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Facebook Twitter Innovative Folding Bicycle Design. Contortionist is an innovative bike design by Dominic Hargreaves that folds to fit inside the circumference of its 26 inch wheels.

Innovative Folding Bicycle Design

According to the designer, “a bike that folds rather than a folding bike was the initial aim.” Les vélos pliants. Global. DAHON NORTH AMERICA INC. is unfolding a new look!


Click the link to view our range of gold star folding bikes and folding bicycles accessories. Dahon folding bicycles for every riding style, from bike commuting and traveling to touring and leisure bikes. Folding bikes, folding bicycles from Brompton Bicycle. Urban Arrow- an electric assist bakfiets by Wytze van Mansum. You may remember the Cannondale Dutchess concept bike, which was designed by Wytze van Mansum a few years ago.

Urban Arrow- an electric assist bakfiets by Wytze van Mansum

That bike was a student project, but after his graduation Wytze was contacted by two entrepreneurs, Gerald van Weel and Jorrit Kreek, and asked to design an updated bakfiets. Wytze points out that what really interested him about the project was the aim… “ to replace the 2nd car”. After 9 months of design work and testing, they presented a pre-production prototype of the electric assist ‘Urban Arrow’ and were nominated for a Eurobike award. If you are at Eurobike this week, you will see Wytze’s prototype (pictured here) on display at the entrance to the show. The Coupe Collection by Johnny Loco. Charismatic wayfarer Johnny Loco inspired a design team to birth a company that was respectfully named after him with a mantra reflecting his nature within their products.

The Coupe Collection by Johnny Loco

The light design of their coupe cargo bike collection embellishes the care free style of their essence. Each bike comes equipped with seven gears, front and rear hand brakes and a light aluminum frame. These cargo coupe bikes provide the freedom to break away from the demands of every day life. Just throw your loads up and haul them around with fun.

Le SkateCycle : nouveau moyen de transport urbain et durable. Biomega. G2 Video.