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Creative Biolabs is a leading custom service provider that has extensive experience in various antibody production and engineering fields.

Phage Display Library Screening. As a well-recognized expert at phage display technology, Creative Biolabs offers our worldwide clients the best phage display library screening services through our excellent biopanning strategies and state-of-the-art equipment.

Phage Display Library Screening

Our scientists are pleased to tailor the most appropriate strategies to screen the interested libraries of our customers. Acceptable Library Types Libraries from our customized library construction services In-house premade antibody libraries, peptide libraries, scaffold libraries, etc. Libraries provided by our clients Other commercialized libraries According to different demands, a series of targets can be qualified screened by our service. Acceptable Target Types Purified targets Unpurified targets Intact cells, tissues or any other in vivo targets Phage display technology is one of the major approaches employed in various protein interaction studies, especially in the discovery of specific antibodies, scaffolds or ligands. Related Sections.

Phage Display Library Screening. Phage Display and Antibody Library. Creative Biolabs is one of the well-recognized experts who is professional in applying advanced phage display technologies for a broad range of project objectives.

Phage Display and Antibody Library

With years of experience, our scientists can offer high-quality phage display library construction and custom phage display library screening services to meet our clients’ demands precisely. Particularly, our services also involve specific antibody discovery (e.g. Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries. Creative Biolabs has created a series of libraries for de novo discovery of therapeutically relevant antibodies and peptides.

Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries

Our pre-made and ready-for-use libraries can accelerate your research and best ensure your success. To fulfill customers' demands, we provide libraries in the form of scFv, Fab,VHH and peptide, original from human, mouse, rabbit, chicken, camel and llama, or DNA synthesis. If none of the pre-made library meets your requirement, you are welcome to contact us, and we will be more than happy to create a custom library for you. Single Domain Antibody Library. Creative Biolabs is a well-recognized leader in single domain antibody (sdAb) library construction and screening services.

Single Domain Antibody Library

Our unique services including: Why single domain antibodies are preferred? Single domain antibodies represent the smallest antibody that was proven of diagnostic and therapeutic usefulness. They are antibody fragments that engineered from single monomeric variable domains of either camelids’ heavy-chain antibody (VHH) or cartilaginous fishes’ IgNAR (VNAR).

On the other hand, it is also possible to develop single domain antibodies from camelized human antibodies. In particular, single domain antibodies combine the benefits of conventional antibodies with important features of small molecule drugs. Native™ Sheep Antibody Discovery. Customers of Creative Biolabs are now able to adopt high-quality native monoclonal sheep antibodies utilizing our unique Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform.

Native™ Sheep Antibody Discovery

With this innovative proprietary technology, our scientists have strong confidence to isolate high-quality native antibodies targeting various antigens from antigen-specific B lymphocytes of the immunized sheep. As is known, sheep is closely related to goat, both of which belong to the family Bovidae. Therefore, sheep is another suitable option for large-scale antibody production for their large volume of antiserum yield (typically around 200-300 mL for each). This allows researchers to obtain total antibody products from a single animal, unlike other smaller host candidates, i.e. rats or chickens.

In addition, sheep also demonstrates much greater immune sensitivity than other animals. De novo Antibody Sequencing Services. Creative Biolabs is glad to show a series of unique de novo antibody sequencing services for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic industries.

De novo Antibody Sequencing Services

To overcome the current drawbacks of sequencing based on traditional methods, Creative Biolabs has developed the proprietary Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing (DASS) technology, which based on our next generation antibody sequencing platform. Our services consist of variable region, variable plus leader region, as well as full-length heavy- and light-chain antibody sequencing for all species, isotypes, and allotypes. Purified monoclonal antibodies in multivalent forms can be sequenced with 100% coverage of the desired regions as well as excellent accuracy. Numerous successful cases from Creative Biolabs have confirmed our qualification to provide antibody sequencing with 100% accuracy and satisfaction guarantee to meet our customers’ needs.

Our world-leading DASS system provides reliable supporting proof for. Full Human Antibody from Humanized Mouse-derived Antibody Library. HAIL Technology: Human Antibodies from Human Antibody Immune Libraries Creative Biolabs has built up HAIL (Human Antibody Immune Library) technology to develop full human monoclonal antibodies.

Full Human Antibody from Humanized Mouse-derived Antibody Library

In this technology, instead of immunizing humans (which is ethically impossible), strong immune responses and high affinity antibodies are generated by immunizing humanized mice. After that, a phage display human antibody library is constructed to select high affinity antibodies against the immunogens. The resultant antibodies are fully human that experience affinity maturation in vivo. This unique technology combines our "humanized" transgenic mice (FHAT mice) with our unparalleled expertise in phage display human antibody library technology.

Being one of the most important means for generating full human antibodies, hybridoma generation using humanized transgenic mice has become an extremely powerful tool for antibody drug discovery. Related Sections Services:Products:Platform: Intrabody Library Construction. Creative Biolabs can assist customers’ intrabody research through our professional library construction service.

