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Efficient String Concatenation in Python. An assessment of the performance of several methods Introduction Building long strings in the Python progamming language can sometimes result in very slow running code.

Efficient String Concatenation in Python

Deep learning with word2vec and gensim » RaRe Technologies. Radim • 17.9.2013 12:52 • 28 Comments Neural networks have been a bit of a punching bag historically: neither particularly fast, nor robust or accurate, nor open to introspection by humans curious to gain insights from them.

Deep learning with word2vec and gensim » RaRe Technologies

But things have been changing lately, with deep learning becoming a hot topic in academia with spectacular results. I decided to check out one deep learning algorithm via gensim. Word2vec: the good, the bad (and the fast) The kind folks at Google have recently published several new unsupervised, deep learning algorithms in this article. Word2vec - Tool for computing continuous distributed representations of words.