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Creative Biolabs is a leading custom service provider that has extensive experience in various antibody production and engineering fields.

Phage display techniques

Antibody glycoengineering. Chlamydocin. Knobs-into-holes. Phage antibody. Phage Display and Antibody Library. Q: What is phage display? A: Phage display is a selection technique in which a library of variants of a peptide or protein is expressed on the outside of a phage virion, while the genetic material encoding each variant resides on the inside.

This creates a physical linkage between each variant protein sequence and the DNA encoding it, which allows rapid partitioning based on binding affinity to a given target molecule (antibodies, enzymes, cell-surface receptors, etc.) by an in vitro selection process called "biopanning". Biopanning is carried out by incubating the pool of phage-displayed variants with a target of interest that has been immobilized on a plate or bead, washing away unbound phage, and eluting specifically bound phage. The eluted phage is then amplified in vivo and the process repeated, resulting in stepwise enrichment of the phage pool in favor of the tightest binding sequences. Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries. "Creative Biolabs is committed to providing highly customized comprehensive solutions with the best quality to advance our global clients’ projects.

Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries

" Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries Over years, Creative Biolabs has established a comprehensive list of libraries for de novo discovery of therapeutically relevant antibodies and peptides. These well-tailored premade antibodies/peptides have made powerful toolbox to streamline our clients’ therapeutic/diagnostic agent discovery pipeline. A large number of reputable references can be tracked, for whom we have raised excellent antibodies/peptides for research or commercial applications. To fulfill customers' demands, we provide libraries in the form of scFv, Fab, VHH and peptide, original from human, mouse, rabbit, chicken, camel and llama, or DNA synthesis. Of note, we also provide immunized human antibody libraries generated from diseased patients. Phage Display and Antibody Library. Phage Display and Antibody Library.

Phage Display and Antibody Library. Phage Display and Antibody Library. Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries. Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries. Premade Phage Display Antibody Libraries. Creative Biolabs is an undisputed world-leading service provider and research institution in phage display library technique.

Premade Phage Display Antibody Libraries

We offer following world-class premade human and mouse antibody libraries with great capacity & diversity that can derive highly specific, high affinity antibodies ranging from 10 pM to 10 nM. Premade Phage Display Antibody Libraries. Premade Phage Display Peptide Libraries. Empowered by extensive experience and well-established phage display technique platform, Creative Biolabs now brings out a comprehensive list of premade peptide libraries for various research programs.

Premade Phage Display Peptide Libraries

Over years, we have integrated multiple peptide libraries with varied lengths and properties to satisfy all kind of applications. Of note, we carry 3 good linear peptide libraries (9-mer, 16-mer, and 20-mer), which are based on the same true phage system as NEB Ph.D. peptide libraries. As validated by QC DNA sequencing, over 97% of randomly picked clones from these two libraries contained dsDNA inserts, with no stop codon, single nucleotide deletion or insertion or non-sense frame-shift mutation detected.

Moreover, no Cys encoding codon was identified in the peptide library as designed. We also have another cyclic 9-mer peptide constructed using the same technical route. Premade Phage Display Peptide Libraries. Zybody - Creative Biolabs. Creative Biolabs offers our expertise in Zybody design and construction for your research and development projects in both academic and clinical fields.

Zybody - Creative Biolabs

We are confident to deliver you the best procedure to meet your individual requirements. Zybody is engineered by fusing modular recognition domains (MRDs) to N- and C-termini of both the heavy and the light chains of a full-length monoclonal antibody (mAb). It is a multi-specific, multi-valent antibody format that enhances the activity of conventional mAb without compromising their desirable drug-like properties. The MRDs include small polypeptides sequences (< 60 amino acids), domain-based structures selected for target specificity, such as knottins or Protein A Scaffolds, unstructured (linear) or disulfide-constrained peptides.

