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The Golden Ratio For Brewing Coffee - Fellow. Ahh yes, the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio For Brewing Coffee - Fellow

The perfect balance between coffee and water for brewing that perfect cup. One of the biggest barriers to entry we hear when talking to home brewing beginners is knowing the right coffee-to-water ratio. Especially if you’re leaving the world of Keurig (bless your soul) or trying to cut back on purchasing your daily cup of coffee, learning a new brew method and experimenting with the right recipe seems daunting – and even a waste of good coffee.

So let’s break down everything you need to know for the perfect coffee-to-water brew ratio. A brew ratio is simply a guide to help you figure out how much water and coffee you should use for brewing. Since coffee is 99% water, the larger number in the ratio is always water. SCAA, the Specialty Coffee Association of America, has come out with their golden ratio, which is approximately. 1:18. Obviously this golden ratio depends on your brew method, type of coffee, and personal taste preference. Green Coffee Beans tagged "Puerto Rico Cafe Chevere coffee" Our Specialty Green Coffee beans are carefully selected through relationships with suppliers and knowledge of their fair business practices and environmental responsibility.

Green Coffee Beans tagged "Puerto Rico Cafe Chevere coffee"

Each Green (raw) coffee is tested using various roasts and brew methods in multiple cuppings, then evaluated for Consumer value, and finally subjected to the Friends and Family test. All of the unroasted coffee beans we carry are top Specialty Grade Arabica coffee beans. We strive to source only premium coffee beans that are bought at a premium above C market pricing allowing a fair price for the Producers, and are most often organic as well. SAVE 17% on Green Coffee Beans: We have reduced prices on many of our most popular Coffees, no code required. The naming convention used for Specialty coffee beans is usually a composite of production details in approximately the following order of known items. 1. Asher Yaron on The Truth About The Perfect Cup of Coffee and Coffee University. Roast, Grind, Brew: The Best Coffee in the Least Amount of Time.

What you didn't know about coffee: Asher Yaron at TEDxUbud. How to Make the Perfect Stovetop Espresso. Roasting Coffee in a Popcorn Popper – The Captain's Coffee. Roasting Coffee with a Air Popcorn Popper Roasting your own coffee at home doesn't have to be a big, expensive deal.

Roasting Coffee in a Popcorn Popper – The Captain's Coffee

The great news is that you can pick up an Air Popcorn Popper for $~25 or less and re purpose it to roast coffee! You don't need to do any fancy modifications (although a quick web search will show that TONS of modifications are possible if you're really into DIY'ing) and it's super quick. In about 5 minutes of minimal effort, you'll have fresh roasted coffee. Let's get into the nitty gritty. Your Popcorn Popper Any popcorn popper with a metal popping chamber and air vents on the side of the chamber (rather than venting straight into the very bottom) will be just fine for roasting coffee. What You'll Need Your Popcorn Popper Green coffee - 3 to 4 ounces is best. Kitchen Timer - for keeping track of your roast time. Plug it in and turn it on The roasting part is simple. A little help from my friends Drying Phase First Crack Quittin' Time Cooling quick and simple Final Thoughts.

How to Use A Stovetop Espresso Maker (aka the moka pot) So, you love espresso.

How to Use A Stovetop Espresso Maker (aka the moka pot)

That’s great! But what’s that? You don’t like the cost of buying them on a regular basis? And you’d rather not invest in a bulky, expensive machine for your home (what are they, plated with gold or something)? If you’re a fan of espresso but not the price tag that comes with it, it’s time to consider a stovetop espresso maker. In this article, we’ll give you the rundown on how to make stovetop espresso. We’ll break down a short, simple, and sweet – at least, if you’re into added sweetener – set of stovetop espresso maker instructions, so you can enjoy the perfect cup of espresso on the cheap, whenever you want. What You Need The Stovetop Espresso Maker itself! : induction expresso coffee pot.