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Kinect Projects. Miku Miku Dance เนรมิตให้ Miku เต้นตามใจคุณ! | บุคคลที่ขี้เกียจที่สุดในรอบปี Learning Electronics and Robots. ROBO GARAGE | ロボ・ガレージ. Labs » Home-brew Multi-touch. At IDEO we’re all about building to think. Learning from books and websites and product demos is cool, but we think the really good stuff comes when you get in there and start messing around for real. In the case of multi-touch interfaces, that meant building a system we could start prototyping on. What we wanted was: a multi-touch display large enough to facilitate use by several people at oncean API for flash that would let us quickly prototype multi-touch interfaces and applications It took us about 5 weeks to get everything together.

We knew we wanted our system to be larger and vertical, though, so we went back to the drawing board on hardware. With that as our base we designed a system around a short-throw projector and a wide-angle IR cam. Meanwhile, Kyle and Nicholas (another all-around whiz) were hard at work building a multi-touch server and an API that could be used to quickly prototype interactions. Want to jump into the multi-touch arena by creating a system of your own?