Zybodies possess up to four distinct specificities, depending on the number of MRDs fused to the mAb scaffold, while retaining the original functionality and specificity of the scaffold antibody. Online Inquiry. Antibody Glycoengineering - Creative Biolabs. Home Services Antibody Glycoengineering With our versatile GlycoOpitimize™ platform, Creative Biolabs provide antibody glycoengineering service for our clients all over the world.

Antibody Glycoengineering - Creative Biolabs

We are able to produce glyco-optimized antibodies in a range of cell lines both for research quantities and in large scale. Other than antibody production, we also provide cell line development and downstream biopharmaceutical process development service. Creative Biolabs offers glycan analysis service for research, manufacturing & clinical development based on our optimally equipped laboratories as well. Glycosylation, entailing the covalent attachment of carbohydrate moieties to specific biomolecules, is one of the most common post-translational modification mainly taking place in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and Golgi apparatus. Antibody Glycoengineering - Creative Biolabs. Chlamydocin - Creative Biolabs. Chicken IgY Antibody - Creative Biolabs. Creative Biolabs is a professional manufacturer of chicken IgY antibodies and provides the most cost-effective chicken IgY antibody products for a variety of in vitro and in vivo studies.

Chicken IgY Antibody - Creative Biolabs

Chicken IgY antibodies are egg-derived antibodies which are separated and purified from chicken egg yolk, not animal serum. Without restraining the animals, it is simply a more humane and animal-friendly way to produce antibodies. Antibody humanization service. Creative Biolabs has extensive experience to offer the antibody humanization service for therapeutic and diagnostic development.

antibody humanization service

We have successfully performed 15 mouse/rat humanization projects during the past decade with at least one humanized antibody entered the clinical trials. We also provide humanization service to antibodies derived from other species, such as non-human primate (NHP), rabbit, dog, chicken, llama and etc. Humanization is important for reducing the immunogenicity of monoclonal antibodies derived from xenogeneic sources (commonly rodent) and for improving their activation of the human immune system. Since the development of the hybridoma technology, a large number of rodent monoclonal antibodies with specificity for antigens of therapeutic interest have been generated and characterized. Rodent antibodies are highly immunogenic in humans, which limits their clinical applications, especially when repeated administration is required. CDR Grafting & SDR Grafting.

Humanized antibody. Humanization. Antibody molecular weight. 1.

antibody molecular weight

What is antibody? [Top] Antibody, Y shaped protein complex belonging to immunoglobulin (Ig) superfamily, exists in many kinds of organisms, especially higher animals. Specific antibody can bind specifically to particular exogenous pathogen like virus or bacteria to either directly neutralize the pathogens by blocking its active sites or facilitate the elimination of pathogens by other immune cells, such as macrophages. Antibody is produced by B lymphocytes (plasma cells). Most antibodies are Y shaped and comprises four subunits, two heavy chains and two light chains. 2. In placental mammals, five different types of heavy chain (α, δ, ε, γ, and μ) divide antibody into five isotypes, including IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM. 3.

It is surprising that nearly all the pathogens or microbial can trigger the immuno-response in human/mammals, indicating the ability of organisms to generate a pool with a myriad of antibodies. Antibody classes. Antibody manufacturing. Antibody structure and function. Antibody structure. Knobs-in-holes bispecific antibody (KIH BsAb) - Creative Biolabs. Creative Biolabs provides a reasonable and high-quality knobs-in-holes (KIH) design strategy for bispecific antibody (BsAb) developing service tailored to your needs.

Knobs-in-holes bispecific antibody (KIH BsAb) - Creative Biolabs

Figure:Schematic diagram of KIH BsAb generation ( Mabs, 2013) The knobs-into-holes technique is suitable for heterodimerization immunoglobulin heavy (H) chains with amino acid (AA) changes, which can overcome the mispairing problem. In order to overcome the impurity problem in tri-functional antibody production process, experts from Creative Biolabs introduce a knob into the CH3 of one antibody and a corresponding hole into the CH3 of the other antibody via the alteration of AA respectively. We then co-transfect these constructs encoding all four chains either into E.coli or mammalian cells such as human embryonic kidney (HEK) cells. We can also provide glycosylated, functional and competent heterodimeric antibodies after the expression step in mammalian host. Online Inquiry. Dual variable domain IgG (DVD-IgG) - Creative Biolabs.

