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How Speech Therapy Helps the Elderly. Aging Adults Need Proper Nutrition. According to care professionals from a visiting nurse agency in Massachusetts, many aging adults, especially those who live alone, experience malnutrition at home.

Aging Adults Need Proper Nutrition

Malnutrition is one of the problems that baby boomers face over the years due to their inability to care for themselves as they used to and lack of proper attention. As a health care provider in Massachusetts, we encourage families to check on their aging loved ones if they are still eating right and on time. If you are noticing signs in their home that tells you that they may not be getting proper nutrition, it’s important to take action to ensure their health and well-being. You can also utilize home health care in Central Massachusetts. Have they suddenly lost a significant amount of weight?

Skin Care for Seniors. Your health is not the only thing that you should pay attention to, your skin needs as much love and care, as well.

Skin Care for Seniors

Don’t forget that as you age, most of your body parts weaken, including your skin. Furthermore, it is the largest organ in your body; it covers your entire appearance. Thus, it will greatly affect how old or how young you look. As we grow older, our skin starts to sag, will become drier and drier, and wrinkles will become visible. To slow down the effects of aging or to look 5-10 years younger than your actual age, follow these simple tips: To relieve dryness, bathe using warm water, avoid using bar soaps, and use a soft cloth when patting yourself dry. How Furry Friends Help Beat Loneliness within Seniors. Seniors sometimes need a companion to cheer them up, and pets are not exception.

How Furry Friends Help Beat Loneliness within Seniors

Aside from a visiting nurse agency, pets are always good companions. However, you also have to consider certain factors that cater to your senior loved one’s needs. Healthier and Happier Life. Our health is one of the most important things we need to maintain in our life.

Healthier and Happier Life

It is vital that we stay fit and healthy all the time especially when we grow older. Physical Therapy Advice. A lot of people think that physical therapy is only for athletes and those recovering from an injury or surgery.

Physical Therapy Advice

This is not the case. It can also be for people who have problems with mobility or those who feel weakness and pain. Safe Exercises for Seniors. Exercise is a very important part of our health.

Safe Exercises for Seniors

This is especially true for the elderly. They should be as active as possible in order to have a longer and healthier life. As a health care provider in Massachusetts, we have listed the benefits of exercising for seniors below: It improves strength which will help you stay independent.It gives you more energy all throughout the day. 3. It improves your balance which will help you prevent falls.

Many of the common health conditions that occur during old age are often improved by exercise. Listed below are 4 safe exercises for seniors which work best included in their routine: Endurance Exercise – this includes jogging, walking, dancing, biking, swimming, climbing stairs, and raking or mowing. Signs of a Well-Rounded Senior. Just because we’re well in our 60s+ doesn’t mean we should stop being proactive in improving our physical and mental health.

Signs of a Well-Rounded Senior

On the contrary, the golden years are the best time to put more focus on your personal well-being because we now have the luxury of time. Below are some of the signs that you are a well-rounded senior citizen. Post-Stroke Recovery: How to Comfort Your Loved One. Stroke is a life-changing experience for the survivor.

Post-Stroke Recovery: How to Comfort Your Loved One

Aside from the obvious physical changes, they will also encounter mental and psychological changes as a person. This is why they will need the support and comfort of their immediate loved ones. What Does a Healthy Senior Diet Look Like? Diet for seniors?

What Does a Healthy Senior Diet Look Like?

2019 News on Elderly Falls and Physical Therapy. In a collection of data by the National Vital Statistics System, there is an obvious increase in the number of deaths caused by falls among seniors aged 75 and up.

2019 News on Elderly Falls and Physical Therapy

From approximately eight thousand mortalities in the year 2000, the record increased to more than 25,000 deaths by the year 2016. This figure covers both elderly men and women. As a trusted provider of home health care in Stoughton, Massachusetts, we find this trend alarming especially as more people are approaching their inevitable senior years. However, the American Physical Therapy Association published recent news that incidents of elderly falls can be greatly reduced through physical therapy (PT)-assisted exercises. At least, that is how this particular study reflects improvement.

3 Ways You Can Keep Your Memory Sharp Through Old Age. Significant memory loss is not a normal part of the aging process. However, sometimes, it’s inevitable for us to forget things here and there. If you want to retain your powerful memory as you continue to age, has brought together a list of suggestions that should help keep your memory in good shape: Continue your learningYou may be out of school for a long time now, but that doesn’t mean you can no longer learn new things! If you’re not sure about what to study, think back on your passions. What was the one thing that caught your interest when you were younger?