Intrabody Library Construction

Our scientists are committed to offering our customers with impeccable scaffold library construction platform exploiting cutting edge technology and our long-term experience. Intrabody is immunoglobulin or protein scaffold that specific targeting intracellular agents. As a majority of full length antibodies or scaffold domains have been developed against extracellular or cell surface targets, engineered intrabodies have gained extensive attention recently, due to their therapeutic potential.

It can be applied in enormous fields in particular the therapy for tumor antigens, transplantation, infectious diseases, protein mutation-associated diseases and protein aggregation diseases. Murine Hybridoma Production. Creative Biolabs provides rat and mouse monoclonal antibodies construction services.

Murine Hybridoma Production

In particular, our proprietary mouse immunization approach allows us to provide mouse monoclonal antibodies within 70 days. To generate monoclonal antibodies that fit your specific purposes, we tailor our protocols in every major step of antibody production, including antigen preparation [peptide synthesis or protein expression in E.coli, yeast, insect or mammalian cells], animal immunization and hybridoma screening. Recombinant IgG Production. We are a recognized service provider in converting small gene-engineered scFv or Fab human/mouse antibodies derived from phage display antibody library screening or mouse/rat hybridoma cell lines into full-size recombinant human or mouse IgGs with Fc fragments of various functions, e.g.

Recombinant IgG Production

ADCC, or non-ADCC. Creative Biolabs have established a solid platform for industrial scale production of recombinant IgG in mammalian cells. Of note, to mimic the behavior of a recombinant human IgG antibody (targeting a human protein) in humans the best, specificity-matching recombinant mouse IgG antibodies derived from phage display mouse scFv/Fab libraries (targeting the mouse protein) are frequently produced and used in animal models.

We use a modified FRT/Flp-In recombinase system to produce human IgG in CHO cells for stable expression of humanized/recombinant human IgG. The same approach is used in stable expression of recombinant mouse IgG. ScFv/Fab Production Services. Creative Biolabs is committed to provide advanced tools for scFv/Fab expression and purification. As a leading supplier for reagents in the biotechnology field, we understand the importance of convenient and easy-to-use systems for high level expression and sample purification. We invite you to review our growing range of expression systems resulting from our experience in cloning, overexpression and purification. scFv/Fab Production in Bacterial Cells We have a series of well-tested bacterial expression systems established in house for high-yield and highly active scFv/Fab production.

In particular, we have a well-established SUMO Technology for scFv and Fab production in bacterial cells, which allows high level expression of scFv and Fab antibodies with binding activity without tag. Magic™ Antibody Repertoire Analysis. Creative Biolabs offers our clients an amazing high-throughput sequencing and protein expression platform to analyze antibody repertoires for full length natively paired antibodies. Our platform integrates next generation sequencing (NGS) and bioinformatics in parallel, which can sequence the diverse antibody repertoire at a rate of millions of clones per hour. It can be applied to enhance the understanding of immunology and to revolute the traditional drug discovery process to meet unmet clinical needs of infectious diseases, immune dysregulation and cancer. Antibodies have important roles in protective and pathogenic immune responses. They are major components of the potent adaptive immune system. Phage Display and Antibody Library. Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries.

Advancing Bispecific Antibodies and Combination Therapy to Clinic Conference. At the Fifth Annual Advancing Bispecific Antibodies and Combination Therapy to the Clinic conference, leaders will share insights and review encouraging clinical data. The proliferation of novel multi-specific antibody constructs and combination therapy approaches has yielded exciting results, and this meeting will delve into solutions for improving the technology and selecting the best molecules for manufacturing and developability concerns. This year’s meeting held on May 3–4 in Boston at the Seaport World Trade Center will feature the latest news and clinical results from Lilly, MedImmune, OncoMed, Chugai, Roche, Boehringer Ingelheim, and more.

Faculty at Stanford and Dana Farber will share results with personalized approaches and bispecific t cell engager. Enduring clinical response to tumor targeting is attainable by immunotherapy but efforts are being made to minimize immune-related adverse events. Antibody Humanization and Antibody Production. Creative Biolabs has extensive experience to offer the antibody humanization service for therapeutic and diagnostic development. We have successfully performed 15 mouse/rat humanization projects during the past decade with at least one humanized antibody entered the clinical trials. We also provide humanization service to antibodies derived from other species, such as non-human primate (NHP), rabbit, dog, chicken, llama and etc. Humanization is important for reducing the immunogenicity of monoclonal antibodies derived from xenogeneic sources (commonly rodent) and for improving their activation of the human immune system.

Since the development of the hybridoma technology, a large number of rodent monoclonal antibodies with specificity for antigens of therapeutic interest have been generated and characterized. Rodent antibodies are highly immunogenic in humans, which limits their clinical applications, especially when repeated administration is required. CDR Grafting & SDR Grafting. Antibody Production Services. Creative Biolabs provides the high efficiency antibody production services in all kinds of expression systems.