Creative Biolabs offers clients a novel bispecific antibody (BsAb) format, the dual variable domain IgG (DVD-IgG), for many diverse studies in antibody engineering.

Dual variable domain IgG (DVD-IgG) - Creative Biolabs

We aim to provide the reliable, efficient services to meet our customer’s individual requirements. Figure: Schematic diagram of DVD-IgG DVD-IgG is one type of bispecific antibody format, which is generated from two parental mAbs by placing two variable domains from one parental antibody onto the heavy chain and the light chain of another parental antibody, instead of one variable domain. The variable domain pairs can be derived from whole human, mouse or rat mAbs with phage/yeast display libraries. And the short peptides derived from the N-termini of CH1 or CL link the outer variable domain (VD1) and the inner variable domain (VD2) together.

Services include: Dual variable domain IgG (DVD-IgG) - Creative Biolabs. Recombinant Anti-HER2 × Anti-CD3 Bispecific Antibody (TrioMab) - Creative Biolabs. Recombinant Anti-HER2 × Anti-CD3 Bispecific Antibody (Triomab) that maintains an IgG-like shape is a trifunctional, bispecific antibody and a novel tumor targeting agent.

This chimera consists of two half antibodies, each with one light and one heavy chain, that originate from two parental antibodies. This bispecific antibody was used in tumor immunotherapy have the unique ability to recruit T cells toward antigens on the tumor cell surface and, moreover, to activate accessory cells through their immunoglobulin Fc region. It was designed for treatment of ovarian and breast carcinomas. Specifications Targets Type. Tandem scFv-Fc Bispecific antibody (BsAb) - Creative Biolabs. Because of its high binding capability and easy production character, tandem scFv-Fc bispecific antibody (BsAb) is one of the leading candidates for antibody drug development.

Creative Biolabs elaborately integrates its multiple platforms to provide customers a desired tandem scFv-Fc BsAb with high affinity and low immunogenicity for both academic and clinical purposes. Magic™ Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery. As a pioneer and the undisrupted global leader in antibody discovery and engineering, Creative Biolabs proudly introduces our professional service of anti-membrane protein antibody discovery with our diverse technologies. Membrane proteins, which consist of 20~30% of total encoding genes in the genome, play a critical role in multiple biological processes, including ligand-receptor binding, signal transduction, molecule transportation, intercellular recognition, and cell adhesion.

Currently, there rises growing interest regarding membrane proteins as promising targets for various drug development and other applications. To obtain highly functional anti-membrane protein antibodies, expression and presentation of the membrane protein of interest as immunogen is the prerequisite. For membrane protein preparation as immunogen, including GPCR immunogens, ion channel immunogens, and transporter immunogens, Magic™ platform provides the following strategies: Phage Display Library Construction. Creative Biolabs is pleased to offer customized library construction services under a variety of phage display systems. Our scientists have extensive experience in library construction and are professional in generating different types of phage display libraries, including scaffold libraries, peptide libraries, antibody libraries, cDNA libraries and others.

Phage Display Library Screening. Antibody Production Services. "Creative Biolabs is committed to providing highly customized comprehensive solutions with the best quality to advance our global clients’ projects. " Antibody Production Services Creative Biolabs provides the high efficiency antibody production services in all kinds of expression systems. With our top technical scientists and unique optimized protocols, we can rapidly evaluate and identify the optimal expression condition for a candidate antibody to meet our customer’s special requirements. Single Domain Antibodies (single domain antibody) Affinity Maturation Services - Creative Biolabs.

