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CR Control Systems is an international company that specializes in designing and manufacturing wide varieties of marine lighting equipment. As a manufacturing company, our journey began in 1962 and we have been delivering marine equipment for private and government companies ever since.

What are the Different Types of Buoys? North America’s most commonly used floating device with more than a thousand of purposes that can be anchored or drifted with ocean currents is none other than the outstanding Buoys.

What are the Different Types of Buoys?

To learn more about these typical buoys, read down the blog below, and get acknowledged. 1. Navigation buoys Buoys are most commonly known as a floating device and they are available in more than 8+ different types, one of which is the navigation buoy. You’ll be amazed to know that these navigation buoys includes many more types of buoys each holding their own specific uses and benefits. . · Light buoy, used as demarcation or a dividing line at night · Wreak buoy, used as a warning sign for ships to aware them of the unseen hazards · Large navigational buoys, used as an alternative to lightships · Safe watermark or buoy, used as a marking sign for vessels to enter safely through channels and landfall 2. . · Lifebuoy is usually used for rescuing the person in the water. CR Consys — ABRUPT THE DARKNESS AND ENLIGHTEN YOUR PATH. Why you should switch to LED technology for marine signal lights? – crconsys. Lighting is one of the most important components of a vessel.

Why you should switch to LED technology for marine signal lights? – crconsys

If you own a boat, then you probably know the importance of lighting. Marine signal lights provide safety and it ensures efficient use of your vessel. Most importantly, navigation lights help in preventing collisions with signaling vessels nearby. Lighting does more than you know or heard of. LED Lighting. How to find the best marine lighting equipment manufacturing company? - Marine navigation light Company. Whether it’s a boat or a large ship, lights are what make your vessel complete.

How to find the best marine lighting equipment manufacturing company? - Marine navigation light Company

In fact, as per marines’ rules & regulations, every vessel type must be equipped with proper lighting system, be it’s with navigation buoy lights or marine LED navigation lights. The best thing about the marine lighting system is it offers different options. The vessel owners have various options when it comes to choosing marine lights for their boats and ships. The ever-increasing demands for marine lighting needs have encouraged the manufacturing industries to come up with innovative ideas for producing quality products. And over the years, they have succeeded in doing so. However, with the availability of many manufacturing industries in the market, ironically, it has become quite tough to choose the best one.

Nevertheless, choosing a good marine equipment manufacturing company shouldn’t have to be a difficult task if you know what exactly you need. Marine beacon lightsThe uses of marine beacon lights and their importance. Lighting is one of the most integral parts of a vessel.

marine beacon lightsThe uses of marine beacon lights and their importance

Boats and ships are equipped with proper lighting equipment. It’s because a vessel of any type and any size is required to display marine beacon lights between sunset and sunrise. A marine navigation light is actually a source of illumination on a vessel. It’s the lights that give information on another vessel’s position, heading, and status. Your Complete Guide to Marine Navigation Lights. In order to, persist the light we strictly need to pay firm heed on its source otherwise it would barely take time to get exhausted.

Your Complete Guide to Marine Navigation Lights

Apparently, the sun is the major source of light and energy but we need to realize its significance before its time and utilize it in the most effective manner to save the future. Taking these into consideration we would like to begin our blog and help you acknowledge with a brief understanding of one of the lighting system i.e. marine navigation lights.

So, let’s get started. 3 Helpful benefits of Marine Navigation Lights – crconsys. Light plays a significant role in everyday life.

3 Helpful benefits of Marine Navigation Lights – crconsys

We can’t even imagine a day without light. Similarly, lights are also required in the vessels at the sea. It has several benefits which you might not know. 5 myths about solar lights which you think are true. There are plenty of options for lighting up your property without any major complications and difficulties.

5 myths about solar lights which you think are true

Though choosing the right light is not a hectic task yet, it requires some knowledge and research. Here’s why read down below to learn a few solar light myths which might have been thinking are true. So, let’s get started. Why do vessel owners need to switch to the solar lighting option? – crconsys. It’s no secret that more and more vessel owners are now switching to clean, renewable, and efficient lighting equipment options and for good reasons.

Why do vessel owners need to switch to the solar lighting option? – crconsys

Well, we are talking about solar marine lights. Solar energy is the optimal solution to the rising environmental crisis and extreme pollution. That’s the reason many consider using solar energy as the electricity source. Why marine navigation lighting system is an important part of vessels? – crconsys. Your complete guide to solar marine lights. Finding the right lighting for your boat dock depends on various factors such as the boat size, type, and preference yet, it’s not enough, as it also requires adequate knowledge in the selection of the right marine light.

