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Christoph Radl. 6 maggio 2016 Con Christoph Radl non abbiamo parlato solo di design e moda, capitalismo e democrazia, Milano ed Ettore Sottsass.

Christoph Radl

Christoph Radl. 日本画材の通販(通信販売)ならPIGMENT. Home - Cultura - Cultura veronese. Ximena Pérez Grobet, l'art del llibre únic. The hidden glyphs in your fonts - Typography.Guru. Your favourite fonts might have glyphs that you don’t know are there, because your character viewer might simply not show them to you.

The hidden glyphs in your fonts - Typography.Guru

This articles explains why that happens and what you can do about it. It all started with 128 ASCII characters in the 1960s. In the 1980s a variety of (largely incompatible) 256 character codepages where used. Finally in the early 1990s a new system was invented that should overcome all the limitations and incompatibilities of the older codepages: Unicode—a system where all character of all writing systems are combined into one standard. It took some time, but today Unicode is the default encoding for basically all electronic communications. A commercial Latin OpenType will probably have a rather complete character set for the first 256 characters, but there can be any number of unencoded characters as well. The basic character set can be accessed directly with the keyboard using the appropriate keyboard layouts.

Piccolo laboratorio Elsillus on Vimeo. Designing for The Grand Budapest Hotel. In its meticulous creation of the State of Zubrowka, Wes Anderson's latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is a typographic treat.

Designing for The Grand Budapest Hotel

The film's lead graphic designer Annie Atkins was responsible for every graphic prop in the movie. We spoke to her about her work CR: How did you get into working in film? I worked in advertising for years, at McCann in Reykjavik, Iceland. Around that time I started writing a blog, too, which I began to enjoy much more than art directing. CR: Working on this film would seem like a dream job to many - how did you come to be involved? Yes, it's an absolute dream job and my head still spins when I remember the first call from Wes's producer. Zubrowkan banknotes from the film Bloodstained telegram from Serge the butler CR: Can you talk us through the process for creating the various graphic props in the film?

Canteiro de alfaces - livros artesanais. Aldus Manutius: The Struggle and the Dream. A display at the Bodleian Library, 8 January-22 February 2015 Open daily.

Aldus Manutius: The Struggle and the Dream

Admission free. Aldus Manutius (c.1450–1515) was the father of modern publishing. Born in a small town south of Rome, he moved to Venice in the 1490s, where he formed a business partnership with the original intention of printing classical Greek texts. In 1501, the Aldine Press premiered an immensely popular new format for the classics: the handy octavo, printed for the first time in italic type. Aldus presented himself as a humanist first. (All images are protected by copyright. Aldus Manutius: The Struggle and the Dream also benefits from the work of student curatorial assistants Jennifer Allan, Anna Clark and Qaleeda Talib, who provide further insights into the items on display below. Dieci film che ogni designer dovrebbe vedere una volta nella vita. Una Biblioteca Essenziale per Designer non può prescindere, oggi come oggi, da una certa cross-medialità.

Dieci film che ogni designer dovrebbe vedere una volta nella vita

Non di soli libri vive il designer: vi consiglio quindi dieci film a cavallo tra biografia, racconto, documentario e showcase, ideali per trovare nuova ispirazione, per scoprire la vita e le opere di grandi designer e per passare qualche ora ad imparare in modo diverso dal solito. Preparate un chilo di popcorn e mettetevi comodi: buona visione! Design is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli La storia, il lavoro, le idee e i grandi progetti di Massimo Vignelli. In quarant’anni di carriera tra Italia e New York, con la moglie Lella al suo fianco, ha plasmato la visione del design americano, influenzando con il suo stile le generazioni di designer di oggi.

Sito web Helvetica Un piccolo capolavoro che racconta la nascita, la diffusione e le reazioni al carattere più diffuso del mondo, Helvetica. Il libro deve morire per nascere a nuova vita. もうひとつの研究所 home. Flipbook giapponesi con una marcia in più. The Bookbinders Digest For All With An Interest In The Book. Here you can download all the back issues of the Bookbinders Digest, our monthly periodical of interest to bookbinders and all those with a passing interest in the book arts.

The Bookbinders Digest For All With An Interest In The Book

The files are in .eml (email) format so as to preserve the original formatting. The .eml files are packed in .zip files for fast download, so you will need a zip software to unpack them. When unpacked, double click on the .eml file and it will automaticaly open in your email client, Outlook or Outlook Express. If you wish you can download all the issues in one file, see bottom of list. Happy reading. Richard 7 in 1 Bookbinding Press. Scrittura beneventana. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

Scrittura beneventana

La scrittura beneventana è una grafia minuscola medievale, così chiamata in quanto originaria del ducato di Benevento nell'Italia meridionale. È stata anche chiamata scrittura langobarda (o longobarda o longobardisca) in quanto trae origine da territori abitati dai Longobardi (Langobardia Minor), e talvolta anche gotica; è stata denominata Beneventana per la prima volta dal paleografo Elias Avery Lowe (15 ottobre 1879 – 8 agosto 1969). X.