As a recognized leader in the field of phage display and antibody engineering, Creative Biolabs is experienced in conducting affinity maturation projects with affinity maturation of single domain antibodies in particular. De novo Antibody Sequencing Services - Creative Biolabs. Creative Biolabs is glad to show a series of unique de novo antibody sequencing services for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic industries. To overcome the current drawbacks of sequencing based on traditional methods, Creative Biolabs has developed the proprietary Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing (DASS) technology, which based on our next generation antibody sequencing platform.

Single Domain Antibody Library - Creative Biolabs. Manufacturability Assessment - Creative Biolabs. Manufacturability assessment offers the opportunity to evaluate the technical viability of a drug candidate at the industrial scale and functions as a bridge between discovery and process development stage. Creative Biolabs is able to evaluate key manufacturability parameters, including productivity and process yield, chemical stability, PTMs, physical stability, aggregation, electrostatic properties, and formulability (including viscosity, solubility at high concentration, and accelerated stability) through our CreDA™ platform, and the comprehensive assessment results can effectively guide the customer to select the most appropriate candidate for process development.

Fig.1 Manufacturability assessment of the drug candidates. De novo Antibody Sequencing Services - Creative Biolabs. Phage Display Library Construction - Creative Biolabs. Phage Display Library Screening - Creative Biolabs. Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries - Creative Biolabs. Anti-Human TNF Therapeutic Antibody (Humira) Recombinant monoclonal antibody to Respiratory syncytial virus TNF. Adalimumab (HUMIRA, AbbVie) is the third TNF inhibitor, after infliximab and etanercept. Like infliximab and etanercept, adalimumab binds to Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNFα), preventing it from activating TNF receptors. Anti-Human RHD Therapeutic Antibody (Atorolimumab) Antibody Production by DNA Immunization. Creative Biolabs is proud to offer the Magic™ DNA immunization service to produce custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. Anti-idiotypic Antibody Production Service Detecting FREE Antibodies. Anti-idiotypic Antibody Production Service Detecting FREE Antibodies.

Octet system. Phage Display Platform. Phage Display Platform. Antibody Affinity Maturation. Anti-idiotypic Antibody Production Service Detecting T Cell Receptors. ProteOn System. Fab Fragment Antibodies. Phage Display Library Screening. Peptide mapping (Deamination and Oxidation) Premade Human and Mouse Antibody Libraries. Recombinant Anti-HER2 × Anti-CD3 Bi-specific T-cell engagers (Triomab, Ertumaxomab) Anti-Human TNF Therapeutic Antibody (Remicade) Anti-Human TNFSF11 Therapeutic Antibody (XGEVA) Anti-Human TNF Therapeutic Antibody (Humira) Anti-Human RHD Therapeutic Antibody (Atorolimumab) Zybody. Single Domain Antibodies (single domain antibody) Affinity Maturation Services. Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries. Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) Services. Antibody&Antigen FAQ. Recombinant Antibody.

Custom Antibody & Hybridoma Services. ScFv/Fab Construction And Purification Fab. Single Domain Antibody Services. Custom Antibody & Hybridoma Services. ScFv/Fab Construction And Purification Fab. Premade Human and Mouse Antibody Libraries. Phage Display Platform. Antibody Humanization and Antibody Production. Single Domain Antibody Library. Anti-Human PDCD1 Therapeutic Antibody - Creative Biolabs.

Immune Antibody Library Services. Dual-Polarization Interferometry (DPI) Services. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Services. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Services. Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) Services. Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) Services. Oxidation Assessment. Bispecific Antibody Production - Creative Biolabs. Antibody Affinity Maturation. Anti-idiotypic Antibody Production Service Detecting BOUND Antibodies. Guinea Pig Hybridoma Production. High-Affi™ Human Antibody Discovery.

Hybridoma Platform. In vivo Phage Display for Tumor Targeting. In vivo Phage Display Screening Service. Monoclonal Shark Antibody Production. Anti-HER2-vc-Duostatin-3 ADC - Creative Biolabs.