With our top technical scientists and unique optimized protocols, we can rapidly evaluate and identify the optimal expression condition for a candidate antibody to meet our customer’s special requirements. Antibody Production by DNA Immunization. Creative Biolabs is proud to offer the Magic™ DNA immunization service to produce custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. The state-of-the-art technology is developed by outstanding research team, which includes a Nobel Laureate. Anti-idiotypic Antibody Production Service Detecting T Cell Receptors. Deamidation Assessment. Creative Biolabs has established a platform to predict and assess a series of post-translational modifications of antibody therapeutics.

Deamidation of asparagine residues is one of the most common post-translational modifications occurring in therapeutic proteins produced using recombinant DNA technology, resulting in the conversion of an asparagine residue to a mixture of isoaspartate and aspartate. Guinea Pig Hybridoma Production. Bispecific T-cell engager (BiTE) - Creative Biolabs. Creative Biolabs possesses unchallenged experience in bispecific T-cell engager (BiTE) synthesis. We elaborately integrate multiple platforms for providing customers an expected BiTE with high affinity and low immunogenicity for both academic and clinical purposes. Fab Fragment Antibodies - Creative Biolabs. Browse Fab Fragment Antibodies based on alphabetical listing: Other A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.

Antibody Humanization and Antibody Production. High-Affi™ Human Antibody Discovery. In vivo Phage Display Screening Service. Creative Biolabs offers a novel in vivo phage display method for clients all over the world. Native™ Monkey (NHP) Antibody Discovery Service. Creative Biolabs offers a unique Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform to generate high affinity and specific native monkey (NHP) monoclonal antibodies. In comparison with other experimental animals, monkey, the most frequently used non-human primate, is characterized as a large animal with closer genetic relationship to human, which established similarities to the human in terms of physiology, neuroanatomy, reproduction, development, cognition and social complexity.

Native™ Bovine Antibody Discovery Service. Native™ Mouse Antibody Discovery Service. Monoclonal Hamster Antibody Production. Monoclonal Rabbit Antibody Production. Solution-sorting Library Screening. Solid-phase Library Screening. T7 Phage Library Construction Service. Polyglycylation-Specific Antibody Production Services.

Succinylation-Specific Antibody Production Services. Fatty Acylation-Specific Antibody Production Services. Polyglutamylation-Specific Antibody Production Services. Tyrosine nitration-Specific Antibody Production Services. Antibody&Antigen FAQ. Antibody & Protein Purification Service. ScFv/Fab Construction And Purification Fab. Recombinant IgG Production. Anti-idiotypic antibody production Services. Single Domain Antibody Services. Zinc Finger Library Construction. Glycosylation-Specific Antibody Production Service. SH2 & SH3 Domain Library Construction.

Deamidation. TPR Library Construction. Staphylococcal Nuclease Library Construction. Custom Antibody & Hybridoma Services. De novo Antibody Sequencing Services. Antibody Humanization and Antibody Production. High-Affi™ Human Antibody Discovery. Bispecific Antibody Fagments (BsAb Fragments) - Creative Biolabs. Bispecific Antibodies - Creative Biolabs. Bispecific T-cell engager (BiTE) - Creative Biolabs. Fab Fragment Antibodies - Creative Biolabs.

Fab Fragment Antibodies - Creative Biolabs. Thethrapeutic Antibody- Creative Biolabs. Phage Display Library Screening. Phage Display Platform. Phage Display and Antibody Library. Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries. Phage Display Platform. Native™ Monkey (NHP) Antibody Discovery Service. Native™ Mouse Antibody Discovery Service. Native™ Rat Antibody Discovery Service. De novo Antibody Sequencing Services. Antibody Affinity Maturation. Custom Antibody & Hybridoma Services. Large Scale Fermentation. De novo Human/Humanized Antibody Sequencing Service. Antibody Production by DNA Immunization. Rat Hybridoma Generation. Antibody Humanization and Antibody Production. Phage Display Library and Antibody Phage Display. Protein Expression, Isolation and Purification. Experiment of Phage Library Plating and Transferring. Part II: Who’s Going to Win 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine?

Part I: Who’s Going to Win the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine? Creative Biolabs Can Help in Epitope Binning with Its ProteOn Platform. Ⅱ: Can Dogs Smell Cancer? Ⅰ: Can Dogs Smell Cancer? Controversies Lead by Genome Sequencing for New Born Babies. Creative Biolabs Updates Its Antibody Humanization Service to Further Accelerate Your Monoclonal Antibody Research. Continues of Genome Sequencing for Newborn Babies. Custom Scaffold Library Construction Service in Research Applications. Ten Female Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine in the History. WikiGenes - Direct Antibody Technology™ in Customizing Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibodies. The Role of De Novo Antibody Sequencing in Diagnostics and Therapy. Labslink - View Research News : Creative Biolabs Announces Bovine Antibodies with Ultralong CDR3s. Creative Biolabs Announces Platform for DNA Sequencing. Life science forum bench space. Creative Biolabs Announces Humanized Antibody Germinalization Service.

Bispecific T cell Engager (BiTE) Dimerization of ScFv/Fab. Chimeric IgG construction.