeling confused about where to start – the services you offer may not translate well onto an appealing billboard or magazine ad, and even then, those ads wouldn’t effectively reach your small, specific target market!

The go-to strategies for B2Bs are often direct, outbound techniques – cold calls, tapping into referral networks or emails sent straight to identified prospective clients. The Do's and Don'ts of SEO Copywriting. 9 of the best plugins for your WordPress site. Its usability, affordable pricing, and excellent features have made it one of the world’s most popular website builders – around 28% of all websites are hosted by WordPress! If you’re using WordPress, you already know the incredible power of the mighty plugin. Choosing the right marketing agency. Local Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses. The Beginner's Guide To Writing Web Copy That Clicks.

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