Your complete guide to solar marine lights

On that note, what better option can be other than solar marine lights? Below is a comprehensive guide to solar marine lights, including almost every question that might arise in your mind about these lights. So, let’s get started. 1. Why You Should Install Daylight Sensors in Your Property. Remember the times why our ancestors used to live without proper shelter, food, electricity and even technology yet, still had a great time and lived their life to the fullest.

Why You Should Install Daylight Sensors in Your Property

Indeed, with no doubt, we can say we have much better facilities present at the moment than our ancestors had, be it in terms of shelter or light. If we talk about daylight than what better natural source can be than the sun which I can assure our ancestors knew better than us. To uplift this topic, today we’ll be discussing one of such light which could help us utilize the sun’s energy in the best possible way, to say connected to learn more. 1. Reduces energy consumption up to 60% According to a survey it has been proved, daylight sensors can save up to 60% of the energy consumption and sometimes even more if installed at the right space in the house. This product is a part of the Ecosystem family, which implies a reliable lighting experience that too at a lower price. 2. 3. 4. 5. Why Marine Navigation Lighting Is Important? – crconsys. If you’re someone driving a car, riding a bicycle, or a bike then surely you must be well aware of the importance of the lighting systems on the road isn’t it?

Although the term “system” doesn’t apply in regards to safety when it comes to talking about ships on the sea the word system plays a very important role because obviously ships are quite larger than a car the marine navigation lighting system is a bit complicated in comparison to others. Moreover, in regards to nautical studies marine navigation lighting is considered one of the most critical aspects.

LED Panel Light 2X4. Why is LED technology considered as a popular choice for marine lighting equipment? There is no doubt that the popularity of LED technology has grown immensely. Now, high power LED lights are used for a wide range of applications. Likewise, LED lights and LED side emitting lenses are used in marine vessels for navigation purposes. LED technology is constantly improving and becoming a smart option for various applications, especially lightings. Why LED Marine Signal Lights are widely used?

How do the boats operate at night times? Or how does one boat give a signal to another? The answer would be the signal lights. And when it comes to boat lighting, LED Marine Signal Lights have become widely popular because of so many good reasons. What factors to consider for the best-LED navigation light – crconsys. LED lights are rapidly increasing in popularity whether it is in the residential properties, commercial or even at marines. Though keeping this is sight today we’ll be discussing some of the technical factors that you must consider while purchasing LED light for marine navigation. So stay connected to learn more. Lumen (lm) Lumen is the measurable rate of visible light emitted by an element.

It is said that the higher the lumen, the higher is the output of light. While purchasing a marine LED navigation light, be sure to consider the lumen at first, compare the lumen with other light emitters and select wisely. Input power of the lights Input power. Everything to Know About Navigation Lights. Why consider using Marine LED Navigation Lights? How solar marine navigation lights are cutting down the expenses – crconsys. How LED lights are playing a significant role in lighting the future ahead. The world has been advanced and is improving every day not only in its technologies but also in its capabilities. Top tips to purchase an ideal buoy marker light – crconsys. While diving underwater the most important concerns are boat traffic and even more, significant concern is divers soaring upwards.

To ensure this safety, divers carry surface marker buoys that float above the water surface and helps indicate the depth and position of the diver. What are buoys and their types? Led solar light. Important facts about marine lights every vessel operator must be aware of. Every vessel operator must know the rules and regulation that apply in using navigation lights. Besides, not every vessel is designed to use the same kinds of lights. Different vessels use different lights based on the type, size, and design of the boat. Manufacturing light equipment : Why It’s Important To Equip Vessels With Proper Navigation Lights? Everything You Need To Know About Bridge Navigation Lights – crconsys. Bridges are a mesmerizing architectural masterpiece in our history. If you ever wondered and wanted to gather more knowledge about bridges on marines, you can find all your answers down below. Many architects and engineers have devised numerous ways to build different types of bridges that have been widely used since ancient times and helped us to cross any obstacles a river or any other roads to name a few and ultimately result as a lifesaver invention.

Whether it’s Medium Girder Bridge, Double-storey, and Single-storey type of bridges. We are bestowed with incredible lifesaver bridges with great designs, functions, and other economic reasons. Manufacturing light equipment : Offshore Navigation Lights: Everything You Should Know. How marine navigation lights play an important role in ensuring the vessel’s safety? – crconsys. Over the years, significant progress has been made in the lighting systems of every type of vessel to own the water fully. All the steps have been taken to reduce the possibility of a collision at sea, especially at night time. Manufacturing light equipment : The efficiency of marine solar panels. Understanding the importance of using and maintaining marine navigation lights – crconsys.

Manufacturing light equipment : What are the biggest advantages of using solar energy/solar marine navigation lights?